The 12 Best Joint Supplements for Dogs (Reviews of 2023)

We reviewed the 12 best joint supplements for dogs on the basis of their effectiveness, safety certifications, price, and ratings.

With age and rigorous physical activities, most of the dogs suffer from joint pain. It is not a new phenomenon for pet parents who have owned the dogs before. Although some precautions can help your dog from getting a joint pain yet you shall get to the best dog hip and joint supplements if your dog is suffering from the pain apparently. In fact, the best way to notice this problem is by judging the slow, hesitant movement of your dog.


At a Glance – Best Dog Joint Supplements

Editor’s Top Pick: BestLife4Pets Walk-Easy

Best Joint Supplements for Dogs


We picked BestLife4Pets Walk-Easy as the best joint supplement for dogs as Walk-Easy Joint and Hip Pain Pills are easy to feed being tasteless and odorless. Also, this formula includes the best ingredient ranging from healthy vitamins and minerals. In addition to that, the Bestlife4Pets manages to use the natural ingredients making this product stand out from the rest of the products on our list.

Editor's Picks
BestLife4Pets Walk-EasyOverall Best
Brellavi Hemp Oil for Dogs & CatsBudget Pick
PetNC Natural Care Soft ChewsVeterinarian Formulated

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What is the Best Joint Supplement for Dogs?

The best hip and joint supplements for dogs are generally made of the three ingredients which will be used to make the supplement. This is the process where the joint inflammation and cartilage replacement are the processes which have to be done.

In addition to that, the joint supplement has glucosamine, placebo, chondroitin, MSM(Methylsulfonylmethane). These ingredients help in making the process up to the mark and most of it will have the great factors which you cannot do it otherwise.

However, there are no substantial proof and research articles supporting this theory. Hence, we have prepared the list of the joint supplements for dogs’ joint which has a minimum dosage of glucosamine.

In this manner, you will get the best hip and joint supplements for dogs with the ingredients suitable for your dog. However, there are no certain harmful effects of giving glucosamine best dog joint supplements as far as it is meant for the dog. Because there are similar joint supplements which are made for humans and have ingredients which are harmful to dogs.

How Does Joint Supplement Work?

The best joint supplements do not necessarily heal the joint pain completely during the cartilage damage. On the other hand, it can surely help the dog in recovering the joint damage/pain by relieving it. In fact, the supplement accelerates the healing and helps to maintain the volume of fluid important for the joint.

Additionally, the dog joint supplement usually focuses on suppressing the joint pain for the dog. Hence, it will have the dog feel good at promoting more physical activity. In the same manner, the dog will be saved from other illness due to lack of movements.

Not to mention, joints pain can be caused due to one of several reasons. The list of reasons includes old age, excessive physical activities/athletic, birth defect, accidental injury, poor diet etc.

Hence, there are many reasons which can result in joint pain and proper solutions to it are plenty. On the contrary, there are only a few dog joint supplements which will accurately help the dog relieve from the joint pain. Having said that, there is a typical joint pain relieving best dog joint supplement for dogs given in the next sub-section.

The 12 Best Joint Supplement for Dogs (Reviews) of 2023

You can learn about the best joint supplement for dogs in this section. We have reviewed the ten best joint supplements for dogs on the basis of their effectiveness. Also, you can find the reasons for considering these specific dog joint supplements as the best.

Although, these are the dog joint supplements yet they might not suit some pets perfectly. Hence, look for the best joint supplements for dogs/dog you have instead of finding the best dog joint supplements in general.

1. WALK-EASY Hip and Joint Supplement for Dogs

Starting with the best product on our best joint supplement review, the BestLife4Pets is a standard dog joint supplement which comes with the hip and joint vitamin for dogs joints as well as cats. In addition to that, the BestLife4Pets does a great job which relieving the pain.

BestLife4Pets Walk-Easy Joint and Hip Supplement


Furthermore, the BestLife4Pets is amongst the dog joint supplements containing the ingredients we listed above. Although it has the ingredient which scientists have not found substantial proof too. Nevertheless, the people who have used these dog joint supplements for their pets found it very useful.

In addition to that, these dog joint supplements are easy to serve because of its small size which mixes with the pet food. In fact, your pet will have no clue of consuming a nutritional supplement as the tiny pellets are tasteless and odorless. In the end, this joint supplement for dogs can cure paining hip dysplasia, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid.

The tasteless and odorless small pellets are easy for consumption, suitable for small pets too.

  • Small pellets are suitable for the small as well as large pets.
  • These pills are tasteless and odorless.
  • These dog joint supplements are gluten-free.
  • Effective dog vitamins for joints pain, dysplasia, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid.
  • The dog joint supplements with a fast-acting formula deal with the joint pain instantly.
  • It does not completely cure the severe joint pains as fast as it relieves the pain.

2. Nutramax Consequin Chewable Joint Supplement Tablets

Nutramax Cosequin DS Plus with MSM Chewable Tablets

The Nutramax Consequin DS Plus is one of the most trusted supplements for dog joints because it is a combination of three powerful ingredients that are known to improve joint conditions, are conducive to cartilage remodeling and regeneration, and cure some of the symptoms associated with arthritis.


This contains methylsulfonylmethane or MSM, glucosamine, and chondroitin, all working in tandem for the optimum health of the joints of your dog. The formulation is available in chewable tablet form so administering it should not be very difficult.

Each tablet contains 600 mg of glucosamine derived from shellfish, 300 mg of chondroitin sulfate derived from pork cartilage, 250 mg of MSM and 3 mg of Manganese.

  • Chewable formulation ensures ease of administration
  • Exceptionally high levels of joint friendly substances per tablet
  • Certified by veterinarians
  • A bit expensive
  • May contain artificial flavors

3. PetNC Natural Care Hip & Joint Soft Chews

PetNC Natural Care Hip and Joint Soft Chews for Dogs

If you are looking for a joint supplement on a budget that doesn’t neglect your pet’s health, then this supplement may just be the right solution for you. This supplement is priced far below market competition at $8 for 90 chews. Their low cost makes them affordable for any budget. However, it does not carry the risk of overlooking or ignoring your dog’s health with these chews.


This supplement also contains the same joint supporting ingredients as our previous pick: glucosamine (shellfish), Chondrotin (porcine), and methylsulfonylmethane (MSM). These ingredients are topped with other components such as vitamin c and hyaluronic acid to support the dog’s overall health and activity levels. For extra supportive care, these chews also come in a high potency formula.

These chews are chewable. So you don’t have to bother about hiding it in your dog’s food or force your dog to eat it. In fact, they are flavored like a treat to encourage your canine to eat it without making too much fuss.

The dosing is also very easy and is dependent on your canine’s body weight and can be controlled by feeding your canine more or less chews a day. There are no half doses, so you don’t have to worry about cutting the tablet into half, which can be a bit difficult.

  • Tasty flavored easy to give chewable for finicky eaters
  • Veterinarian formulated
  • Human-grade ingredients
  • Few users reported that their dogs did not like the taste of this supplement

4. Brellavi Hemp Oil for Dogs & Cats

Here we have the second best dog joint supplement review which uses the hemp seed oil as its vital ingredient, the Brevalli oil it! This oil is generally suitable for ingestion, hence, mixing these dog joint supplements in your pet’s meal is a child’s play.

Brellavi Hemp Oil for Dogs & Cats


In the same manner, the Brevalli is useful for suppressing the chronic joint with its formula. As the formula of the apparent joint pain supplement is an extraction of the hemp seed oil. It essentially settles the nerve cells and motor actions by temporarily clogging the receptors.

Hence, this dog joint supplement might not be the best joint supplements for dogs for curing the joint pain of your pet. Nevertheless, this joint supplements for dogs is surely the product which relieves your pet from the pain. In fact, you will find your pet getting calm suffering the most chronic pain after having a dose of these dog joint supplements.

Hemp seed oil is one of a kind pain reliever which cuts off the pain from the unbearable level to a negligible one.

  • Hemp oil is one of the best pain relieving formula.
  • This formula is combined with nutritional ingredients.
  • The pain relieving formula accelerates the joint damage rapidly.
  • The hemp oil is an effective pain reliever and hardly cures the joint pain directly.

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5. Xtend-Life Omega 3 Human-Grade Fish Oil

Coming to the versatile nutritional dose of the human-grade fish oil joint supplement for pets. The apparent dog joint supplement contains fish oil as its major ingredient. In fact, Xtend is the best joint supplements for dogs on this list as it benefits pets the most.

Xtend-Life Omega 3 Human-Grade Fish Oil


Fish oils are rich in fatty acids, lean proteins, etc. which makes this best joint supplements for dogs one of a kind. As the pet suffering from the joint pain will instantly get the nutritional support from this dog joint supplement. These are the soft capsules which blend easily in the pet food.

In the end, the apparent dog joint supplement is not only beneficial for joint pains but also for the health of the coat. Generally, the dogs and cats feed on this dog joint supplements natural will get a natural shine on their coat. In addition to that, there are several benefits of fish oil i.e. eye-sight, immunity, brain functioning, etc.

Fish oil is essential for maintaining the health of the coat, cures joint pain, and much more.

  • Fish oil is the best ingredient for any joint supplement.
  • The fish oil does not only cure the joint damage but also maintains the coat.
  • It is good for damaged joint, brain, heart, coat, and more.
  • These soft capsules will have a typical taste if accidentally chewed(cats would love it).

6. NHV Old Timer – Natural Liquid Support for Arthritis

Coming to the one step joint supplement for the pets especially the for the aging pets. The NHV consists of important vitamin for dogs joints, minerals, and amino acids essentially a senior dog the best joint supplements for dogs. As the senior pets are prone to having joint pains out of ligament, cartilage wearing.

NHV Old Timer - Natural Liquid Support for Arthritis


The NHV pet joint supplement is suitable for not only the old pets but also the young ones. It can effectively deal with the joint pain with its formula consisting of minerals, vitamin for dogs joints, amino acids, etc.

Lastly, the apparent joint supplement works perfectly for all types of pets as long as you take care of the dosage. As this formula is a concentrated supplement can have side effects if you overdose your pet. Nevertheless, the dog joint supplements work fine with all the pets once they adapt to its formula. For that, you can start dosing your pet with a little volume of supplements.

A natural joint supplement formula which is suitable for all types of pets.

  • A natural joint supplement formula for all types of pets.
  • It effectively deals with joint wearing, joint injury, and joint pains.
  • The formula does not include any artificial colors or preservatives.
  • NHV boosts the immunity and lymphatic system too.
  • Nothing in specific.

7. Chondropaw Joint Care Supplement for Dogs

Coming to the Chondropaw joint supplement, this joint supplements for dogs is a combination of a pain reliever and a supplement. This dog joint supplement is perfectly suitable for dogs who are suffering from joint pains. It even includes joint pains due to growing old, injury, arthritis, hip dysplasia etc.

Chondropaw Joint Care for Dogs


In addition to that, the apparent dog joint supplements cure the joint pains in dogs within a month. Nevertheless, some of the users found the joint pain of their dogs improving after a week or two. Hence, this supplement will start curing the joint pains in dogs rapidly and heals it completely in a couple of weeks.

Dosing this supplement to your dog can become a great task especially when you have an agitative dog. You will have to inject the supplement from the Chondro Paw’s tube into your dog’s mouth. Nevertheless, you will easily master this method after a trial or two.

ChondroPaw is the perfect for the dogs suffering from joint pains.

  • Effctive joint pain supplement for dogs.
  • This formula is gluten free.
  • This supplement is only suitable to dogs.
  • A couple of users found this dog joint supplement ineffective for their dogs.

8. Paleo Pets Natural Joint and Flexibility Joint Health Supplement

Here, we have the joint supplement for all the pets, unlike the one we saw above. This supplement is effective for curing all types of joint pains including hip dysplasia. The Paleo Pets is capable of not only treating the joint pains but also supports the dietary needs of the pet.

Paleo Pets Natural Joint and Flexibility Joint Health Supplement


As a matter of fact, this product rather being a fresh entry in the pet supplement domain has managed to have many happy customers. This joint supplements for dogs have effectively cured the joint pain of the pets.

In the end, the Paleo Pets with its chewable formula is useful for curing the skin irritation in pets. In fact, its formula can suppress stomach inflammation to an extent. It is because of its natural formula getting the body charged. Not to mention, the Paleo Pets will undoubtedly cure the joint pain of your pet.

Paleo Pets cures the joint pain and many other ailments commonly pets suffer from.

  • Paleo Pets joint supplement is suitable for all kinds of pets.
  • It cures joint pains, stomach inflammation, skin irritation, and more.
  • Some user found this dog joint supplement to be ineffective for their pets.

9. GWF Nutrition Joint Aid for Dogs

Here, we have the joint supplements for dogs only again on our review, the GWF is the dog joint support. In this manner, these dog joint supplements will not be useful to you if you have other kinds of pet at home.

GWF Nutrition Joint Aid for Dogs


Furthermore, the GWF is a versatile joint supplements for dogs for the cure of all joint pains for dogs. It contains twelve major ingredients belonging to the category of functional food. In addition to that, the GWF consists of the Omega 3 fatty acids and hemp oil in its formula.

In the end, this formula has the utmost nutraceuticals which will be useful in curing the joint pains effectively. As a matter of fact, the GWH is also useful as a nutritional supplement along with being the joint supplement which is better than the Infinite Pet supplements.

GWH is a versatile joint supplement for dogs containing many nutraceuticals with hemp oil blend.

  • GWH is a versatile dog joint supplement capable of curing the worst of joint pains.
  • This formula contains the utmost amount of nutraceuticals and hemp oil blend.
  • GWH is suitable for every type of joint pains from injury to arthritis.
  • A formula this effective would be better if it were suitable for all kinds of pets.

10. Petsability Canine Joint Supplement

In the end, we have our last dog joint supplement on the dog hip and joint supplement reviews list. The Petsability is a natural supplement formula which avoids using the controversial ingredients. In this manner, you shall get the most of the dog arthritis supplements beneficial.

Petsability Canine Joint Supplement


Additionally, the Petsability is suitable for mild joint pains and joint damage treatments. As this formula takes some time before it effectively starts healing the joint pains.

In the end, this hip and joint supplements for dogs is not effective for other pets. It makes it obsolete if you own a pet other than a dog. Nevertheless, you will love this hip and joint for dogs if you happen to own one or more dogs.

The joint supplement which is useful for not only curing joint pains but preventing joint pains.

  • Petsability is useful for curing joint pains of all kind of dog.
  • Small pellets are easy to feed any dog along with his meal.
  • This formula is not suitable for all pets except for dogs.
  • Petsability can take a few weeks before it starts showing notable results.

11. DR.REXY Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats

Coming back to the hemp oil again, it means this joint supplements for dogs is again is more of a pain reliever than a cure. In fact, the hemp oil is useful for curing joint pains, anxiety, stress, and other temporary psychological disorders too.

DR.REXY Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats

Furthermore, Dr. Rexy is made of utmost organic ingredients. It makes this dog joint supplement even suitable for the picky eaters and sensitive pets too. You will be surprised to learn that your pet will not even notice the presence of the hemp oil in his meal.

Although, hemp oil has many benefits other than curing the joint pain in the pets it is yet a typical supplement to use. You will have to take care of the dosage because of the higher potential of Dr. Rexy can get your pet habituated to the pain relief ingredients.

The hemp oil join supplement is very effective which can even cure the worst of chronic pains.

  • The hemp oil is an effective cure for the joint pain in pets.
  • It will not only deal with the joint pain but also anxiety, stress, etc.
  • The Dr. Rexy does a great job as a pain reliever.
  • This is not a joint supplement which cures the joint pains but only acts as a pain reliever.

12. Springtime Fresh Factors for Dogs

Here, we have the pet joint supplement which cures the joint damage and relieves the pain. In addition to that, this dog joint supplement is even useful for nourishing the coat and toning muscles.

Springtime Fresh Factors for Dogs

Moreover, this joint supplements for dogs is the easiest to feed your pet as it comes as the dog joint supplement chews. Hence, feeding the joint supplement couldn’t get any easier compared to this. All you have to do is distribute the supplement in the food bowl of your pet.

Lastly, the Springtime is the best supplement for dogs joints which neither uses the unnecessary ingredients not the cheap ingredients. It makes this dog joint supplement one of the most reliable solutions as a joint supplement.

The dog joint chews pet joint supplement is easy for the pet to ingest.

  • Joint pills for dogs is the best form of a supplement for a pet.
  • Effectively cures joint pain, cartilage damage, etc.
  • It even maintain the quality of the coat.
  • A few customers found this formula ineffective for their dogs.

Buyer’s Guide

It gets difficult to select the best product after looking a couple of similar ones which promise nothing but the best. Hence we have prepared a buyers’ guide to make things easy for you choosing the best joint supplement for your pet.

All you have to do is go through the details in section. Also, you can find if the joint supplements for dogs listed above are suitable for your pet more than any other joint supplement for dogs. Hence, your pet can have the best treatment at the time of joint pain when he needs the utmost care.

How to Choose the Best Joint Supplement for Dogs?

Go through these sub-sections to get the best joint supplement for your pet. It is as simple as knowing the categories of the qualities we have listed in the review of the product individually.

In the end, you can verify that each dog joint supplement on the review list above consists of the qualities that you require in joint supplements for dogs for your pet.

Suitability for Types of Pets

Many dog joint supplements on our review list either focus on a specific pet type or is made for all types of pets. As the joint supplement for dogs has a different type of formula if it is formulated for any type of pet category individually.

In fact, the joint supplements which focus on all the pets will majorly have the versatile ingredients meant for body healing. On the other hand, the joint supplement focusing on only a single pet type say dogs will have limited yet vital ingredients.

In this manner, you shall go with the joint supplements for dogs depending on the type of pet you own. It will cut off the healing time to a great extent.

Lifestage Suitability

In the rarest of dog joint supplements, you will find the dog joint supplement to be suitable for the pets of specific lifestage. In the same manner, some dog joint supplements will have a specific dose recommendation for the pets of different lifestage as well as size.

As the concentration of the joint supplement will eventually be the deciding factor in choosing the dose of the pet. The maker of the joint supplement will mention the essential volume of dose on the bottle of joint supplement.

This factor will not be necessary to take care while you are buying the joint supplement for your pet. However, it will be necessary while you will be feeding the dose of the joint supplement to your pet in his meal.

Form of Supplement

All the join supplements will not be available in a similar form, some will have liquid formula while others would have the chewable. This factor holds much importance when you have a picky eater at home.

Moreover, the pets who can filter out the chewable supplement from the meal will ultimately have no positive effects. Also, some pets who avoid joint supplements due to their taste will also suffer from the same condition.

In addition to that, some of the joint supplements are available in a liquid form. Generally, feeding your pet a liquid formula works better than the chewable one. As the liquid joint supplement will be easier to mix in the pet meal or inject into the pet’s mouth.

However, the method of feeding the joint supplement to the pet depends on the joint supplements for dogs. Some dog joint supplements are required to be either injected or fed with the meal.

Effective Ingredients

You will know which are the active ingredient in most of the joint supplements for pets. It includes majorly three ingredients we listed in working of the joint supplement. In addition to that, there are two different types of pet joint supplements.

That said, one type of joint supplement made from the hemp oil extracts and mostly relives the pain of joint pain. It hardly involves repairing the ligament damage or cartilage restructuring, etc. Hence, if your pet is either very old or has a temporary injury then you shall go with the hemp oil formula.

On the other hand, their type of joint supplement will have nutraceutical ingredients. It will not only make that supplement suitable for natural healing of the joint pain but also a reliable method.

In this manner, going for the last option suits the most. As it will neither have the controversial ingredients in the supplements nor it will have merely pain relieving ingredients.

Not to mention, you shall prefer going for these methods depending on your pet and the condition of his joint. Moreover, you shall prefer getting a hemp oil supplement when the pet does not have the potential to heal the joint pain due to his old age.

As it will at least relieve your pet from the ongoing pain that he faces. Similarly, you shall prefer the hemp oil joint supplement if your pet has an injury.

Having said that, you shall prefer getting the joint supplement for dogs which has a minimum of controversial ingredients. In this case, there is no need to worry about the ingredients which do not have much importance because it doesn’t have any negative effect.

Curing Effects of the Supplement

Lastly, you need to check for the effects of the ingredients of the supplement. It will let you know the value of the dog joint supplement as a whole. This section is in continuation of the previous section.

To say so, you shall understand the effects of the ingredients of the joint supplements. Starting with the first ingredient type of the joint supplement on the shelf here, the hemp oil. It is the extraction of the hemp seeds of hemp plant which is a species similar to cannabis.

However, the hemp seeds are more nutritious considering its fats, protein amounts. Hence, this ingredient typically suppresses the pain signals of your pet with its THC compound.

Adding to the fact, this ingredient will not add much to the healing potential to get your pet moving again. Nevertheless, in some cases getting the pet out of the pain is more than enough for a start.

On the other hand, many makers of the pet joint supplement swear by the effectiveness of the glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, glutamine, etc. Whereas, in reality, there are no substantial data supporting these claims with scientific proofs.

In fact, any of the joint supplements we talk about in this review are not bound to have any FDA certifications. As the supplements are one form of nutraceuticals and not pharmaceuticals. That said, the joint supplements find a lenient way of reaching to your pet.

Nonetheless, there are no side effects of these ingredients whatsoever. Hence, getting the joint supplement with these ingredients or without these ingredients depends on you.


You can find the answers to the queries you have regarding the joint supplement.

Is There a Way of Curing Joint Pain Without Any Supplement or Dog Joint Medicine?

Joint pains can naturally heal if your pet is in its growing lifestage and capable of reproducing the damaged tissues rapidly. Actually, pets in this age do not usually get joint pains unless it is due to injury.

Hence, to be realistic we would not believe your pet can rapidly heal himself of the joint pains after getting old. Also, your pet will need a rich diet and rehabilitation to cure arthritis if not with any joint meds for dogs.

In the end, you will have to go with some supplements of a kind or another to heal the joint pain of your pet. That said, still, there are possibilities that your pet will need a few weeks to months to heal depending on the severity of his joint pain and rate of healing.

What Is the Difference Between Medicine and Joint Supplement?

To say least about the difference, the medicine for any problem is termed as pharmaceuticals. Whereas, the supplements are termed as nutraceuticals.

In addition to that, the manufacturing standards and quality tests are governed by the FDA department strictly. On the contrary, the joint supplements are just oriented to the functional food supplement and do not require as much testing.

Hence, the joint supplements are just the form of nutraceuticals. Since this formula is doing to be a super healthy supplement for the joint which even helps many bodily functioning for the pets.

Does Hemp Oil Joint Supplement Cure the Joint Pain Completely?

Hemp oil is extracted from the seeds of hemp plants which is a plant cannabis family. It is even called as cannabis sativa(plant). It is rich in nutritional qualities which include fats, protein, Omega 6 & Omega 3 fatty acids.

Hence, the Hemp seed oil joint supplement ultimately controls the pain signals from reaching the receptors in the pets. In this manner, it suppresses the sensation of pain in them. Thereafter, the healthy compounds of the hemp oil add up to the nutritional value which eventually helps heal the source of the pain.

In the end, an answer to this question is an indirect ‘Yes’. Only for that reason, hemp oil joint supplements have sounded a huge demand in the pet world, especially for old pets.

Does Hemp Oil Help the Dog with Anxiety Problems?

Hemp oil is popular for not only its pain-relieving properties but also its stress relieving properties. Hemp oil can even calm the inflammation and control the anxiety in pets.

Yes, Hemp oil is clearly an ingredient useful for controlling the anxiety in pets. In fact, due to its nutritional benefits and presence of vital THC value, hemp oil is finding its major application as pets’ joint supplement and stress reliever. (as well as humans)

Can We Use Glucosamine Human Joint Supplement for Pets?

Glucosamine has the same effects on the human as that to the pets. Although it affects the same to both of them its formulation and compounds mixed this ingredient are vastly different for humans and dogs.

Generally, human joint supplements consist of other ingredients which are not found in the joint supplements for pets.

Hence, it is not possible to use human joint supplements for pets or vice versa.


You are now closer to getting the solution to your doorsteps if you have ordered the best joint supplement for dogs from our list. Refrain from wasting any time while your pet is still in pain. However, you can leave a comment if you have any query regarding the joint supplement for pets.

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