The 15 Best Dog Strollers of 2023 (Reviewed)

We chose the best dog strollers after researching for 40+ hours and testing out more than 30 of the top products for durability, safety, price, smooth sidewalks, and rough terrain.

Whether you have a puppy or an elder dog, it may worry you if you are unable to take your pet out for a walk. A stroller can help you to take your pet for riding without putting any extra effort. The stroller also provides a way to take a disabled dog outdoors, which otherwise is restricted indoors.

Taking your pet on a ride can also help you maintain your daily walking or jogging routine alongside an enjoyable and entertaining experience for your pooch.


The 15 Best Dog Strollers of 2023 (Reviews)

Dog Stroller

Editors’ Pick:

  • Best Dog Stroller with No-zip entry
  • Easy one-hand fold mechanism
  • Provides hassle-free access
  • Safety brakes & shock absorbers


With so many options for the dog stroller available in the market, choosing the best one can be tricky and time-consuming. But here with our reviews of the top dog strollers, your task would be easier.

1. Paws & Pals 4 Wheeler Elite Jogger Dog Stroller

Best Dog Stroller for Walking

The Paws & Pals 4 Wheeler Elite Jogger Dog Stroller is high-quality and lightweight. It has a retractable rain hood and mesh window to keep out bugs and prying fingers but to allow entry to fresh air. Your pooch remains safe and secure because of the seat belt leash and rear security brakes.


There are two cups added and plenty of undercarriage storage space means that you and your pup can stay hydrated. It can also carry their toys and snacks or your shopping without having bags to swing from the handle. The color matching cushion on the inside will make your pet feel comfortable even on the bumpiest of tracks.

  • Meets industry standards for safety and reliability
  • Excellent weather-proofing and insect-proofing
  • Easy access to pet compartment
  • Improved ventilation for pets
  • Safety measures such as seat belt leash and brakes for wheels
  • Lightweight, foldable
  • Issues with poorly constructed front wheels
  • Some confusion about maximum weight capacity

2. Pet Gear No-Zip NV Pet Stroller for Dogs

Pet Gear Dog Stroller

The Pet Gear Zipper-less stroller uses superior technology to make your pooch feel safe and secure when he is out with you. Its Air Ride tires are designed to provide easy maneuverability even in difficult terrains such as rocky and marshy grounds.


This is an easy locking stroller that offers easy access to your pet at any time. Riding your pet in the stroller would mean it would avoid all forms of stress associated with sickness or surgery the canine is recovering from. It would make the pet feel relaxed and aid the recovery process.

  • Ideal for unfavorable weather conditions such as snowy weather
  • Remove the stress from the pet as they move about along with you
  • Provide the pet complete relaxation, aiding recovery from surgery/ailment
  • It is ideal for extreme temperature outings for the pet
  • Dog may take time to get accustomed to it
  • Very large dogs could find it uncomfortable
  • Not suitable for two or more animals

3. BestPet 3 Wheels Dog Stroller

BestPet 3 Wheels Dog Stroller

The BestPet 3 Wheels Dog Stroller is quick and easy to open and comes with a large undercarriage storage basket for treats, toys or shopping. The carriage itself has front and rear entry to make access/exit easy.


The large 6″ wheels will ensure that the ride is comfortable over any terrain, while front and rear mesh windows will ensure good ventilation. The stroller is designed to be tough and comfortable and uses high-quality nylon, plastic, and fiber in its construction.

  • Extra-large wheels to navigate over all kinds of terrain
  • 3-wheel design allows better cornering and maneuvering in tight spaces
  • Collapsible, storable and lightweight
  • Comfortable and spacious pet compartment
  • Adequate ventilation and panoramic view
  • Not recommended for pets weighing 30 pounds
  • Three-wheel design not as safe and stable as four-wheeler
  • Some issues about the front wheel being poorly constructed

4. VIVO Four Wheel Pet Stroller for Dog

VIVO Four Wheel Pet Stroller for Dog

The Vivo’s four-wheel dog stroller is perfect for your pooch to go on a ride, thanks to its spacious cabin. It can also be folded for the purpose of storing it whenever required. Folding the stroller makes it compact and thus does not require more space to be stored.


The zipper access provided in the stroller cabin helps you to secure your pet. There is also a storage compartment provided on the bottom side of the stroller where you can keep things like a dog treat, toys, etc. The top part of the handle has two hollow holders so that you can easily keep water bottles or your favorite dessert while riding.

  • Spacious storage compartment provided
  • Brakes provided for additional safety
  • Easy zipper access to secure your pet
  • Assembly can be difficult for the first time

5. Paws & Pals 3 Wheeler Folding Dog Stroller

Paws & Pals 3 Wheeler Folding Dog Stroller

Paws & Pals is one of the popular brands that manufacture pet supplies and other accessories among which dog strollers are their most popular products.


If you are looking for a convertible dog stroller that can be converted to different modes depending upon the requirements. The canopy can be turned to cover up the compartment so that your pet stays safe inside as it won’t allow direct sunlight to fall in it.

  • Humanized design for a better handling
  • Convertible
  • Space saver
  • Safety brakes provided on the front wheel
  • Dogs can easily escape out of it if not properly secured with ziplock

6. VIVO Three Wheel Dog Stroller

VIVO Three Wheel Dog Stroller

Here’s another dog stroller from Vivo, but unlike the previous one, this dog stroller has three wheels. The cabin of this stroller is also well ventilated and your pet won’t ever feel uncomfortable even for longer rides.


In addition to the zipper lock, you can restrain your pet with the help of two leashes which is provided in this stroller.

The stroller is also easily collapsible with the press of a single button, a red-colored button is also provided on the handle for this purpose.

  • Mesh window provides it great ventilation
  • Removable padding is provided in the base of the cabin so that your pet can have a comfortable ride into it
  • Can support pets only up to 30lbs

7. Pet Gear Ultra Lite Travel Stroller

Pet Gear Ultra Lite Travel Stroller

Pet Gear is a popular brand that manufactures and sells accessories for pets. It primarily focuses on products like Crates, Strollers, Stairs & Ramps, Carriers & Backpacks, Car & Booster Seats, Beds, etc. Their strollers are a little bit expensive as compared to other brand’s products, but the quality and durability are worth your single penny that you spend on it.


This stroller features a large 6″ wheel that makes strolling very easy. It also folds into an ultra-compact and does not require much space in order to store it. The overall weight of this stroller is 9lbs so it is very easy to take it from one place to another.

The cabin has a zip closure using which you can secure your dog inside it. The front part is made up of a mesh window to provide sufficient ventilation while you are riding your pooch in it. On the other hand, the cabin is too small for large breed dogs and can accommodate pets only up to 15 pounds, this is the major drawback of this stroller.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Safety brakes provided
  • Does not require assembling as it comes in fully assembled condition
  • Can accommodate pets only up to 15 pounds

8. HPZ Pet Rover Premium Heavy Duty Dog Stroller

HPZ Pet Rover Premium Heavy Duty Dog Stroller

This dog stroller is from a not so popular brand HPZ, but the quality and features which they are offering for this price range make it worth the money that you spend on it. The unique feature of this stroller is its reversible handlebar.


The cabin is also spacious and can be expanded or collapsed depending upon the need. It is also capable of holding pets up to 75 lbs. An additional compartment is also provided where you can store things like treats, toys, water bottles, etc.

For additional safety of your pet, safety brakes are provided on both, front and rear wheels. The pump-free rubber wheels help in absorbing the vibration caused due to rough terrain. It also features a human-grade suspension system for overall smoother riding experience.

  • Features one-hand simple mechanism that can quickly fold and unfold it within seconds
  • Breathable mesh top cover for ventilation and visibility
  • Human-grade suspension system
  • HPZ is not a popular brand like Pet Gear or Paws & Pals

9. Paws & Pals Double Dog Stroller

Paws & Pals Double Dog Stroller

Do you have two pets at your home, and you are wondering how you can take both of them together for a ride? Yes, you can, The Paws & Pals Double Dog Stroller has two cabins fitted on the same stroller which makes it easy to take two pets together for riding in the stroller.


It is also the best double dog stroller available in the market as it has all the features of a standard dog stroller. Safety brakes are provided on both rear and front wheels to avoid any mishaps.

Your pets can also easily get into the stroller with the help of multiple entry points. The mesh window, on the other hand, provides ventilation and keeps your pet safe, secure, and comfortable inside the cabin.

  • Double dog stroller, very unique design as compared to other products in our post
  • Safety locks provided for braking on both front and rear wheels
  • Breathable mesh window for proper ventilation
  • Only recommended for small size dogs

10. Pet Gear NO-ZIP Double Pet Stroller for Dogs

Pet Gear NO-ZIP Double Pet Stroller for Dogs

Does closing and reopening the zipper lock of stroller trouble you? With the Pet Gear’s No-zip stroller your issue is sorted out. For closure purpose, a cover lid is provided that can be easily lifted and closed to secure your pet inside the cabin.


For smoother riding experience, this dog stroller features large-sized quick-release air tires that make it capable of riding over rough terrains. A pump is also included along with this stroller, so you don’t have to search for another one while you wan to refill air in the tires.

The stroller also has a spacious cabin and it is capable of holding pets up to 90 pounds. It is also made from water-resistant material and in addition to this, a weather cover is included along with it so as to protect from any weather conditions.

  • Easy locking no-zip entry
  • Weather cover included
  • Made from water-resistant material
  • Heavier in weight as compared to other strollers

11. Gen7Pets Promenade Dog Stroller

Gen7Pets Promenade Dog Stroller

This camouflage pattern dog stroller from Gen7Pets is the perfect combination of mobility and style for your pet. The front wheels are 360-degree rotatable, which makes it possible to move freely in any direction. Both front and rear wheels also have a safety break feature to prevent any mishaps.


The convertible canopy folds under the hood avoiding cramming your pet’s space on a leisurely stroll. The handle is optimally high and allows freedom of motion and smooth riding experience for you and your pet.

Besides the spacious cabin, and an additional compartment is provided on the bottom side of the stroller which can be used to store things like treats, water bottles, toys, etc. The storage compartment can be accessed from the rear zipper provided on the rear side of the stroller.

  • Available in attractive patterns
  • Canopy is foldable into small area whenever required
  • Capable of holding pets upto 50 pounds
  • Smaller interior size, cannot hold more than 2 small dogs

12. Flexzion 4 Wheels Small Dog Stroller

Flexzion 4 Wheels Small Dog Stroller

Looking for a cheap yet attractive and durable dog stroller? Flexzion’s 4 wheel stroller is one of them. It is not only available at a very reasonable price, but there is a wide range of color shades available for this stroller that you can choose depending upon your requirement.


The cabin of this stroller is big enough and your pet can easily move around or turn around inside. You can easily accommodate 2 pets at the same time but also make sure that the maximum holding capacity is 30 pounds. Besides the pet’s cabin, an additional storage compartment is provided on the bottom side of this stroller which can be used to store other accessories for your pet.

The outer cover is made from water-resistant material so as to prevent from getting wet due to splashes of water. The mesh window on the front and rear side provides visibility and ventilation and also keeps insects out of reach from your dog.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Front and rear entry
  • Top front and rear ventilation with canopy for sun protection
  • Not suitable for pets heavier than 30 pounds
  • Not suitable for rough terrains

13. Ibiyaya 5 in 1 Dog Stroller

Multipurpose dog stroller

Here’s the most versatile dog stroller from Ibiyaya which is the perfect choice if you want to use it for multiple purposes. It can be used as a pet carrier, backpack, stroller, and rolling carrier. Besides this, it can be also used as a travel crate for dogs.


Unlike other strollers, this one is made from hard-sided plastic and metal frame. This makes it sturdy, durable and long-lasting. A large opening is also provided on the front side for easy access so that your pet can get in and out easily.

It has a telescopic handle that can be adjusted to an appropriate height for easy handling. The mesh window and perforated holes provide visibility and ventilation so that your pet can have a clearer outside view and enjoy the ride in the stroller.

  • 5 in 1 convertible bag, can be used as a pet carrier, Backpack, Car Seat, Stroller, and rolling carrier
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Available in attractive colors
  • Requires assembling before using
  • Nost suitable for large breed dogs

14. TOGfit Pet Roadster Stroller for Puppy and Senior Dog

TOGfit Pet Roadster Stroller for Puppy and Senior Dog

The TOGfit’s Pet Roadster is yet another premium stroller, it has all the features which a dog stroller should have. Unlike other products, this one comes with a mattress included with, so you don’t need to worry about putting any additional cushion for additional comfort of your pet.


It is also one of the best aesthetically appealing dog stroller in our reviews. The large-sized wheels provide is stability in all kinds of terrain. The rubber tires help in absorbing the vibration due to rough terrains and provide a smoother riding experience.

  • Additional mattress included along with the stroller
  • Large wheels for more stability
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Suspension on rear wheels
  • The stroller tips backward if not properly handled

15. Dkeli 4 Wheels Pet Stroller for Dogs

Dkeli 4 Wheels Pet Stroller for Dogs

If you are low on a budget and looking for an entry-level dog stroller then the Dkeli’s 4 wheel pet stroller would be the perfect choice for you. However, as you are going to pay a lesser amount on it, so you have to compromise on the features. You will get fewer features and the durability will be also lower than the premium ones.


Like other strollers, this one is also foldable, and it is easy to store while not in use. The lightweight frame material makes it easy to transport for a smoother riding experience. In addition to this, a removable liner is included with it which besides providing cushion can be easily removed in order to wash it.

Besides all these features, it has a compartment provided on the bottom side for additional storage. Two cup holders are also provided on the top side of the handle to keep water bottles or other similar things while riding the stroller.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Mesh window provided on the front and rear side for ventilation and visibility
  • Safety brakes provided on the rear wheels
  • Less durable frame
  • The zipper is not very smooth

Buyer’s Guide

Finding it difficult to decide which dog stroller to buy? Or unaware of the things that you should look for while purchasing a dog stroller, then this buyers guide will help you to clear your all such confusions.

Why Should I Use a Dog Stroller?

I always thought that it was a strange idea to buy a stroller for dogs. I was of the opinion that the stroller was of no use to anybody. However, after I started to take my puppy out for walks with me, it dawned on me that buying a stroller was the greatest idea ever. For dog lovers like me who have a younger puppy who gets tired after walking a short distance, then a stroller is a must-have pet-gear for you.

Here are some of the reasons why you should use a dog stroller:

Visiting the vet becomes easier

Taking your dog to the vet becomes comparatively easier. If the dog is recovering from an injury or an illness, a stroller is a relatively easy and stress-free way of carrying the dog to the vet’s clinic.

An aid for feeble dogs

Elderly dogs or very young puppies who get tired after walking very short distances will enjoy riding in the stroller and will not have to be left behind at home alone.

Protects the paws

Sidewalks can cause injuries to your pet’s paws. Road salt can irritate the paws and make them dry, sore and cracked. A stroller can keep the pet’s paws safe and protected from broken pieces of glass, chemicals, trash or any other threats on the road.

Protects from other aggressive dogs

While outdoors, there is always the danger of other unleashed hostile dogs being around the corner. Small dog owners can find it very difficult to protect their small dog from an aggressive larger dog. The stroller keeps your dog hidden from such nasty beasts.

Stress-free travel

A stroller is an easy system of transporting your dog from one place to another. For those of you who fret over losing their dog while traveling, then buying a stroller for the dog will no longer make you as anxious as before.

At events outdoors

Outdoors events such as picnics, shows, festivals, and gatherings mean dealing with crowds. In case you want to give your small dog a chance to join you in festivities without feeling threatened by larger dogs or without small children needlessly petting it, then a stroller is a convenient solution. Strollers are a great help when you have a shy dog or one that just doesn’t like crowds.

Safely carry the dog to the office

You can safely carry your dog to the office without your colleagues complaining if he is secure inside a stroller. Taking them to the office is easier, creates an enclosure, and becomes a familiar and comfortable spot for the dog to take a nap.

During emergencies

When you are looking to evacuate your home in an emergency situation, a dog stroller is a simple way of transporting your dog out along with you and saving his life. It prevents the dog from running away or getting lost in transit.

Enjoy more quality time with your dog

There is no better way than a stroller to enjoy quality time with your furbaby. Just pick him up, put him in and take him to as many dog-friendly workplaces, stores, and restaurants as you want.

Types of Dog Strollers

Dog strollers can be classified in three ways. The first is based on the size of the dogs they can accommodate, second is based on the purpose they can solve, and the third is the number of wheels each stroller has.

Based on the size

The size of a stroller is one of the important factors as to how much space or room your pet gets will depend upon this. Based on the size of the stroller, it can be differentiated in three different types:

  1. Small dog strollers: These strollers have smaller cabins with sufficient room for only small dogs.
  2. Large dog strollers: These strollers have large cabins with sufficient room to hold larger dogs.
  3. Double dog stroller: A stroller whose cabin is large enough to accommodate two dogs comfortably at the same time is called a double dog stroller. A few double dog strollers even have separate cabins for each of the dogs.

Based on the purpose they serve

Depending upon task or purpose for which a dog stroller is to be used for, it can be divided into two different types:

  1. Dog stroller for walking: These strollers are designed for slower speed and have smaller wheels.
  2. Dog stroller for jogging: These strollers are designed for greater speed and have large wheels for stability.

Based on the number of wheels

The number and size of wheels affect greatly on the stability and overall performance of the stroller. Based on the number of strollers used, it can be differentiated into two types:

  1. Three wheels: Such strollers have three wheels, two at the rear and one at the front. These strollers generally have large-sized wheels that make it convenient for most of the terrains
  2. Four wheels: The four-wheeled strollers generally have small wheels due to which they are more compact and easy to store while not in use. However, the small size wheels also make it inconvenient for rough terrains.

Here’s What To Consider Before Purchasing a Dog Stroller

The dog stroller should fulfill your needs and must be comfortable for your pet. Which dog stroller to buy always depends upon the size and weight of your pup. But there are also certain other factors that you should consider before purchasing a dog buggy.


The handling of a stroller may depend on multiple factors. A proper handle height, length of handle grip, wheel’s smoothness & size, overall weight affects the handling of a dog stroller.

The dog stroller should be possible to be pushed by one hand. Its wheels should be rotating and possible to lock the front wheel/wheels. All these features will decide how easy the stroller is to control. A great dog stroller will have most of these features.

Size & Number of Wheels

Different sizes of a wheel can affect the ease of control and stability over different terrains. A large-sized wheel makes the stroller capable of tough terrains, and a higher number of wheels increases the stability. At the same time, using a large or number of wheels also increases the overall weight of the stroller.

While buying a dog stroller, if you are aware that you won’t be using the stroller in tough terrains, then you can go for smaller wheel size. However, if you know that you would be riding the stroller with your pet on the sidewalk that is not properly paved, or has rough terrain, then large size of wheels is more preferable.


An ideal stroller should be light, compact, and strong. The ease of transporting the stroller will depend on the weight of the stroller. It should also be possible to push the stroller easily after adding the weight of the pooch.

Safety features

The stroller must have adequate safety measures to keep your pooch secure in the stroller. These measures may comprise a leash style seatbelt or harness clips. It should also have a safety braking system to stop it from rolling when you want.

All-terrain suitability

The stroller must work equally easily whether the surface is a paved one or whether you have ventured onto dirt tracks. The ability of the stroller to function well on different surfaces will be to a great extent determined by the type of tires, the size of the wheels and the suspension system.

Folding or Collapsible

It should be possible to fold the dog stroller flat and transport it in your vehicle so that you get a broader range of places to walk. The stroller should also be easy to store and unfold easily with just one hand whenever required.

Price & Brand

The last thing that you should look for while buying a dog stroller is its price. The brand or manufacturer for the same is also important to consider. A stroller from popular brands like Pet Gear and Paws & Pals are durable and long-lasting. Purchasing from these may cost higher, but the quality of the product that you get makes it worth the money that you have spent.

Train Your Dog to Ride in a Stroller

Initially, it can be puzzling for your dog with his new riding machine. But once your pup gets used to the stroller, it would be an exciting activity for both, you and your pup. To train your dog to get used to the stroller is very simple, all you need to do is proceed these easy-to-follow steps, and in no time your dog will be ready for his stroller:

  • Once you have assembled the stroller (if required) and made it ready to use, then let your dog explore it by letting him roam around. This will assure him that the stroller is safe for him, and it would not look like a strange thing to him.
  • Now put your dog’s favorite treat in the cabin of the stroller and encourage him to go in it. If your pet does not enter in on his own, then you have to take that effort and put him into the stroller
  • Make your dog secured in the stroller with the built-in leash(if provided) or you can also use any other dog leash.
  • Now you and your pet are ready for the ride. But in the beginning, plan a shorter ride and reward him treats after the ride gets completely. Gradually you can increase the riding distance depending upon the convenience of your pet and you.

FAQs on Dog Strollers

How to measure a dog for a stroller?

Measuring your dog for a stroller is very easy, all you need to do is measure his length (from head to tail) and height. While purchasing compare these measurements with that of the cabin (or stroller) so that your pet gets sufficient room in the stroller.

How much does a dog stroller cost?

A dog stroller is a pet accessory that is costlier than most of the pet supplies products. Standard dog strollers cost somewhere around $100 but there are also premium and high-quality strollers available that may cost higher than $200.

Which stroller is perfect for large dogs?

Most of the strollers that we have listed in the reviews are suitable for small as well as large dogs, however, the Pet Gear NO-ZIP Double Pet Stroller for Dogs has an extra room that makes it suitable for even large-breed dogs. Moreover, to be more precise, it is highly recommended that you compare the compartment size with that of your dog before buying any dog stroller.

Are dog strollers better than carriers?

A dog stroller is a convenient way of taking your pet for a ride on a regular basis. It can also help you maintain your daily walking or jogging routine. It also provides a great way for dogs to explore the outside world if they are suffering from any disability due to which they cannot walk properly.

As compared to carriers, a dog stroller requires lesser efforts as it can be simply pushed (due to wheels) and you don’t need to lift the weight. However, there are certain situations, like taking your pet through airlines, a dog carrier is more preferable.

Which is the best double dog stroller?

The Paws & Pals pet stroller is one of the best double dog strollers that is capable of holding two dogs at a time. As this stroller has two different compartments so it is perfect for you if you have two pets whether it be two dogs, two cats, or a dog & a cat.

Can you use a baby stroller for a dog?

A dog stroller is specially designed taking into consideration the comfort and requirements of canines which obviously is not applicable for a baby stroller. So long answer short, no, you should not use a baby stroller for a dog.


We hope our readers got complete information about the dog strollers and now it would be easy for you to choose the right product for your pet. Enjoy riding with your feline friend.

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