10 Best Dog Seat Belts (Crash Tested) of 2023

We tested 30+ best dog seat belts to provide you best crash-tested belts for your pooch. We reviewed only CPS Approved, durable, comfortable and safe products.

Pet owners like to carry their pooches with them in the car for a ride. After all, it is so thrilling and it is nothing less than an adventure for many dogs. However, keeping the dog safe at all costs, especially during a sudden stop or a collision, is what worries owners while driving.

It is also difficult to stay attentive and drive while you have a dog on the backseat jumping around. You could also face a hefty fine at certain places because it is unlawful to drive without restraining the pooch. The solution to both these problems is a dog seat belt and harness.


10 Best Dog Seat Belts of 2023 (Reviews)

Best Dog Seat belt

Editors’ Pick:

  • Best for secure your dog in the moving car
  • It’s available in six sizes
  • Made of breathable mesh


All of us know how distracting the dog can be while driving the car. A dog seat belt is the right solution to keep the dog steady while you are driving. While all companies claim their products to be superior, not all products are up to the mark. This is why we have looked through all the options and models to rank and review the 10 best dog seat belts for you.

1. SlowTon Multifunction Adjustable Dog Seatbelt With Harness

SlowTon Multifunction Adjustable Dog Seatbelt With Harness

This product comes in six sizes and in several pattern/color options. It’s inexpensive, made from breathable mesh fabric and a flannelette edge. There are four points of adjustment for a customized fit. It can be used as a walking harness as well as for the car and is available along with a safety seat belt that attaches to the vehicle seat buckle.


The two quick-release buckles make putting on and taking off the harness very easy. It’s affordable with any budget. The safety seat belt is stretchable, giving the dog some space to move around. It is easy to slip on and off the dog without the dog needing to step into the harness. If necessary, it can be worn for hours together.

You have to slip the front part over the dog’s head, and if your dog hates that, you may need to look for another option. For deep-chested dogs, the fit might be loose at the rear. The seat belt isn’t compatible with several vehicles, including many Honda and Kia cars.

  • Two quick-release buckles make putting on and taking off the harness easy
  • It is affordable
  • Can be worn for long periods
  • It is stretchable, giving the dog some space to move around
  • The front part needs to be slipped over the dog’s head, which many dogs hate
  • The fit may be loose at the rear portion for deep-chested dogs

2. Kurgo Car Seatbelt for Dogs | Crash Tested

Kurgo Car Seatbelt for Dogs | Crash Tested Certified Buckles

This car seatbelt is made in 5 sizes for dogs and fits dogs from 5-110 lbs. It has 5 adjustment points to comfortably fit dogs of varying body shape and is available in black and red colors.


It is made from steel and natural fibers and is just right for owners who want to travel long distances with their dogs. These harnesses have been crash-tested at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute for dogs up to 130 lbs.

Buckling this harness on your dog is easy. The several adjustment points are something that dog owners have appreciated, particularly those who have different types/sizes of dogs. The metal buckles feel stronger than plastic ones on other harnesses. It is also possible to walk your dog in this harness.

These harnesses may not be a comfortable fit and could be heavy for small dogs. There is also no swivel attachment, so dogs that like to circle in their seat could twist the tether strap. A heavy-duty swivel attachment needs to be purchased separately. Several people had a hard time buckling the harness, so make sure to watch the videos on the Kurgo website if you’re having a rough time.

  • After learning, buckling the harness on the dog is easy
  • Several adjustment points is a big benefit for dog owners with several dogs of varied types/sizes
  • Metal buckles are stronger than plastic ones
  • The harness can also be used to walk the dog
  • The harness may not be a comfortable fit for small dogs
  • Swivel attachment not included in the purchase, and it needs to be bought separately
  • Initially, buckling the harness may be difficult without watching a tutorial

3. Vastar Adjustable Dog Car Seat Belt | 2 Packs

Vastar Adjustable Dog Car Seat Belt | 2 Packs

Just as it is the case with all safety belts with seatbelt clips attached, the Vastar safety leads are very easy for you to use. You can secure your dog with just a click and also free him from the restraint as easily.


Though this has its perks, it is not good for dogs that particularly move around a lot or are very heavy. The belt can be loosened simply by stepping on the part that is fed into the seat belt clasp. This is a small flaw in the security of the seat belt.

However, this clip is compatible with a large number of vehicle models and is very likely that it could fit yours. You are also getting two belts for the price of one. Both can be adjusted to various lengths to suit dogs of different types/sizes. Also, you can use one dog seat belt for different vehicles.

The adjustable length means you can decide how much slack to give your pooch. The shorter strap works better for a smaller dog while longer straps will prove to be more comfortable for larger breeds. You may find though that this is suited for medium and large-sized dogs.

The belt is sturdily made and difficult for pups to chew through. The strap will also not snap when too much pressure is put on it.

  • Easy to set up
  • Compatible with various vehicles
  • Good for medium and large sizes dogs
  • Sturdy belt
  • The strap is too long for small dogs
  • The buckle can be ejected if a dog applies enough stress

4. Mighty Paw Dog Seat Belt Including Tangle-Free Swivel Attachment

Mighty Paw Dog Seat Belt Including Tangle-Free Swivel Attachment

This seat belt has definitely been designed with safety in mind. The belt is directly fixed to the vehicle frame because it attaches to the crease in the backseat. As a result of this construction, you can be assured that your pooch is tied to something strong and secure. This provides them with a wider support base if you were to apply the brakes too hard.


The other thing that adds strength to this safety belt is the carabiner. It is made from aviation-grade aluminum so that your pooch will not be able to tug loose, regardless of how much he/she tries. And in the case of an accident, your pooch will not break free from the seat. The carabiner will ensure that the pooch is held in place.

However, the strap cannot be guaranteed to behave the same. Though made from durable nylon, it will fray easily if your dog decides to chew it. Because of this, it is difficult to evaluate how it will perform when it has to withstand a great deal of force.

The safety belt can be adjusted from 16-26 inches, giving you control over how much freedom to allow to your pooch. At the same time, the design of the belt will ensure that your pup will not get tangled up in the strap.

When trying to restrain a wriggling pooch in place with this seat belt, you will be relieved. The mechanism of this safety belt will ensure that you can clip them in place or free them in just a few moments.

  • Great quality carabiner
  • Adjustable length
  • Easy to use
  • Attaches directly to the vehicle’s frame
  • The strap can be chewed through

5. BWOGUE Dog Safety Seat Belt Strap | 2 Packs

BWOGUE Dog Safety Seat Belt Strap | 2 Packs

A leash chosen should be tangle-free.  A similar rule applies to dog seat belts. One of the main features that set the Bwogue dog safety seat belt apart is that it is attached high in the car, reducing the chances of tangling.


This large dog seat belt attaches to the headrest of your car and works perfectly to keep your canine companion secure. The adjustment feature allows the dog the freedom to turn, lie down or move in the seat but prevents it from climbing on the owner while driving.

It also works well for different sized dogs. It will hold equally safely, strongly and securely a 70 lb Doberman. It is easy to install the pooch belt as you just need to attach it around the headrest of the rear seat.

The Bwogue dog safety seat belt is sufficiently strong to ensure that your pet remains in place while taking a sharp turn or braking suddenly. When going shopping, you can use the seat belt to secure your pet to a post.

  • The anti-rust hook and clip ensure the belt is durable
  • Adjustable strap length makes it suitable for dogs of different sizes
  • High-quality zinc alloy swivel snap gives the dog the freedom to move around
  • Can also be used as a hand-held dog leash to walk your dog
  • Just a little force can change the length of the strap

6. URPOWER Upgraded Nylon Dog Seat Belt | 2 Pack

URPOWER Upgraded Nylon Dog Seat Belt | 2 Pack

A good quality dog car safety harness should be coupled with the best seat belt for dogs. URPOWER upgraded dog seat belt is built out of durable nylon fabric with elastic protective design to guard your pup against the effects of sudden jolts and sharp turns.


It has an anti-rust hook and a zinc-alloy swivel will give freedom to your pup to move around without getting wound up in the strap. Its stainless steel clip measures 0.83 inches wide and is compatible with most vehicles’ seat belt buckle system.

The buckles of this seat belt are adjustable to fit on both small and large dogs. Because this is available in a pair, you don’t have to buy separately if you have two dogs.

  • Durable nylon fabric with elastic buffer design
  • Anti-rust hook and zinc alloy swivel for movement without tangling
  • Universal Fit
  • Adjustable buckles can fit small as well as large dogs
  • Two dog seat belts in a pack
  • Though it is a universal fit, you would still need to ascertain if this is compatible with your car’s buckle system or Latch system

7. Friends Forever Adjustable Black Nylon Dog Car Seat Belt | 2 Pack

Friends Forever Adjustable Black Nylon Dog Car Seat Belt | 2 Pack


This product features a belt strap that can be adjusted from 20 inches to 32 inches and attaches to your car’s factory seat belt receptacle.

The product is made from high quality, durable nylon fabric with Penta-layered sewing for extra durability. The swivel and collar buckle tabs are made from U.S. zinc alloy.

As with other products, it uses a 2 cm tab on the seat belt clip and you will need to verify if it is compatible with your vehicle. Remember to use these seat belt with a harness and not a collar.

  • Very economical
  • Adjustable
  • Made from durable nylon fabric
  • Swivel and collar buckles tab made from U.S zinc alloy
  • May not be compatible with certain vehicles

8. Leash Boss Dog Car Seat Belt Restraint

Leash Boss Dog Car Seat Belt Restraint


The biggest reason for the dog seat belts failing is pups chew through the material until it snaps. You don’t have to worry about any such thing with this dog car seat restraint because it is made from nylon coated steel rope.

A sturdy snap hook attaches to your dog’s harness. The seat belt comes in five sizes and because it cannot be adjusted, it is recommended that dog owners accurately measure their dogs’ height before purchasing. This product comes with a manufacturer’s warranty to protect against defects for 5 years.

This seat belt is great for any dog that has a habit of stepping on the car seat belt button or chewing through usual nylon seat belt fabric.

  • Accurate size
  • Protects against chewing by the dog – providing safety, security, and peace of mind.
  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Universal fit
  • Prone to tangling
  • Latch bar to attach the restraint may be difficult to locate

9. Duke & Dixie Adjustable Harness Safety Belt For Dogs | 2 Pack

Duke & Dixie Adjustable Harness Safety Belt For Dogs | 2 Pack

Protect your dog during bumpy car rides and keep them safe with a seat belt leash strap that buckles directly into seat belt clips of most cars.


Nothing could be simpler to use. You just have to buckle the adjustable leashes into the seat belt slot and then attach the clip to your dog’s harness.

The length of each strap can be adjusted from 20″ to 32.5″. These leashes are compatible with most cars, SUVs, and trucks with a 2cm universal clip design.

These safety leash belts are made from high-quality nylon straps and zinc alloy buckles to restrain even large heavy dogs. The length can be easily adjusted according to the size of the dog.

  • Simple to use
  • Adjustable nylon strap
  • Compatible with most cars, SUVs, and trucks
  • Can even restrain large, heavier dogs
  • Some users claim that their dogs were able to chew through the nylon material of the strap and caused it to snap

10. iBuddy Adjustable Dog Seat Belt With Dual Safe Bolt Hook

iBuddy Adjustable Dog Seat Belt With Dual Safe Bolt Hook


The elastic buffer design is the stand out feature of this dog seat belt. When there is a sharp turn or sudden applying of brakes, the bungee with buffer damping design absorbs the force. This keeps the dog safe from choking. From 23-30 inches, the pooch will have sufficient freedom to lay or move while remaining secure in the backseat.

iBuddy offers a 30-day replacement or refund and a two-year warranty with customer service. This dog seat belt with a sturdy buckle is recommended for larger dogs weighing more than 15 lbs.

The dual safe hook will leave you with a peace of mind knowing that it will not accidentally unhook for any reason whatsoever. You will be giving your pooch freedom and security with iBuddy.

  • Elastic buffer design
  • Dual-safe bolt hook
  • Dual nylon strap
  • Adjustable
  • Users feel that the length of the strap may be good for a small car or SUV, but not for a full-sized pick-up

Our Buyer’s Guide For Dog Seat Belts

We are going to discuss things such as who should purchase a dog seat belt and the different types of dog seat belts, in this section. We are also going to dwell on important parameters by which to evaluate a dog seat belt and the importance of using a dog harness in tandem with a dog seat belt. Besides, we have also answered a few FAQs to satisfy some of our more curious readers.

Who should buy a dog seat belt?

Those who’ve ridden with their dogs in a car know that they can very easily distract your attention. Even very calm dogs can become quite energetic when they are in a moving car. This sudden infusion of energy and excitement can make them jump around in the car, which can be very distracting.

This can prove to be dangerous not only for you but also for the dog. Not only are they totally unsecured in the car but they can also chew up or eat anything they can find inside the vehicle. Though it is possible to train your canine to sit steady in the vehicle, it is advisable to buy a dog seat belt to make him sit still.

Dog seat belts are an easy, affordable way to make your dog sit still in the car. With a dog seat belt, you don’t have to bother about your canine companion jumping around in the car while you are driving or invading your side of the car. You just have to install the seat belt and attach it to your dog. A dog seat belt is one way of ensuring that your canine is safe, secure and does not distract your attention.

Types of Dog Seat Belts

Seat belts and harnesses differ from one another in a number of ways. The simplest way of differentiating between them is to look at their attachment points and the way they are fixed to the dogs and the vehicles.

1. Latch Bar Attachment

These seat belts and harnesses are attached to the car through the latch bar present within the creases of the seat. The main advantage of this type of dog seat belt is your pup will remain safe at all times, no matter how much force is generated against the belt. However, it may mean more difficulty in securing the seat belt and the dog to the seat. It may take a little longer.

2. Seat Belt Clip Attachment

This is a popular design. Here, the end of the belt looks like a normal seat belt clip. All that needs to be done is to just clip the end in the slot. This is also a favorite because of the ease in setting up.

However, this type of design tends to unclip itself quite easily. In fact, hyper dogs can do it themselves. For this type of clip to truly function, you will require a seat belt cover that goes over the seat belt slot.

For this, the clip also has to be compatible with the slot in your car. If it is not a universal clip, it can be difficult to notice.

3. Tether Attachment

There are some belts that are looped around the headrests. The best thing about this design is it is more efficient at holding your doggie in place. These belts work particularly well for dogs who want to get into the front seat. The only real flaw with this seat belt is that the loop is not well-suited to many car seats and headrests. Some improvisation may be necessary with the set-up.

Important Features to Consider

Planning to buy a dog seatbelt but don’t know how to choose a perfect one? Here are the important factors that you should consider before purchasing a dog seatbelt:


Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Some dogs are very small while some others are absolutely giant-sized. Even dogs of the same breed can be vastly different. Because a dog seat belt is meant to prevent your dog from moving past a certain zone, it is important for it to be adjustable. If it weren’t so, it would be too long for some dogs while being very restricting for some others.

Though some dog seat belts come in particular sizes, adjustability is really the way forward. Not all cars are the same size from the inside, therefore it is very difficult to produce a dog seat belt based on the dog’s measurement alone. The seat belt should be adjustable so as to meet the needs of your dog and work well considering the space available in your car.


Your dog will pull and tug on the dog seat belt quite a lot initially, especially if he/she had a free run in the car previously. It is important that the seat belt is made from durable material to prevent it from breaking. Durability should be not only about the belt but about even all the hooks and swivels. The dog seat belt should also be able to hold its own against all the biting and chewing that is expected.


What is of utmost importance is the way the dog seat belt attaches to your car. Many buckle straightaway into your car. This can be very useful as it does not require a lot of time to set up. But these direct buckle seat belts often only come in a single size. Though this size is compatible with most cars, it is not compatible with all cars.

Many other dog seat belts wrap around the headrest. Such dog seat belts are useful while driving a car with an incompatible buckle. In case your car doesn’t have a headrest where you are planning to put the dog, this may not be useful. We recommend that you should take a good look at your car and select a dog seat belt that makes the most sense with your situation.

How do I Get my Dog Used to a Dog Seat Belt?

It requires a lot of training and patience to make your dog get used to a seat belt. If the pooch is already trained to walk on a leash and a body harness, it would work a lot faster. The key is to first introduce the idea of the seat belt to the pooch. You can put the dog inside the car with the dog safety harness securely attached to your car’s seat belt. You don’t have to connect this with the dog and you don’t also have to drive yet. Just spend several minutes with the dog inside the car and the seat belt just lying on the car seat. First of all, the pooch has to learn to accept the seat belt.

Once your pooch is no longer paying too much attention to this safety device, start attaching it to the dog’s harness. Do so without driving the car. The purpose is to allow the dog to feel the harness on his body tied down to the car seat belt. When your doggie is relaxed and has become used to getting tied down in the seat belt, start your car’s engine.

Slowly take your pooch for a short drive around the neighborhood. Drive slowly so that your dog does not injure himself by tugging against the safety harness.

Taking a cue from the pooch, if the dog holds its place in the car with the safety harness on, then you may increase the distance of the trial run and the speed. It wouldn’t be long before the dog realizes that it will have to get used to the seat belt every time it jumps into your car and you take it for a drive around town.

Dog Car Seat Belt vs Dog Harness

Apart from dog car seat belts, you can also opt for a harness restraint for your dog. Many dog owners attach their dog’s collar to a dog seat belt and then to a dog seat belt buckle but this can prove to be extremely dangerous.

This practice prevents your dog from climbing and being thrown towards the front of the car but does not ensure protection from injury. Injury may be caused as at the time of accident all the force will be concentrated around the neck leading to potential strangulation. Though there is a legal obligation to secure your dog while driving, you also have a moral obligation towards the dog to do so in a way no harm will come to him.

Securing a dog seat belt to a dog harness is better. You may also want to use a harness that attaches directly to the car seat belt buckle. Usually, car harnesses are fastened around a dog’s chest with a fabric vest or straps. This option not only keeps your dogs steady but also ensures that the force of sudden braking or a crash is distributed over the entire body rather than getting concentrated at the neck. It is similar to human seatbelts where the force is distributed over the chest and lap.

The Law on Dog Seatbelt

Driving with your dog in the car can be dangerous and the law is very strict and severe about such acts of recklessness. Of course, we value both our cars and the dog and do not want any harm to come to either of them. It is, therefore, our responsibility to take those extra 45 seconds to secure our dog’s seat belt.

Though it is completely legal to drive with your canine inside the car, in most states and countries it is illegal to indulge in the following:

  • Keeping your dog unrestrained inside the vehicle
  • Allow the dog to sit on your lap while driving
  • Allowing your dog to move in ways that can distract your attention while driving
  • Allowing your dog to ride in a car in ways that may injure themselves, you or any other persons

Some laws are very specific that the dog should travel on the back seat or the in the boot of the car and never in the front seat because they can distract the driver. Drivers failing to comply with the law may have their driving licenses revoked, their insurance invalidated and potentially end up facing legal charges.

An accident that causes damage to your car or any other car because of an unrestrained dog can prove costly. All dogs must have their movements curtailed so as to ensure the safety of the driver, passengers, and other vehicles. This is why dog seat belts are so useful.

FAQs About Dog Seat Belts

How does a dog seat belt work?

The dog seat belt is but a leash that attaches to your car in an efficient and safe manner. At one end of the dog seat belt is a latch that is usually found on all dog leashes. Connect this latch to your dog’s harness in order to keep the dog safe. Some dog owners attach it directly to the dog’s collar, which may cause your dog to choke to death during an accident or if you were to brake suddenly. At the other end of the dog seat belt is some alternative for it to attach to the car. Most dog seat belts buckle directly into the car. However, other dog seat belts wrap around the headrest or attach to the car in some other manner.

Do you need to restrain your dog in a car while traveling?

This law varies state by state. New Jersey, for example, stipulates that all dogs must have seat belts if not secured in a crate while riding in a car. Other states have rather vague laws that can apply to pets if they are distracting the driver. We recommend checking out your laws specific to your state to get a clearer picture.

Does my dog need a seat belt?

Those who’ve ridden with a dog in the car very well know how distracting they can be. Even the calmest dog can get excited when it is inside a moving car. This sudden infusion of energy and excitement can cause the dog to jump around relentlessly in the moving car, which is not only dangerous for you but also for the dog. Not only are they unsecured if any accident were to occur, but they are also in a position to chew up and eat whatever they can find in the vehicle. If you ride with your dog often, then it is recommended that you purchase a dog seat belt at the earliest. The dog seat belt will prevent your dog from jumping around or barge into your side of the car, while you are driving.

Are seat belts safe for dogs?

Seat belts specifically designed for dogs, such as the ones mentioned in this article, are safe if used correctly. Please read the owner’s manual carefully to know if you are using the seat belt correctly.

How much does a dog seat belt cost?

Dog seat belts are not very expensive. There are a few products that would make you spend those extra dollars, but broadly speaking, dog seat belts are an inexpensive dog accessory. Budget picks can go as low as $5 while premium products can cost at the most $40.


It is not only legal but a moral obligation to keep your pooch safe while he is out with you on a long drive. And if the pooch gets easily excited by speed, he might distract your attention while driving by jumping around relentlessly in the car. Such a distraction, in turn, may cause a collision with fatal consequences for both you and the pooch. We hope that this article has sufficiently enlightened our readers on the need to make driving safer by using dog seat belts to restrain the pooch in the moving car.

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