The 10 Best Dog GPS Trackers (2023 Reviews)

If there is one certainty of finding a lost dog then there are dog parents who wish to give it all to find him. However, getting the best dog GPS tracker is an easier option than spending money and time on rescue searches.

Dogs like to trouble you, it is a legit thing many dog parents would agree to it. However, a little trouble from a dog always makes the dog-parent bond stronger. Especially, when you are using the GPS tracker on your dog.


At a Glance – Best Dog GPS Trackers

Best Dog GPS Tracker

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  • Best GPS Tracker for All Life Stage dogs
  • Durable & Waterproof
  • Nationwide Location Tracker


Editor's Picks
Whistle 3 GPS Dog Tracker
Our Top Pick
Findster Duo Plus Dog Tracker
Runner-Up Pick
SportDog Brand TEK Series Dog GPS Tracker
Premium Pick
Tractive 3G GPS Tracker for Dogs
Best Budget Pick
Dynotag Pet ID Web Enabled GPS Dog Tag
Cheap Pick

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What is a GPS Dog Tracker?

Dogs are escape artists, they will grab each and every opportunity to escape from their designated boundary. Here comes the role of the best GPS tracker, it is a device which sits on the dog’s collar transmitting its real-time location.

Having said that, there will be another component of the device which will receive the signals transmitted by the collar piece. To cut a long story short, a dog GPS tracker is a two-piece device i.e. collar piece and handheld device. Now, a handheld device can be a dedicated tracker console or an app compatible with a smartphone.

Further, the GPS tracker will have a network service which facilitates a topographical or geographical map on the handheld device. On the other hand, the collar piece will transit the real-time location which you can monitor using the handheld device.

Basically, the purpose of the best dog GPS tracker is to allow you to track your dog when lost. Since the trackers use the dedicated and accurate maps, radio dog tracking system. In this manner, you can rely on finding your dog faster. You will not have to depend on the rescue team or someone to contact you.

How Does a Dog GPS Tracker Work?

As we mentioned, GPS dog trackers utilize the GPS network along with the maps to locate a lost dog. We know, the tracker piece on the collar of your dog and the handheld device will be shown on that map.

This dog tracking system will make it easier for you to track your dog using the real-time leads from the tracker. Every product on this list does not feature the typical GPS network for this purpose. However, they use another network which makes their device perform precisely. It means some of the trackers will just show you the detailed information. It will display direction and distance between you and your dog.

Therefore, getting the information about your lost dog will depend upon the product you buy. Some of the trackers will fetch the actual locations using the GPS for dogs with respect to the geographical map. Whereas, some of the trackers will scan the local area with its independent dog tracking system network. The latter one will describe the distance between you and your dog along with with the direction for your initiate the search.

Both of these dog tracking systems have their own merits and demerits. All you have to do is learn about the best dog GPS tracker see if it has enough features which might be useful while finding your dog.

The 10 Best Dog Trackers of 2023 (Reviews)

Here you have a list of dog GPS tracker for collars along with their GPS dog collar reviews.

1. Whistle 3 GPS Dog Tracker & Activity Tracker

Starting with the best dog GPS location tracker reviews, we have chosen this product for its versatile functioning. This is the best tracking dog product made to fit on every dog tracking collar of different size and material. Because of its universal attachment which easily sits on every type of dog collar without any hassle. In addition to that, the Whistle GPS console/module has a simple spin-lock.

Whistle 3 GPS Dog Tracker and Activity Tracker


In this manner, attaching the Whistle GPS dog collar tracker is not a big deal. All you have to do is first, fix the console attachment on the collar. Thereafter, you will have to press the Whistle 3 console in the attachment and twist it 90° locking it in that position. Not to mention, you will have to counter twist it to remove.

  • Unique Factor: Set up safe zones and get notified when dog move in or out
  • Battery Life/Cycle: 7 Days
  • Supported Network: 2G & Wifi
  • Waterproof: No
  • Application Compatible With: iOS, Android

Furthermore, the main concern for the dog parents is the subscription charges and the coverage area. In that case, buying the apparent best GPS tracker for dogs will require a subscription which you can easily pay using the Whistle iOS or Android app. In this manner, the activation and functioning of the collar are very convenient even for the non-techy people.

The GPS tracker for dogs has a dual source GPS tracking chip for dogs working on 2G and Wifi networks.

Not to mention, Whistle 3 automatically activates the GPS tracking when your dog moves out of the Wifi networks coverage. In the same manner, Whistle switches back on the Wifi mode to save battery to an extent that it can function for 5 to 6 days.

  • The Whistle 3 is a reliable GPS tracker for dogs which functions on Wifi and 2G GPS network.
  • Buy this product to have one year-long warranty support from the manufacturer.
  • You can track and go over your dog’s activity that he did in the last 24 hours.
  • Whistle 3 is easy to fit on any type of dog tracking collar.
  • It is a child’s play to attach the dog GPS tracker by rotating it 90°.
  • Notifies when your pet moves in/out of the safe zones and when the tracker needs charging.
  • a few customers complained about the malfunctioning and inaccuracies of this GPS for dogs.

2. Findster Duo Plus Dog Tracker

Here, we have a unique and the best dog GPS tracker for short walks. It which aims at two different methods keeping an eye on the dog. Firstly, this is not only one GPS tracker console you’ll get in the deal. One of the two consoles acts as the guardian(you) console and another as the pet console(sitting on your dog’s collar). We have explained the functioning of this Findster in the upcoming paragraph.

Findster Duo Plus Dog Tracker


In addition to the previous section, using the Duo dog GPS trackers adds up to the convenience. All you have to do is connect and pair both of the consoles. Then the guardian console will act as the reference point for the pet console. It will trigger a notification when your pet tries to move away from the range of 0.5 miles at least. In fact, you can expect a range of 3 miles in the open areas.

  • Unique Factor: Assists you during the dog walks, Share location, Monitor fitness level
  • Battery Life/Cycle: 3 Days
  • Supported Network: Findster In-built Network & GPS
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Application Compatible With: iOS, Android

In contrast to the benefits, as walking assistance and not a perfect location monitoring tool. Nevertheless, it will show you the location of your pet even after your dog has evaded the virtual boundary of the console. However, you will have to deal with the inaccuracies yourself. In addition to that, it will neither show the accurate location nor it will show you the map if the dog has escaped the safe-boundary.

A perfect walking assistant and the best dog GPS tracker with a dual console. 

In the end, the Findster Duo plus allows you to share your dog’s whereabouts to the authorized people. Along with that, you can even buy the multiple-tracking GPS doggie tracker to know about their real-time running speeds. It will allow you to monitor your pets fitness level.

  • Useful dog walking assistant and GPS for dogs.
  • Share your dog’s location to the authorized people(family).
  • You don’t have to pay any subscription fees as it has no sim card.
  • The Duo plus allows you to monitor your dog for 3-mile radius range.
  • Findster duo plus is not an ideal GPS dog tracker chip when your dog escapes the range of the guardian console.
  • The Duo plus is not at all an economical gadget although it offers a lot in return.

3. SportDog Brand TEK Series Dog GPS Tracker

Sportdog TEK series dog GPS locator is one of the best GPS trackers for dogs you will find on the market. In fact, Sportdog the TEK series has two different variants which are designed for operating a few GPS locators and more GPS for dogs. Having said that, you will choose either 1.5 TEK series or the 2.0 TEK dog GPS tracker. Both of these types of the best dog trackers are made to pair with 12 and 21 trackers respectively.

SportDog Brand TEK Series Dog GPS Tracker


In addition to that, you can also choose to go for the dog tracking e-collar variant to have reinforcement for the stubborn dog. Apart from that, monitor remote control comes with a backlit color screen showing the GPS maps and location of your dog. In fact, you can easily scale in or out the GPS maps from 100 yards to 75 miles.

  • Unique Factor: Pair up to 21 GPS dog tracker using the TEK 2.0 remote
  • Battery Life/Cycle: 1 Day
  • Supported Network: GPS
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Application Compatible With: NA

Furthermore, the Sportdog GPS for dogs is rugged and tough commodity including its remote. Both the remote and the console have the waterproof body. As a matter of fact, it makes this product one of the best GPS trackers for dogs because of its advanced and responsive working mechanism.

The best dog GPS tracker and its handheld device are made of waterproof material.

Lastly, the apparent product has a virtual boundary, get notifications when your dog escapes. Along with that, choose the reinforcement dog GPS shock collar, compass direction oriented tracking, GPS maps tracking, etc. Not to mention, this deal includes only one TEK series dog GPS tracker and remote. You can buy the add-on trackers if you have more dog at home. In this manner, you can use one TEK 1.5 remote for 12 dogs and TEK 2.0 remote for 21 dogs.

  • The Sportdog is available as GPS locator and dog GPS shock collar.
  • Pair up with 21 dog GPS trackers simultaneously.
  • This tracker is waterproof and tough.
  • Sportdog is an expensive dog tracker GPS gadget.

4. Tractive 3G GPS Tracker for Dogs

Coming to the tractive GPS doggie tracker, it is a tracker which works on a faster network. In fact, it comes with a built-in sim card for faster and smoother functioning of the tracker. This makes the tractive GPS tracking dog collar more accurate and responsive compared to others on this review list. Since, here the 3G network makes locating the dog faster than the regular 2G network trackers.

Tractive 3G GPS Tracker for Dogs


Coming to the important feature of this dog GPS tracker, you can view any part of the world. It is very unlikely for your dog to be lost at a faraway place from your town. However, you can utilize the capability of this dog GPS tracker whatsoever. This feature can be of much use during overseas travel with the pet.

  • Unique Factor: Tractive is useful for tracking your dog anywhere in the world
  • Battery Life/Cycle: 5 Days
  • Supported Network: GPS
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Application Compatible With: NA

Surprisingly, this is an economical GPS dog tracker that too, it has the affordable monthly subscription plans. Hence, getting this product is more beneficial if you are planning to travel overseas with your pet.

Tractive GPS tracker works on a 3G network which is an immediate responsive dog tracking for dogs.

In the end, the Tractive GPS tracker for dogs allows you to set up the virtual boundary. The device lets you monitor your dog in real time that too, from anywhere around the world.

  • Monitor the movements of your dog from any part of the world.
  • Tractive GPS dog tracker is a waterproof device.
  • Built-in 3G sim card makes this device faster and more responsive.
  • It offers affordable subscription plans.
  • It is a rugged device which suits the active movement of a rambunctious dog.
  • The manufacturer offers two different types of subscription plans namely regular and premium.

5. Dynotag Pet ID Web Enabled GPS Dog Tag

Coming to the best online dog tracking device. Dynotag is not much of a GPS doggie tracker but just a QR code. It will allow people to communicate back to you when they track your dog. In this manner, you can readily get in touch when someone scans the QR code on your dog’s tracking collar.

Dynotag Pet ID Web Enabled GPS Dog Tag


This is not a premium service which you get after paying for this dog GPS tracker. It will not help you track your dog unless someone kind will reach out to you. This is not the perfect case scenario for the dog who has escaped into the woods or where no people can find him. Nevertheless, the manufacturing brand provides 24-hour support in case if you are unreachable. Since sometimes your phone is out of network coverage or so.

  • Unique Factor: An old school dog tracking product costs less and delivers more
  • Battery Life/Cycle: NA
  • Supported Network: Web format
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Application Compatible With: NA

Lastly, this is not a perfect reliable dog GPS tracking device. Because you will have to depend on someone to find your dog in the first place. Nevertheless, the 24-hour support from the manufacturer is a great provision when the person with your dog cannot contact you directly. In this manner, your dog will find a safe place to be even when you cannot make it to the place immediately.

A GPS dog tracker brand which even shows up to take care of your dog when you cannot make it immediately.

Adding to the fact, this is a sleek and compact tracking device for dogs. All you have to do is just hook the GPS dog tag on your dog’s collar. It comes with a spiral ring and hence, everything becomes very easy and fits in completely.

  • The tracking ID GPS dog tag provides your contact details to the person who found your pet.
  • It is easy to attach or detach the dog GPS tracker from collar.
  • The manufacturer provides 24/7 support in a case if your dog needs a place or care when lost.
  • You will have to be hopeful that someone finds your pet and contacts you.
  • This is not a perfect dog GPS tracker.

6. Link AKC Smart Dog GPS Collar

Here, we have the smart GPS collar for dogs that surpasses most of the dog GPS trackers. The Link from AKC is the smartest dog tracking collars which come in two different variants. These variants differ from each other in respect to their materials. Firstly, the dog tracking collar comes in leather material. Secondly, there is a sports variant which is made of thick nylon material.

Link AKC Smart Dog GPS Collar


The Link from AKC is a tough and waterproof GPS tracker for dogs. Yet there is one intricacy the manufacturer did not consider. The leather collar with a waterproof GPS tracking console is not much of use either. However, the sport version of this dog GPS tracker can be of use if you are expecting the dog tracking collar to get damp. In fact, this collar can sustain the conditions when the dog passes through the waterbody submerging the collar beneath the water surface.

  • Unique Factor: Link comes in a leather and a nylon variant
  • Battery Life/Cycle: 1 Day
  • Supported Network: GPS
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Application Compatible With: iOS, Android

In contrast to the benefits of using the Link GPS tracker for dogs, there are a few drawbacks too. This is not the best dog GPS tracker when it comes to long-lasting battery life. You will have to charge this collar twice if you are keeping it to always on mode. Along with that, the users have faced some issues with the accuracy of the dog tracking system. In fact, the Link will deliver uncertain notifications on your phone without any reason. A link has will respond unnecessarily even when your dog does not move away from the safe boundary.

A waterproof and rugged GPS tracker which comes in a leather and nylon strap variants.

Nevertheless, this GPS collar is not going to have most of the features that will help you locate your dog when lost. It includes setting the safe boundary and getting a notification when your dog leaves the boundary. Additionally, you can attach this tracker on any of the dog collar after removing the factory collar. It makes easy for you to style your dog with the accessories and not compromise with the dog’s safety.

  • 2 variants of the tracker collar are available of leather and nylon material.
  • You can monitor your dog anywhere in the USA with this Link GPS dog tracker.
  • Link allows you to monitor the physical activity of your dog.
  • Use this GPS tracking console on other dog tracking collars.
  • Link can push flase notification regarding your dog leaving the safe boundary.
  • The battery of the tracker will not last for a day if you keep it on the ‘always on’ mode.

7. Garmin Astro 430/T5 Dog Tracking Bundle

Garmin Astro gives the most precise and detailed location details when your dog is lost. This device uses the Glonass GPS service which is much more precise than the regular GPS network. In addition to that, there are a few features which make this GPS tracker for dogs a desirable choice.

Garmin Astro 430/T5 Dog Tracking Bundle


Furthermore, the Garmin Astro can pair up with 20 collar dog GPS trackers with its handheld device. In this manner, you can use this product to track more than one dog. This feature is desirable when you have more dogs to take care of. Adding to the fact, this tracker will efficiently track and locate the dog within a 9-mile radius. Along with that, you can locate your dog using the preloaded US maps on this handheld device.

  • Unique Factor: Astro is useful for pairing up to 20 tracking consoles and monitoring them for 9 miles.
  • Battery Life/Cycle: 1 Day
  • Supported Network: Glonass GPS
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Application Compatible With: Dedicated Handheld Device

Additionally, this tracker comes with a year-long free subscription of birdseye satellite imagery. Apart from that, this tracker remains active and detectable even in the woody areas or around the tunnel. Because of the glonass tracking technology, it gets tracking the lost dog faster and accurate.

The GPS dog tracker Glonass service makes it possible to track the lost dog around a tunnel or in the woody region.

Astro is the best dog GPS tracker for dogs its accurate locating technology. Having said that, everything that delivers the most will cost more than the rest. Similarly, the Astro costs more than most of the GPS tracker for dogs on our reviews.

  • Astro features glonass GPS service which is more accurate than the regular GPS tracker for dogs.
  • It connects up to 20 tracking devices for dogs with a single handheld console.
  • You can use this to locate up to 20 dogs for a 9-mile radius.
  • Get a year subscription free of birdseye satellite imagery.
  • Monitor the real-time activity of the dogs and the speed of their movements
  • Garmin Astro is very expensive if we compare its price with other GPS trackers on the list.

8. goTele GPS Tracker for Dogs

goTele is a similar GPS tracker for dogs like the one we have seen the previous place. However, the goTele does not use the GPS network to track the dog. It utilizes its own network to locate the missing dog. Hence, there is a specific limit to where this device can locate a lost dog i.e. up to 5 kilometers.

goTele GPS Tracker for Dogs


In addition to that, you get a notification when your dog escapes the safe boundary. Not to mention, you can set up a safe geo-boundary using the goTele console. On the other hand, you will require a two-piece tracker unit. Again, this is the similar case as that of the Duo plus we saw earlier in this article. hence, there is neither the need to have the expensive sim card subscription plans nor the lagging GPS.

  • Unique Factor: Waterproof, shockproof, dustproof tracker
  • Battery Life/Cycle: Couple of hours
  • Supported Network: goTele pet tracking network
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Application Compatible With: Android, iOS

On the contrary, this is not an ideal GPS dog tracker if you want to search the dog at a far distance. As a matter of fact, this tracker is useful for public parks, tiny woods, or around the house. Because you can only the location of the dog accurately when he is within a 5-kilometer range.

Get the real-time location of your dog for up to 5-kilometer range without paying any subscription or extra once you buy the tracker.

In this manner, you can easily have an eye on your dog during a walk or a play in the park. On the other hand, this is not much of use when your dog manages to escape the 5-kilometer range away from you. Nevertheless, if you are not expecting such an escape then prefer going for the goTele deal economical and efficient results.

  • Useful dog locator/tracker for long walks, or play in the parks.
  • It uses Wifi to locate the lost dog. Hence, no extra paying for a sim card subscription.
  • Pair up with 30 consoles and enhance the user experience.
  • Cannot locate the dog accurately when the dog escapes 5-kilometer range.

9. Eureka Technology Marcopolo Pet Monitoring

Marcopolo from Eureka is a great GPS dog tracker with a dedicated kit you can use to locate your dog. This dog tracking collar allows you to pair up to three dogs simultaneously and track them. In fact, this GPS tracker does not work on a typical GPS network. Hence, there will not be any monthly subscription, contracts, extra payments, or anything goofy. All you have to do is charge the tracker, pair it with the handheld device and not worry about your dog playing in the open.

Eureka Technology Marcopolo Pet Monitoring


Furthermore, the Eureka Marcopolo is has a tremendously powerful rechargeable battery. It can last for 6 weeks in a single charge. As a matter of fact, the tracker is made to outlast every tracker other brands offer. Having said that, this tracker will outperform other trackers with its rugged design and waterproof body. It will even withstand when the dog swims and the dog GPS tracker is submerged in the water.

  • Unique Factor: Marcopolo is useful for locating the lost dog for a 2-mile range that too, without any subscription or extra fees.
  • Battery Life/Cycle: 6 Weeks
  • Supported Network: Eureka 2-way signals
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Application Compatible With: Dedicated Handheld Device

Additionally, the apparent dog GPS tracker works as a radio signal emitter which the handheld device picks up its whereabouts. In this manner, this device is more of a radio tracker which will accurately work for a range of 2-miles. You will have to get to the most important factor. On the other hand, you will have to consider the intricacies and inaccuracies of the tracker in uneven terrain. Moreover, the uneven terrains and thick woods lead to compromising the precision of this tracker.

Eureka Marcopolo is a 2-way radio tracker which helps you locate your lost providing the accurate details and directions.

Furthermore, the dog GPS tracker lets you save up to four safe zones. It will trigger a notification when your dog enters or leaves the safe spot on the handheld device. This alert will go off when the device detects your dog has entered or left the spot at every 40 seconds. The tracker will verify the dogs’ location every 40 seconds to make sure of their safety.

  • GPS dog tracker does not operate on typical GPS or any sim card networks.
  • You can pair up to three trackers with a single handheld device.
  • Set up to four safe spots where your dog visits frequently.
  • The tracker will send a notification upon detecting your dog has escaped from the safe spot.
  • Battery keeps up for about 6 weeks of time on a single charge.
  • Signals get weaker in an uneven terrain area or in the woods.

10. Garmin T5 GPS Dog Collar

Ending the reviews with the Garmin GPS tracker for dogs, this is another entry from Garmin. That said, the apparent tracker will have some similarities with the previous one we have seen. In fact, this collar is an add-on people prefer to buy when they have more than one dog at home. It means people firstly, buy the tracker, handheld device which will suffice one dog at a time. Thereafter, the dog parents can buy the apparent dog GPS tracker which they will pair with the previously bought handheld device.

Garmin T5 GPS Dog Collar


Furthermore, this GPS tracker for dogs will work for about 40 hours and at least for 20 hours in harsh conditions. However, the rechargeable battery will work excellently for 9-miles range. In fact, this dog GPS tracker can withstand submergence in the water to 10 meters depth or 1 atm.

  • Unique Factor: Add-on Astro GPS tracker for dogs is useful when you have more than one dog at home.
  • Battery Life/Cycle: 20-40 Hours
  • Supported Network: Glonass GPS
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Application Compatible With: NA

Apart from the technical details, this tracker collar works for as good as the Astro. By the way, this tracker is more or less the same as the Astro. Therefore, there would not be any lag or malfunctioning with T5 while pairing with Astro.

The add-on GPS tracker is useful for pairing with the Astro handheld device and used for tracking the more dogs.

Not to mention, the apparent GPS tracker for dogs comes with glonass tracking network. The glonass delivers more accurate location details when your dog gets lost. Glonass is the network delivering location and direction detecting the intricate terrains, unlike GPS.

  • A perfect GPS dog tracker with glonass location service network.
  • You can pair this tracker with any of the Astro handheld device.
  • Monitor your dogs for the range of 9-miles.
  • This dog GPS finder is waterproof for about 10 meters.
  • This tracker is just an add-on of the Garmin and not a complete tracking and monitoring device.

Buyer’s Guide

You can refer this section if you are not certain about the product to go for. We know, buying the best dog GPS tracker can lead to some confusion especially when you are buying it for the first time.

How to Choose the Best GPS Tracker for Dogs?

There are simple ways to know about the best dog tracker. We have described the useful features of an ideal GPS dog collar. You can easily follow these sub-sections and narrow down the search for the best dog GPS tracker.


All the collars with GPS tracker for dogs will require a network to work. To have a functional GPS on the collar, it needs external network support as well. When we say external network support then we mean the sim card subscription or Wifi connection.

In this case, having a Wifi connection is a plus as long as your dog will remain within the Wifi range when lost. Because Wifi network will not drain the battery as fast as the sim cards.

On the other hand, you will find the trackers which feature both the networks. Because then the tracker will function on the Wifi and sim card according to their availability.

In addition to that, going for the best dog trackers which neither features sim card nor Wifi is also an option. In fact, this option will not cost a single penny because the term ‘subscription’ will not even exist.

Here, the manufacturers use their independent dog tracking for dogs network. Their tracking system will work on the network similar to a radio network. Hence, it will only locate the position of a lost dog in the direction from your position.

However, the latter one will work as long as your dog remains within the range of the handheld device. Not to mention, the range of the handheld device will vary depending upon the type of terrain.

In addition to that, searching the dog will not be possible with the tracker if your dog has managed to escape the range. Hence, these are more suitable for walking, parks, etc.


GPS tracker for dogs is meant to work when the dog gets lost in the unknown. There the tracker will work on a battery power source keeping the dog on the GPS tracking map. Hence, the battery is the most important factor after the network.

Moreover, you shall look for the type of battery the tracker works on. Along with that, you shall look for the battery cycle. It means you shall verify, how long a single charge of the battery will last?

Having said that, most of the trackers will have their battery charge lasting for about a day to even weeks on a single charge. More the battery cycle better are the possibilities for the dog when lost.

GPS tracker for dogs which provide the accurate location of the dog but its battery drains faster. Hence, there is a dilemma between the accuracy or long lasting battery overall. Since the trackers with sim card networks will drain more battery. Whereas, the independent networks will have a better battery life with limited tracking capabilities.


It is inevitable to mention the range of the trackers after we have discussed the battery and types of network. Actually, range describes the area/region where the tracker will function.

Longer the range better the chances of finding a lost dog. Moreover, GPS of different tracker brands will have different limitations. Few products will feature the USA GPS map support. On the other hand, few products will support GPS worldwide.

In the same manner, there are some trackers which will function for a few kilometers in radius. To cut a long story short, there are trackers which function for a small area and there are trackers functioning worldwide.

Subscription Plans

Next comes the subscription, connecting the GPS tracker to a network to make it work will require you to pay for it. This process is similar to buying a cell phone and paying for the sim card monthly subscription charges.

On the other hand, you will need to have a functional Wifi network if you plan to utilize Wifi.

Nevertheless, if you prefer buying the best dog GPS trackers with their independent network then it won’t cost extra at all. Because these types of trackers do not require subscription plans.

Hence, you shall consider the cost that will keep on adding after you buy a sim card loaded GPS tracking device.


A dog collar with GPS should function in every environmental condition. Dogs can remain away from home in rains or could have entered a waterbody for some reason. Hence, having a waterproof GPS dog tracker is a plus.

Additionally, having a waterproof dog GPS tracker is a great provision when your dog has access to a pool or any waterbody. In fact, the waterproof tracker will be a great provision when you live in a snowy environment.

Not to mention, some trackers on our GPS dog collar review are not waterproof and cost a little less. On the contrary, not even the best GPS trackers for dogs or the radio trackers will function while submerged in the water. Since the signals get weaker in the water.

Nevertheless, these GPS finders will start to emit signals as long as your dog comes out of the water. Because the waterproof body of the tracker keeps the circuits intact and safe. In this manner, you do not have to worry if the dog goes into a waterbody and the tracker will malfunction.

Supported Application

In the end, you shall take care of the smartphone application. Moreover, the GPS tracker for dogs requires a smartphone to monitor the whereabouts of a lost dog. These trackers will have their applications on the store.

Generally, the GPS dog tracker manufacturer will develop the applications compatible with both the iOS and Android users. However, there are few best dog trackers which have their dedicated handheld devices and do not require a smartphone.

Therefore, prefer getting the best dog tracker with an independent handheld device if you do not have a smartphone for some reason. Other than that, if you live in a locality with a good network of the sim card you use.


You can learn more about GPS dog trackers in this section. These are the frequently asked question which users had after or before buying the best dog tracker. This section sheds some light on these queries and possible solution if there is a problem.

1. Why Do I Need Pay Subscription Charges After Buying the GPS Tracker for Dogs?

Dog GPS trackers provide few services for which they charge monthly/annually apart from you buy that product. It includes the GPS contract, sim card subscription, etc. These charges you will have to pay as a part of the monthly subscription plans or renew the contracts.

In this case, you will have to pay for the monthly or term subscription to the network provider. This case is similar to buying a cell phone, then buying a sim card, then buying its subscription.

On the other hand, there are dog trackers on this list which do not charge anything. Because these trackers neither function on sim cards nor have any contracts. These trackers feature the maps, radar search function, and GPS tracking for dogs of their own.

The latter trackers will function more like the radio signal emitter and receiver. Hence they won’t show the exact map for you to follow but show the accurate directions whatsoever. Only because of that, these trackers are suitable for small search areas.

2. Are There Any GPS Dog Trackers That Don’t Charge Subscription?

Yes, there are dog trackers which do not charge any subscription plans nor they have any contracts. All you have to do is buy the best dog tracker and start using it without paying anything extra.

We have listed a few dog collars GPS which do not charge anything at all. You can go through their reviews to find the best dog GPS tracker without paying anything unnecessarily.

3. Do Dog Trackers Work Accurately Everywhere?

GPS dog trackers function in a limited region depending upon the device you use. Some trackers feature the GPS coverage and maps limited to a state, country(USA), or worldwide. Firstly, you need to consider the range of the dog tracker you buy. Secondly, the signal strength from the tracker, the network will vary depending upon the type of terrain.

In the same manner, even the best dog GPS tracker will not show accurate results if your lost dog is around dense vegetation. Additionally, the signals can be weaker near a tunnel, bunker, etc. Also, the tracker will not show function when the dog is in a waterbody. In such a case, the tracker will start functioning sending the location once the dog gets out of the water.

4. Difference Between Walking Tracker and Gps Tracker for Dogs.

The GPS dog trackers can be divided into two brief categories considering their working mechanisms. Having said that, these two types of dog tracking devices work more or less the same. However, there is a difference between them making them different.

Starting with the dog walking tracker first, the apparent tracker functions on its independent network. Hence, there will be a two-piece tracker unit. One component of the 2-piece will fit on your dog’s collar and another remains with you. In this manner, you can get the location of your dog with respect to the location of the console piece you carry.

In this case, you will get the location of your dog on a map fed in the tracker unit and not actual GPS map.

On the other hand, the dog GPS tracker will require you to attach the tracker on your dog. Thereafter, you can view the location of your dog using the GPS handheld device or smartphone application. It will display the location if your dog with respect to the actual GPS map including your location.


Dog GPS trackers have greatly helped the dog parents in finding their lost furry friends. In the same manner, a few users weren’t very fortunate when their dog/s escaped accidentally get rid of the tracker somewhere. Nevertheless, if we can learn from those mishaps then it would do a lot good to our dogs when they are lost and expecting us.

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