10 Best Dog Dewormer of 2023 | Worm Medicines for Dogs and Puppies

Dogs are just fun to be with because of the stupidity they keep doing all the time. It includes their sniffing the puddles, licking the unwanted things, scratching/pawing the waste dumps, and what not. Unfortunately, these acts cause them to become hosts to the parasites especially the worms. However, there is a convenient solution to this problem called dog dewormer.

We have reviewed the ten best dog wormer with reliable formula and worm killing actions.

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Editors’ Pick:

  • Convenient to feed
  • It conquers all types of intestinal worms
  • Available in three sizes
  • Long Lasting Formula



Our Top Picks for Best Dog Dewormer for 2023 – At a Glance

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Excel Safe Guard 4 Canine DewormerBest Dog Dewormer
Excel Pro-Sense Dog Dewormer SolutionsBudget Buy
Bayer Tapeworm DewormerPremium Dog Dewormer

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What Is a Dewormer for Dogs?

Dog wormer helps your dog get rid of the worms and infections. Moreover, dewormer for dogs is useful for killing worms. The natural bodily functioning of your dog will flush out of the dead worms.

In addition to that, dewormer for dogs is the wide-spectrum dewormer. It means, the dewormers can effectively get rid of most of the worms found in dogs. However, you shall get the immediate results of the dewormer during the severe infestation.

Furthermore, the canine dewormer starts acting at the organs the worms infest in most dogs. The intestines of most of the dogs will indicate the presence of the infestation of any kind if present. Moreover, the vets take the stool sample of the dogs suspected to have the worm infestation.

The vet can also take a few more tests after diagnosing the traces of worms, eggs, etc. These tests of important to ensure the severity of the worm infestations. It includes a few diagnoses along with the X-ray to derive the density of the infestation.

On the other hand, you can simply rely on the puppy dewormer after your vet confirms of the infestation. Ultimately, the decision of going for the wormers for dogs or vet depends on the severity. You can definitely rely on the dewormers if your dog does not show any symptoms of discomfort. As the worms would be in their growing stage of unhatched eggs.

The dewormers will take some time to show results and does not affect the eggs. Hence, you will have to dose your dog again after a span of a week and a month later. Thereafter puppy dewormer will kill the newly hatched worms.

How Does a Canine Dewormer Work?

Dewormer for dogs consists of the ingredients which are poisonous to worms and not the dogs. It includes fenbendazole, pyrantel pamoate, praziquantel, etc. These ingredients actively kill the worm infestation and get your dog the back to his normal state again.

However, this treatment can take some time depending on the severity and lifestage of the- worms. Since the dewormer cannot affect the eggs, hence, require another round of dose. I this manner, all the worms will eventually come to an end of their lifecycle.

Dog wormer is capable of clearing the worms from the internal organs of the dogs as well as from their coat. Firstly, this canine dewormer will kill the worms and eventually breaking them into fragments mixed in the internal organs of the dog.

Thereafter, the natural blood circulation starts flushing them out of the body. This process can end up in a week’s time or take a month-long depending on the density of the infestation.

Having said that, if the worms are accumulated around the intestine of your dog then the process can end faster than you would expect. As the natural excretion activity will flush the worms out within a few days.

Types of Dog Wormer

The dewormer for dogs belongs from the family of broad spectrum dog wormer/parasite-killing drugs. These types of drugs are suitable for treating most of the parasitic infestation including the worms in dogs.

In the same manner, going for the canine dewormer useful for killing the worms will be of the same type. On the other hand, killing the heartworms from a dog will require you to consult a vet.

Having said that, there are different types of dewormer for puppies depending on their ingredients. As we mentioned, you will find the dog dewormers ranging from ingredients praziquantel, pyrantel pamoate, fenbendazole dosage for dogs, etc.

By the way, you can also go for the dewormer for dogs which display the specific effects for any worm. However, you will hardly find the best deworming medicine for dogs meant for killing only a single type of dog worm. Since there are many dog wormers with similar ingredients meant to kill the worms inside a dog.

Symptoms of Worms Present in Your Dog

Your dog will neither know nor speak about the worm infestation that he has. Only you can be the mediator for the vet or the expert to describe the illness of your dog and get him treated well.

Hence, you shall seek for these symptoms or signs in your dog. These symptoms mean that your dog is suffering from the worm infestation.

1. Visible Traces of Worms/Worm-Eggs

The worms can directly feed on processed food and broken down nutrients. This leads to a malnourished dog who tends to overeat to compensate the nutrition loss. Coming back to our concern here, the stool of the dog will indicate the infestation if it is present inside your dog.

Hence, white worms on the dog’s stool is a clear indication to prove the presence of the worms infestation. Also, the presence of worm eggs indicates infestation.

2. Bloating

Bloating is a reliable symptom to diagnose the worm infestation. As you know, the worms present in the dog will create the nutrient deficient situation which the dog tries to overcome eating more.

In addition to that, dogs often indulge in drinking more water during the worm infestation. Hence, bloating is the direct result after a dog suffers from worm infestation. By the way, there are many reasons which trigger bloating in dogs amongst them being worm infestation.

3. Overeating

Coming to the symptom similar to bloating, actually bloating is sometimes the result of overeating. Not every dog will bloat after overeating. In a nutshell, overeating causes bloating in some cases.

4. Itchiness

Most of the parasitic infestations tend to cause itchiness in dogs. Because of these parasites which accumulate everywhere on the dog if not inside the intestine. Having said that, the worms will be present on the fur of the dog, on his tail, face, and everywhere on this coat.

5. Bloody Stools

Observing the stools for the traces of internal bleeding or bloody stools itself. Moreover, worms feed on the blood of the dog’s intestine. This act of feeding on the dog’s blood itself will drain the blood leaving some traces of the blood in the intestine. This leads to the dogs passing bloody stools.

6. Weakness

In this case, the dog may not necessarily pass the bloody stools and suffer from anemia. Because the worms directly feeding on the blood of the dog will cause anemia. Hence, you might not even notice any visible trace of blood loss. On the contrary, the worms inside your dogs endlessly will consume the blood.

Best Dog Dewormer Reviews

You can find the best dewormer for puppies and adults in this section. These are few of the best dewormer for dogs on the market that aims at eliminating the worm infestation totally. In fact, these are the broad spectrum dog wormer which will not only act as worm medicine for dogs but also eliminates other parasites too.

1. Excel 8in1 Safe-Guard Canine Dewormer

Starting with the best dog dewormer over the counter on our Safe Guard canine dewormer review, the apparent otc dewormer for dogs. The 8 in 1 Safe Guard 4 canine dewormer consists of vital ingredients which kill the parasitic accumulation. Having said that, the Excel canine dewormer is effective deworming medicine for puppy. As the safeguard wormer, Drontal plus for dogs kills all the four worm types prominently in dogs. That includes tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms, whipworms in dogs.

dog dewormer


In addition to Safe Guard canine dewormer review, the Safeguard for dogs is made in a palatable granular form. Hence, you can easily mix without even your pup knowing about it. In fact, the taste of the best wormer for dogs does not alarm picky eaters. In this manner, your dog can easily have the benefits of dewormer without even having to compromise on the taste.

  • Useful Against: Whipworm, Roundworm, Tapeworm, Hookworm
  • Suitable for Dogs: Older than 6 Weeks
  • Active Ingredient: Fenbendazole
  • Physical Form: Granules
  • Effective for Period: 6 Months

Furthermore, the fenbendazole for dogs(formula) is suitable for the pooches for older than six weeks. As a matter of fact, this worm medicine for dogs is suitable for every pooch. Just the pooch shall be older than six weeks and weight up to 40 pounds.

Fenbendazole as an active ingredient, Excel is efficient to kill all type of worm dogs have. 

In the end of the Safe Guard canine dewormer reviews, Excel is better than the most dog dewormers on our review because of its affordable price. There are a few premium deworming medication for dogs which have effects similar to Excel but cost way more. In this manner, this is the best otc dog dewormer which will not only kill the worm infestation in your dog but also fit in the tight pet-budgets.

  • The canine dewormer has fenbendazole dosage for dogs making it effective best tapeworm medicine for dogs.
  • Excel has the worm killing effect last 6 months.
  • This formula is suitable for pooches older than 6 weeks and weighing up to 40 pounds.
  • Easy to dose palatable granular formula.
  • Excel is useful as a worm medicine for dogs as well as a precautionary measure.
  • A packet dose will not be sufficient for the Fido weighing more than 40 pounds.
  • Despite the manufacturer claim for 6 months effects which will not be true for every dog.

2. Bayer Quad Chewable Dewormer

Coming to the second best dog dewormer from a popular dog tapeworm medicine for dogs on our review list, the Bayer tapeworm dewormer. The apparent one is quite a different dewormer for dogs from the previous one yet has the utmost worm killing formula.

dewormer for puppies


In addition to that, the Bayer quad dewormer comes with effective ingredients i.e. pyrantel pamoate, febantel, praziquantel. That said, these ingredients are useful for killing the worm infestations in the dog. On the contrary, this formula starts acting rigorously eliminating the infestation which can even have side effects to your dog. Fortunately, these side effects remain temporary and are vital for getting rid of the worms completely.

  • Useful Against: Whipworm, Roundworm, Tapeworm, Hookworm
  • Suitable for Dogs: 2-25 Pound & Older than 4 Weeks
  • Active Ingredient: Praziquantel, Pyrantel Pamoate, Febantel
  • Physical Form: Tablets
  • Effective for Period: 6 Months

Coming to the suitability of this roundworm medicine for dogs, the Bayer is the best puppy wormer. You can refer to quick points above this paragraph stating which dogs can use this best dewormer for dogs. Nevertheless, the active ingredients of this dewormer for dogs easily eliminate the worm infestation within a short period. The short-acting period of the puppy dewormer is essential deworming medicine for puppy & small dog breeds who have delicate bodily functions.

A dog wormer meant for the small breed dogs is starts acting rapidly.

Lastly, the Bayer dog dewormer is the best dewormer for dogs, especially small breeds. In contrast to that, Bayer quad dewormer review describes is made in tablet form which gets difficult to dose the picky eater little Fido. As a matter of fact, the guide to deworming puppies and adults will helpful for the parent while deworming for dogs but will be difficult to dose a little pooch.

  • Bayer with praziquantel, pyrantel pamoate, febantel as active ingredient acts fast.
  • This formula stays effective for almost 6 months.
  • A puppy dewormer and for small dog breeds.
  • The best puppy wormer for all worms.
  • Bayer Quad dewormer review describes it is difficult to feed the picky eaters.
  • The fast acting formula might have temporary side effects.

3. Petarmor Sure Shot 2X Liquid Wormer for Dogs

Coming to the third best dog dewormer over the counter i.e. liquid dewormer Petarmor plus reviews. The liquid formula starts acting and kills the worms profusely which other forms of canine dewormers cannot do.

canine dewormer


In addition to that, the Petarmor with its active ingredient pyrantel pamoate. This puppy dewormer is a liquid formula is useful for killing different types of worms. The Petarmor liquid dewormer for dogs kills the two type of roundworms as well as two types of hookworms.

  • Useful Against: Roundworm, Hookworm
  • Suitable for Dogs: Older than 2 Weeks
  • Active Ingredient: Pyrantel Pamoate
  • Physical Form: Liquid
  • Effective for Period: 1 Month

Moreover, this dewormer for dogs is useful to kill the worms present in dogs. However, note that you shall use this best dewormer for dogs older than 2 weeks. In addition to that, you can use this not only the best dog dewormer but also for all the dogs.

A liquid canine dewormer gets the utmost results and is easy to feed your dog.

Lastly, the Petarmor will last for a month once you dose your dog with it. Thereafter, you shall use another shot of the Petarmor to your dog for further results. Because severe infestations are not easy to eliminate. Hence, you will require a couple of shots before you actually eliminate the worms out of your dog.

  • Liquid formula is convenient to feed the picky eaters.
  • The liquid formula easy infuses in the body system and starts acting rapidly.
  • This formula is useful as a worm medicine for dogs or a precautionary measure.
  • Apparent best worm medicine for dogs easily kills 2 types of roundworms and hookworms.
  • Suitable for all the dogs older than 2 weeks.
  • This formula stays effective for only a month.
  • It is not a tapeworm medicine for dogs.

4. Durvet Triple Medium and Large Dog Wormer

Here we have a dog dewormer for large dogs – Durvet triple wormer review. This is not the best wormer for puppies that kills several species of three worms. The Durvet kills 2 types of roundworm, 3 types of hookworm, and 2 types of tapeworms. Because of its active ingredient pyrantel pamoate for dogs and praziquantel.

dewormer for dogs


In addition to that, dewormer for dogs has a serious proportion of 2 active ingredients measuring 114 mg each in every tablet. Hence, this is the best dewormer for dogs of medium to large breeds who suffer from worm infestation.

  • Useful Against: Roundworm, Hookworm, Tapeworms
  • Suitable for Dogs: Older than 12 Weeks & Heavier than 25 Pounds
  • Active Ingredient: Pyrantel Pamoate, Praziquantel
  • Physical Form: Chewable
  • Effective for Period: A Few Days

In the end, this is the best dewormer for dogs older than 12 weeks, weighing more than 25 pounds. Since this formula with its severe proportion of ingredients which only adult and large breed pooches can benefit from.

Durvet triple dog dewormer is an effective product for the medium to large breed dogs because of its concentrated proportion of pyrantel pamoate & praziquantel.

In this manner, this is the best dog dewormer for the large dogs on our review. As the highly concentrate pyrantel pamoate for dogs, praziquantel for dogs making dewormer for dogs capable of getting rid of severe worm infestation.

  • The best dog dewormer for medium and large dog breeds.
  • Petarmor contains a high concentration of pyrantel pamoate & praziquantel for dogs(large breed).
  • The apparent dog wormer rapidly kills hookworms, roundworms, tapeworms.
  • Not a puppy dewormer. Highly concentrated is not the best worm medicine for puppies.
  • Petarmor is made in a chewable form which gets difficult to feed picky eaters.
  • This puppy wormer does not kill whipworm despite finding in many dogs.

5. Sentry Worm X Plus Canine Dewormer

Here, we have a quick-fix drug which is used in this puppy dewormer. The apparent tape wormer for dogs is similar to the one we saw in the previous rank. In contrast to it, this tapeworm medicine for dogs is not as concentrated as the previous one. As a matter of fact, puppy dewormer is useful only for the small dogs weighing from 6-25 pounds.

panacur c


In addition to that, the Sentry Worm X Plus dog dewormer is useful to different types of these worms i.e. roundworm, hookworm, tapeworm. Similar to the Petarmor, the Sentry Worm X Plus also does not deal with the whipworm in dogs.

  • Useful Against: Roundworm, Hookworm, Tapeworms
  • Suitable for Dogs: Older than 12 Weeks & 6-25 Pounds
  • Active Ingredient: Pyrantel Pamoate, Praziquantel
  • Physical Form: Chewable
  • Effective for Period: A Few Days

Additionally, the Sentry Worm X Plus dewormer for puppies comes in a chewable form allowing you to feed your dog. Not to mention, these dog wormer pills are made in two different colors. It gets difficult to trace the presence of the dewormer pill for dogs every day. Nevertheless, the dogs hardly notice the tablets mixed in their meal because dewormer for puppies come in soft chewable form.

Sentry puppy dewormer kills different types of worms, especially in small dogs.

The Sentry dog dewormer is meant for the small dog who have mild to severe worm infestation. On the contrary, the Sentry dog dewormer with its pyrantel pamoate for dogs, praziquantel for dogs does not deal with whipworm.

  • Sentry Worm X Plus is puppy dewormer.
  • It kills roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms rapidly.
  • This dewormer for dogs does not have side effects in most cases.
  • Easy to dose chewable form of tablets increases your convenience.
  • 2 flovored tablets to sooth the taste buds of your pup.
  • This dog wormer does not kill whipworm.
  • Suitable for small dog only.

6. Wholistic Pet Organics/Natural Dewormer for Dogs

Here, we have the organic dog dewormer useful for the dogs of different life stages and breed types. You can use this formula for every dog suffering from parasitic infestation especially worms, flea, and ticks. This is possible because of the organic formula, using this dewormer for dogs not only gets easier but also safer.

strongid for dogs


Adding to the fact, this is the best dewormer for dogs with a consistent parasite killing action with its organic ingredient. The Wholistic dog dewormer uses Diatomaceous Earth as its active ingredient. Diatomaceous Earth consists of natural ingredients, including the fossilized microscopic seashells. Along with that, the dewormer for puppies/adults contains many natural ingredients which effectively kills the worms as well as fleas and ticks.

  • Useful Against: Worms, Flea, Tick
  • Suitable for Dogs: All Dogs
  • Active Ingredient: Diatomaceous Earth
  • Physical Form: Powder
  • Effective for Period: A Few Days

In addition to that, the Wholistic dog dewormer with its organic formula is a hassle-free provision. This dewormer for dogs is suitable for every type of dog irrespective of which lifestage it belongs to.

Wholistic dewormer for puppies/adults is the only canine dewormer on this list that too, recognized by the NASC (National Animal Supplement Council). 

The apparent canine dewormer is useful for clearing the worms as well as the flea and tick. Its DE formula saves the pooch from the worm infestation to an extent like no other. In addition to that, the Wholistic dog dewormer is suitable for all the dogs suffering from any type of these parasitic accumulation i.e. worms, fleas, ticks. As a matter of fact, this formula is suitable for pets who suffer from frequent worm accumulation.

  • Wholistic dog dewormer uses organic ingredients.
  • It contains Diatomaceous Earth(DE) making it the best over the counter dewormer for dogs.
  • Diatoms are the potent ingredients which even promote rapid healing of the damaged organs makes it the best otc dewormer for dogs.
  • This worm medicine for dogs also promotes immunity.
  • This dewormer for dogs will consume more time clearing the worms from a dog than any other dog wormer.
  • Wholistic dewormer for puppies starts acting subtly consuming more time.

7. Sentry Worm X Plus Dog Dewormer

Coming to the second best dog wormer for all worms from Sentry on our best dog wormers review. The apparent one has more flavor options. In addition to that, this dewormer for dogs is similar to the one we have seen in earlier from Sentry. Nevertheless, there are six flavors of this puppy wormer which make the dewormer for puppies appealing.

petarmor plus reviews


Moreover, being the best wormer for puppies of broad spectrum dog dewormer, it resembles the effects of the previous Sentry dog dewormer. Since both of these dog wormers have a similar ingredient, they deal with the worms in the same manner. It is a tapeworm dewormer which also kills several species of roundworms, hookworms. The count of a different type of worms goes to seven that dewormer for puppies/adults Sentry Worm X Plus can kill.

  • Useful Against: Roundworm, Hookworm, Tapeworms
  • Suitable for Dogs: Older than 12 Weeks & 6-25 Pounds
  • Active Ingredient: Pyrantel Pamoate, Praziquantel
  • Physical Form: Chewable
  • Effective for Period: A Few Days

Additionally, the apparent dog dewormer has six different flavors. It constitutes to having the most soothing flavors that you can get for your dog. This makes the puppy dewormer very convenient to dose your little pooch who likes vivid tastes in his meal. In a similar manner, the chewable soft tablet from Sentry is easy to feed with the meal or without the meal.

Sentry makes six differently flavored chewables with the effective dog wormer formula. It soothes your dog and eliminates the parasitic infestation.

In the end, this worm medicine for dogs weighing from 6 to 25 pounds. Not to mention, you can get this over the counter dewormer for puppies for its safe, effective formula.

  • Sentry Worm X Plus is a reliable puppy dewormer.
  • The puppy dewormer comprises of active ingredients pyrantel pamoate, praziquantel for dogs.
  • X Plus can kill roundworm, tapeworm, hookworm.
  • You get chewable tablets in six different flavors of identical formula dewormers for dogs.
  • This formula is only puppy dewormer suitable for small dog breeds.
  • You will have to use these tablets every day during severe worm accumulation.

8. Pfizer Nemex 2

Coming to the Pfizer Nemex 2 which has been popular amongst the dog parents. Despite having a few hundreds of reviews of this dewormer for dogs has been very effective. It gets the worms out of the dog in a couple of days without side effects at all. In addition to that, Nemex uses pyrantel pamoate to have the best result in eliminating roundworms and hookworms.

safeguard dewormer


Adding to the fact, this is the best wormer for puppies rapidly takes out large roundworms as well as hookworms. In contrast to dewormer for puppies, this formula is not equally effective for tapeworms and whipworms. Hence, using this formula without confirming the presence of worms in your dog will make the efforts go in vain.

  • Useful Against: Roundworm, Hookworm
  • Suitable for Dogs: Older than 2 Weeks
  • Active Ingredient: Pyrantel Pamoate
  • Physical Form: Liquid
  • Effective for Period: A Few Days

Nevertheless, this is a liquid formula which gets most of the result in a short span of time. Because of the easily palatable dewormer for dogs, your little Fido also gets the quick relief from worms. Moreover, the liquid formula shows better results in eliminating the worms faster.

Pfizer Nemex 2 uses pyrantel pamoate in a liquid formula is useful for all dog breeds.

Lastly, the dog dewormer manufactured as a liquid dewormer for puppies/adults has its benefits but it consists of only pyrantel pamoate. On the contrary, the absence of any other active ingredients other than the pyrantel pamoate will not be sufficient. As the puppy dewormer will only clear the roundworms and hookworms. Whereas, dogs are vulnerable to suffering from an infestation of tapeworms and whipworms.

  • Pfizer Nemex is made of easy to feed liquid formula.
  • The dewormer for puppies comprises of pyrantel pamoate as its active ingredient.
  • Nemex is suitable for all dogs older than 2 weeks.
  • This dog wormer eliminates several types of roundworms and hookworms.
  • This puppy wormer is not suitable for killing whipworms in dogs and tapeworms.
  • Users have faced some problems with the packing.

9. Excel Pro-Sense Dog Dewormer Solutions

Coming to the second best worm medicine for dogs from Excel – Prosense dewormer, this is another entry of a dog wormer of this brand on our review. In addition to that, this dewormer for dogs is capable of killing all the intestinal worms that dogs have. You can use this dewormer for puppies older than 6 weeks.

panacur side effects


Apart from the best worm medicine for dogs, we have seen previously, this one is made of Fenbendazole. Also, the apparent canine dewormer is made of the granular form. Pro Sense canine dewormer means you shall mix this dose with your dog’s meal. The process of mixing this dose with your dog’s food will convenient ass far as your dog does not notice it. On the other hand, it can get a little too difficult to feed your dog if he could smell this puppy wormer in his meal(unlikely though).

  • Useful Against: Roundworm, Hookworm, Tapeworms, Whipworms
  • Suitable for Dogs: Older than 6 Weeks
  • Active Ingredient: Fenbendazole
  • Physical Form: Granular
  • Effective for Period: A Few Days

Furthermore, this dog wormer subtly kills the worms of various species. This canine dewormer kills the various types of roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms, whipworms in dogs. In this manner, this dewormer for dogs is useful for eliminating the worm infestations. Apart from that, the Excel Pro-sense dog dewormer is made for fast action.

Excel Pro-Sense dog dewormer is useful against all the intestinal worms dogs are prone to.

In the end, the Excel Pro-Sense dewormer is an all-around dewormer and reliable for the task. Pro-Sense with its fenbendazole starts acting in a consistent manner. It will start showing results right after a day or two. However, this dog wormer is useful for curing the worm accumulation in your dog. Having said that, the puppy dewormer will not have a long-lasting effect preventing the worms from infecting again. Nonetheless, its formula will have the heal and improve your dog’s immunity.

  • Excel Pro-Sense is useful to kill all types of dog intestinal worms.
  • The puppy dewormer has a subtle, consistent acting formula.
  • It is rare to have side effects from this puppy wormer.
  • Not to be used for the new borns till the age of 6 weeks.
  • A granular formula will not be the easiest to feed dogs.

10. Bayer Tapeworm Dewormer

If your dogs are infested by fleas, there is a possibility that they get infected by tapeworms as well. If dogs ingest the fleas that are infected by tapeworm larvae, they too can develop the infection. Hence, if you are treating your dog for fleas then also look for the symptoms of tapeworm infection.

Bayer Tapeworm Dewormer


Tapeworms may not cause serious illness, but is very itchy and irritating for dogs, especially on the rare part. If you notice any symptoms of tapeworm infections in your dog, then it is essential to treat him.

  • Useful Against: Tapeworm
  • Suitable for Dogs: Older Than 4 Weeks
  • Active Ingredient: Praziquantel
  • Physical Form: Tablets

The Bayer’s Tapeworm Dewormer is a simple but effective medicine to eliminate tapeworms from your dog’s gut. Just crumble the tablets and add them to the dog’s food or snacks. Merely one dose is sufficient to cure the problem. An added benefit to this dewormer tablet is that you don’t need any prescription to purchase it.

Recommended for dogs older than 4 weeks. So make sure not to use this medication for a pup younger than four weeks.

To prevent your dog from reinfection you must take action to stop fleas and rodents from entering your premises. Dogs mostly get infected with fleas from other outdoor animals or infected pets. Eating an infected rodent or bird may also develop tapeworms in your dog’s gut. Visit a veterinarian for proper diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of fleas and other parasites.

  • The tablet contains praziquantel
  • Very Effectual method for removing tapeworms
  • Just a single dose works well to remove the parasite
  • An overdose of praziquantel may cause vomiting, diarrhea, nausea or depression in dogs.

11. D-Worm Combo Broad Spectrum Wormer for Dogs

In the end, we have the dog dewormer in a chewable tablet form. This dewormer for dogs is formulated to kill seven types of worms found in dogs. Moreover, these are the worms usually found around the intestine of the dog. D-Worm is a kind of dog wormer which will start killing the worms in a subtle manner.

pet guard


Having said that, this canine dewormer will take some time before it actually starts showing the results. Although your dog will get relieved of the worms completely over some time the process will not be easy. During severe infestations, the dog will have to suffer a bit while he is getting treated.

  • Useful Against: Roundworm, Hookworm, Tapeworms
  • Suitable for Dogs: 6-25 Pounds
  • Active Ingredient: Pyrantel Pamoate, Praziquantel
  • Physical Form: Tablet
  • Effective for Period: A Few Days

Additionally, the D-worm is made of the mild concentration of active ingredients namely pyrantel pamoate and praziquantel. These ingredients are sufficient for killing a total of seven species of worms. Having said that, it includes roundworms, hookworm, and tapeworms.

D-Worm is a dog dewormer with subtle action, kills the worms consistently over a considerable course of time.

Lastly, the D-wormer is the best dog dewormer for the curing mild worm infestations. The puppy dewormer will easily clear the infestation within a few days. On the other hand, this dewormer for dogs will hardly have any effects on the dog who has severe worm infestation.

  • Subtle worm killing puppy wormer doesn’t have any side effects.
  • It is useful to get rid of seven types of roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms collectively.
  • The puppy dewormer comes in an easy to feed granular form.
  • You can use this dog wormer for any type of dog older than 6 weeks.
  • This dewormer for puppies does not deal with the whipworms in dogs/puppies.

Buyer’s Guide

After going through the ten best dewormer for dogs, selecting the perfect for your dog can be difficult. We have described all the features ideal for any canine dewormer. In this manner, you will get to know about the best wormer for puppies as well as individual dog wormer products.

Moreover, the process of selecting the canine dewormer will get easier for you.

How to Choose the Best Dog Dewormer?

You shall go through these factors which we have described below. Thereafter, all you will have to do is verify the dewormer for dogs to be having the features matching your requirement.

Dog Dewormer Useful Against Types of Worms

safeguard 4 canine dewormer reviews

Dog dewormers are made of different ingredients and concentration respectively. Having said that, all the puppy dewormers irrelevant of different ingredients will affect the dogs differently. None of the different types of dogs will have identical effects of the dewormer.

You shall consider the severity of the worm accumulation, allergies of your dog, size of your dog, metabolism, etc. Hence, not every dog will have identical results after you give the same canine dewormer. In the same manner, each dog dewormer is made to eliminate specific worm type from the dogs.

Moreover, different brands of puppy dewormer will formulate an effective broad-spectrum dog wormer. The broad spectrum dewormer for dogs aims at eliminating most of the parasitic infestation from the dog. On the other hand, some of the brands of puppy dewormer will manufacture a specific dewormer. Dewormer for puppies/adults will not aim at killing every parasitic infestation but a specific worm type.

The specific worm killing ingredients can be useful to when you already know about its presence. However, you can learn the importance of ingredients in the next sub-section.

Coming to the apparent topic again, all the dog dewormer are majorly made of about a combination or any of four ingredients. Those ingredients will be pyrantel pamoate, praziquantel, fenbendazole, febantel. Moreover, the canine dewormer will have one of these ingredients or a combination of them.

Hence, you shall go through the ingredient to make sure the dewormer for dogs you are buying is capable of killing the worms your dog has. Also, you need to consider if your dog is allergic to any of these ingredients.


Coming to the second most important factor for the dewormer for puppies/adults, the suitability of dog dewormer for a dog. Further, all the puppy dewormer have a specific formula which suits the dogs of particular life stage, weight, etc.

Having said that, all the dog dewormer display the suitability according to the weight of the dog. Along with that, puppies who have a delicate digestive tract are not to be fed with the dewormer. As we mentioned, every canine dewormer will display the suitability on its pack. Also, you can see it on each of the dog wormer reviews.

Therefore, before you start opting for the dog dewormers consider weight, lifestage of your Fido. It will narrow down the dog deworms to only a few best search for you.

Active Ingredients

In continuation of the first sub-section, you shall consider the active ingredients. It will help you to get the perfect dog wormer to cure the worms accumulation in your dog. Having said that, there are four major ingredients which effectively kills the worms.

In addition to that, every puppy wormer will comprise of one or combination of four ingredients. Generally, the puppy dewormer includes pyrantel pamoate, fenbendazole, praziquantel, febantel. These ingredients will have different worm killing action. In fact, all of these ingredients will kill the specific worms in the dog.

Form of Dewormer

Coming to the discussion of the for of the dewormer, there is a total of four types of dog dewormers in terms of its form. The manufacturers of the puppy dewormer use the ingredients in a certain form which you get in the dewormer container pack.

Adding to the fact, all the canine dewormer are made in liquid, powder, granular, chewables/tablet. Having said that, you shall get the canine dewormer according to the preference of your dog. Since shoving down the tablet to the picky eater will get difficult.

In this manner, you shall get the liquid formula which is the easiest to feed all the dogs. On the other hand, getting any kind of dog dewormer if your dog doesn’t notice his food keenly.

Flavored Dog Dewormer

In continuation to the previous sub-section, the flavored dog dewormer will make the meal more interesting. Moreover, the dogs seldom notice of the presence of the dewormer tablets, liquid, chews or granules. Unless the dewormer for puppies has a bad taste or smell, it will go unnoticed.

Whereas, if you use the flavored dewormer in your dog’s plate then the possibilities of completing his meal increases.

Effective Period

In the end, you shall consider the effective period of the over the counter dewormer for dogs. Some of the dewormer for puppies are meant for the medicinal use and remain effective until the dose lasts.

However, the healing effect from that dewormer for dogs can last for a few days. It may also prevent the worms from getting back to your dog until that period.

On the other hand, there are the canine dewormers which are not just useful for eliminating worms. Along with that, this puppy dewormer prevents the worms re-entering your dog’s bodily functions.

In this manner, the dewormer will firstly treat the worm accumulation, wipe it out from your dog. Thereafter, the dewormer will act as a medium which avoids the re-accumulation worms. Puppy dewormer will act as worm medicine for dogs as well as a preventive measure too.

Hence, longer the dewormer for dogs lasts more it will be a reliable puppy dewormer.


Go through the common queries dog parent usually, this sub-section will clear the queries.

1. Are Ingredients of the Dog Dewormers Safe?

Puppy dewormer is made to clear the worm infestation from a suffering dog. The infestation could be of any severity level from mild to intense. In fact, some of the dogs who have worms deep in their intestines will need more time to get them out using dewormer.

Having said that, every dewormer for dogs will have the utmost concentration of the ingredients which eliminate worms. Hence, the concentration of the dewormer may or may not have the immediate effects.

On the other hand, some of the dewormer for puppies/adults will have side effects such as bloody stools, an increase of appetite, etc. However, these are not the side effects of the dewormer but the symptoms of the worms. The symptoms you perceive as side effects of the dewormer are actually the results of the worm infestations.

Lastly, the canine dewormer is safe for the dogs as long as they get the perfect dose.

2. Why Dog Dewormers Are Suitable to a Particular Lifestage?

As we mentioned earlier in this dog dewormer review, each puppy dewormer will have utmost concentration. This concentration will only be suitable for the dogs older than a couple of weeks. As the infant pups can hardly get accustomed to this concentration because of their tender digestive tracts.

3. Which Dog Dewormer Is Easiest to Feed the Dogs?

There are four types of puppy dewormers in liquid, powder, granular, and tablets form. To answer this question, go with anyone if you have a dog who does not mind eating anything off his plate. You shall know how to deworm a dog, that’s it!

On the contrary, if your dog is a picky eater then you shall put more efforts in hiding the dewormer in his meal plate. There is no phenomenon that proves one dewormer is easier to feed a dog than another.

4. How Long Does the Dog Dewormer Last?

Different dewormer for puppies will last differently from a few days to 6 months. On the other hand, if you are asking how long will my puppy poop worms after deworming? Then puppy dewormer would be a couple of days to a week. Thereafter, you shall consult a vet to ensure the worms in your pup.

5. Natural/Organic Dog Dewormer Available on the Market?

We have described a natural dog dewormer along with its review, the Wholistic organic dewormer for puppies and adults is the best wormer for puppies on our list which contains Diatomaceous Earth as its active ingredient.

6. Which is the Best Puppy Dewormer? Or What is the Best Wormer for Dogs?

Puppies have a tender digestive tract and low immunity that too when they have worms. Hence, the best puppy dewormer we have listed with its review is of the brand Bayer i.e. Quad dewormer.


This review describes the ten best dog dewormer for dogs and their review respectively. We hope it has helped you search the best puppy dewormer. In a similar case, going through the buying guides of dewormer for puppies will be helpful narrowing the search if you got stuck with similar looking dewormer for puppies.

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