10 Best Dog Blanket Reviews of 2023

Does your dog lie on the naked floor too? Or do you give him that old shirt to lie on? Whatever you might be doing, it’s time for you to change that habit of yours. Making the dog lie on the floor is inappropriate in many ways, including health and hygiene. And that is why Pet Loves Best brings you the ultimate Ten Best Dog Blanket on the market.

Did I hear you saying you already have a dog bed at home? Well, just like humans, a dog doesn’t go to the bed until and unless he is tired and wants to doze off. Nevertheless, a bed cannot function as a pet blanket, can it?

And even dogs need a warm blanket in winters. Whether they are lying on the floor, dozing off on sofa, car, or even their own bed.

There are so many reasons why you should invest in this cheap luxury of your dog. In this article, we are going to show you how cheap and beneficial these puppy blankets can be and of course, the best pet blankets on the market.


Best Dog Blankets for 2023 – Editors’ Picks Only

best dog blanket by Allisandro

Editors’ Pick:

  • Best Dog Blanket for Indoor & Outdoor
  • Available in four sizes & two colors
  • Super Soft, Premium and travel friendly


We have carefully chosen the top 10 dog blankets on the market. Each of the blankets is unique on its own. Check out all the products to determine the one that you need.

1. Allisandro Super Soft and Fluffy Pet Dog Blanket

Allisandro is the best dog blanket on the market, according to Pet Loves Best’s verdict. It comes with a super soft material, cute pattern, and a convenient price tag.

best cat blanket by Allisandro


The blanket is made from soft materials such as flannel fleece. This material has the quality of being soft on the skin of your little pup. Moreover, it provides a decent amount of warmth too. Therefore, if your dog is lying on the floor, you can simply add this dog throw to keep him warm. Need not mention, the material is pet-friendly too.

  • Material: Flannel Fleece
  • Available Sizes: 31×24″/80×60 cm, 39×31″/100×80 cm, 63×39″/160×100 cm, 79×63″/200×160 cm

WIth the striking looks of this pet blanket, your dog is sure to get a lot of attention from the on-lookers. The paw pattern of this dog throw blanket is by far the best we have seen in terms of cuteness and creativity. This may also be the reason behind great customer feedback for this product on Amazon.

Tip: Starting from cute looks to a snug feeling, this pet blanket has it all.

This pet blanket does not only look good but is easy to wash as well. Even after multiple washes, the blanky retains its fluffiness and snug feeling. Also, the price is pretty justified looking at the great goodies this blanket provides.

  • Made from super soft flannel fleece
  • Easy to wash
  • Available for everyone – from small pets to large dogs
  • Cute paw pattern add to the adorableness of the blanket
  • Dog blanket for winters to provide warmth
  • Great customer feedback
  • The best dog blanket in terms of quality and value for money
  • Pet-safe materials
  • None!

2. Furrybaby Premium Fluffy Fleece Dog Blanket

Furrybaby Premium Dog Blanket comes in 4 variants and among them, the one shown in the picture is petlovesbest’s favorite. The blanket features gorgeous looks that will add to the cuteness of your adorable little fellow. It is perhaps the most comfortable blanket in the world!

Premium Fluffy Fleece Dog Blanket by Furrybaby


The primary material of the blanket is flannel which is a soft woven fabric. Such a fabric is ideal for small pets such as puppies, kittens, rabbits, and more. And to accommodate such different sized pets, the dog blanket comes in 4 distinct sizes as well.

  • Material: Flannel
  • Available Sizes: S (60x80cm), M (80x100cm), L (100x120cm)

Talking about variants, the following variant is a premium one due to graphics, the other ones are much simpler and hence available at a cheaper price. However, each one is made with environment-friendly and pet-safe materials.

Tip: Dog shedding too much? Perhaps Furrybaby dog blanket for couch, sofa, kennel, and bed can help!

Furrybaby also makes heating dog beds and relevant stuff, which gives them the credibility to come up with quality stuff. Moreover, they are pretty upfront in providing a convenient after-sales service to their customers.

This dog blanket did not lose its thickness of quality even after washing multiple times, which shows quality manufacturing. Also, the large fleece blanket is pretty fluffy and snug to keep your pet cozy. If you are looking for something premium, this one is your choice.

  • Premium quality blankets for dogs with decent thickness
  • Decent after-sales service
  • Puppy-safe and eco-friendly material
  • Reduces dog hair around the house
  • No problems post-washing
  • Fluffy but not as thick as it seems

3. PAWZ Road Cheap Pet Dog Blanket

If you are looking for a blanket that is not only cozy and snug but in-budget as well, Paws Road is your answer. Despite the multiple variants, the price of the basic ones is quite in-budget. It is made with fleece fabric, known for its warming qualities.

Cheap Pet Blanket from Pawz Road


The doggie blanket is available in multiple sizes. Therefore, it does not really matter what size of dog you have. Whether it’s a small chihuahua to a large German Shepherd, you will be able to find the tailor-fit for your Fido.

  • Material: Fleece Fabric
  • Available Sizes: S (77*53cm), M (104*78cm), L (140*100cm), XL (200*150cm)

A lot of doggie blankets are made with material that starts peeling after a while. Especially when you wash a cheap blanket for the first time, it can show some pilling, formed due to the extra rubbing of material. However, with Paws Road, you need not worry about anything as it is pilling proof.

Tip: If you are looking for a cheap dog blanket, Paws Road is your ideal choice!

Although dog throws seem a little thick in the picture, the overall thickness of this blanket is a little low compared to that of its rivals. However, it comes with a price so convenient that you can not demand any more.

  • Ultra soft material with double-sided fabric
  • Fleece pet blanket with an attractive pattern
  • Available at a budget-friendly price
  • Pilling-proof
  • Machine washable
  • A little thin

4. PetAmi Waterproof Dog Blanket for Bed

For so many reasons, it is not advisable to let your dog sit around all the furniture in the house. The foremost reason is that dogs walk around with dirty paws. Other reasons include shedding hair, wetting bed, and more. However, dogs are our best buddies and we triumph against their puppy eyes, right?!

Waterproof Dog Blanket by PetAmi


Therefore, you must invest in a waterproof dog blanket to make sure that your dog can sit wherever he wants. A waterproof blanket for bed is great for puppies and senior dogs to prevent accidents and for adult dogs to keep their dirty paws off the couch.

  • Material: 60 GSM microfiber polyester
  • Available Sizes: 60 x 40 Inches, 80 x 60 Inches, 50 x 40 Inches

This machine washable dog blanket is 100% waterproof. It is made from lightweight 60 GSM microfiber polyester material. One side of the dog proof blanket is Sherpa while the other one is flannel. Being made from polyester material, this PetAmi dog blanket is also self-heating and ideal for winters.

Note: This 100% waterproof blanket will save your important furniture from accidents!

All in all, we’d suggest you buy this blanket for puppies, senior dogs, or anyone with a urinal tract problem. You can also invest in this dog couch blanket only to keep dirty mischievious paws off the couch and car seat!

  • 100% waterproof cat blankets
  • Great to save your couch, sofa, and bed
  • Available in numerous patterns
  • Machine washable
  • Lightweight
  • Sherpa on one side, flannel on the other
  • Also great to protect car seat
  • A bit thin

5. PetFusion Premium Polyester Pet Blanket

Polyester throw from PetFusion

PetFusion is the only dog blanket on our 10 best dog blankets list with 100% polyester material. It is snug, warm, and soft on skin.


Although it is a bit heavier compared to small fluffy blankets, it is ideal for traveling being a space-saver. You can also carry it along in your car to save the car seat from dog hair.

  • Material: Polyester
  • Available Sizes: Small (31 x 27″), Medium (44 x 34″), Large (53 x 41″), X-Large (60 x 48″)

Moving on, the dog blanket can be used from both sides. To make it more interesting, the brand has made the pet blanket look different on both the sides due to distinct colors.

Tip: Unlikely to be seen, this dog blanket comes with a 12-month warranty!

All in all, this is a fine heated dog blanket with a 12-month warranty. It has a double layer for extra warmth and comes at a competitive price. Your dog will surely love this blanky’s silky smooth feeling while dozing off!

  • Comes with a 12-month warranty
  • Made from 100% polyester
  • Decent quality of the material
  • Usable on both sides
  • A bit heavier due to the material- provides a better sense of security
  • Great for traveling
  • Amazing customer feedback
  • Not waterproof
  • Not suitable for warm weathers

6. Comsmart Dog Warm Fleece Blankets

If you are looking for puppy blankets, your search ends here. Unlike dog blankets, puppy blankets are a little thinner and tend to be bought in bulk.

Puppy throws in bulk from Comsmart


Usually, people buy a single blanket for their dogs, but for puppies, there must be multiple dogs as these small mischief-makers are likely to dirty the banket all the time.

  • Material: Double-sided Fleece
  • Available Sizes: 24×28 Inches, 28×39 Inches

However, purchasing multiple doggie blankets at once can be tough on your pocket. And that is exactly why we have featured Comsmart puppy blankets on our list. It offers pack of 4 or 6 blankets at a bargained price.

Tip: Got a new puppy at home? Better be ready with Comsmart’s pack of 6!

All in all, this is a great deal. Yes, the dog throws are not pretty thick, however, they don’t even need to be. Hence, we’d say this is a steal deal.

  • Perfect puppy blankets
  • Available at cheap price in multiple packs
  • Great for other small animals too
  • Value for money dog print blanket
  • Small in size

7. Allisandro Fluffy Thick Lightweight Dog Blanket

Allisandro Fluffy pet blanket has made it to our top 10 due to its superior construction and extra thickness.

Extra thick pet blanket from Allisandro


The fluffy feeling provided by this Allisandro dog throw is pretty cozy. It is made extra thick from the previous versions just for the convenience of your dog.

  • Material: Velveteen
  • Available Sizes: 31×23″, 39×31″, 47×31″

The material used in this thick blankets is velveteen. It is not only soft but breathable as well. Therefore, it won’t cause any sweating on your pet’s body.

Tip: Allisandro is a great brand to buy pet blankets from.

The seams on the sides are much thicker than in the middle, however, we don’t find it as an issue. It is machine washable and does not lose its safe after multiple washes making it a safe investment. Therefore, our verdict is to go for this one if you seek extra fluff!

  • Extra thick
  • Super snug
  • Machine washable
  • Top-notch construction
  • Thicker on the sides and thinner on the inside

8. Allisandro Super Fluffy Premium Dog Blanket

This yet another Allisandro blanket is on this list due to its adorable design. It is pretty simple in cute colors of pink and blue. However, it really makes your pet look extra charming while dozzing off.

Velventeen fluffy blanket from Allisandro


This is a blanket and not a throw. Hence, this pet blanket is available in large dimesions. Also, the largest one – 78″ X 63″ – might also accommodate a man!

  • Material: Polyester
  • Available Sizes: 31“ X 23”, 39″ X 31″, 63″ X 39″, 78″ X 63″

This blanket has a double layer design, which means it will deliver much more warmth than the single layer ones and make sure that your pet does not suffer the winter at all.

Tip: Despite the simple design, it is the eye-candy colors of this blanket that make a dog look adorable.

The only downside with this dog bed blanket is that it is not meant for outdoor usage, mainly due to its material and large size. However, if you want something for indoors, this is your pick!

  • Premium double-layer design
  • Cute design
  • One of the best warm blankets
  • Available in pretty large size
  • Not ideal for outdoors

9. Pawsse Super Soft Sherpa Pet Blanket

If you were looking for a Sherpa pet blanket, Pawsse might be the one you wish to go for. It is silky smooth on one side and fluffy on the other.

Shepa blanket from Pawsse for car, couch, and sofa


This Sherpa dog blanket has micro fleece on one side while the other side has lamb wool. Such a combination makes this blanket capable of providing utmost warmth in the cold season.

  • Material: Sherpa
  • Available Sizes: 45×30-inch

This Pawsse doggie blanket is available in multiple colors. However, the size is the same – 45×30 inches. Such a size is ideal for small to medium sized dogs but not any bigger.

Note: With great material and design, Pawsse is the best sherpa dog blanket on the market.

All in all, we’d say this is a worthy dog fleece blanket for any pet owner with small dog breed and Amazon consumer reviews seem to agree with us too.

  • Best sherpa dog blanket on the market
  • Provides great warmth using lamb’s wool
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Only ideal for puppies or small dogs

10. UTEX Premium Microfiber Pet Blanket

UTEX is another one of our travel-friendly small dog blankets. It is made from micro-fiber and hence is pretty lightweight and compact compared to the traditional ones.

Microfiber smalll puppy throw hair resistant


This Utex pet blanket does not only protect from cold but is hair resistant as well. The unique microfiber does not let any hair get stick to its surface. But despite that fact, it also prevents dog fur from shedding onto your couch or bed.

  • Material: 100% Ultra Fleece
  • Available Sizes: Small (32″x24″)

The small fleece blanket for couch is available in a single size only. The dimensions 32 x 24 inches make this blanket ideal for small dogs only. Therefore, measure your dog carefully before ordering this blanket.

Note: Here is another travel-friendly cool blanket for small dogs and other pets.

Overall, the pet blanket is neatly stitched and crafted. Seams are perfect as well. This blanket is machine washable and promises to retain the shape even after multiple washes. Also, the price is pretty convenient too. Consequently, our verdict would be in favor of this dog blanket.

  • Ideal for traveling
  • Lightweight
  • Hair resistant
  • Machine washable
  • Well stitched and crafted
  • Provides warmth
  • For small dogs only

Buyers’ Guide

What is a Blanket or Throw for Dogs?

There is not much difference between a dog blanket and a dog throw. The only significant difference is that dog blankets are meant for snoozing and throws are something you may use while relaxing on a sofa or a couch.

As dog throws are designed for couch, sofa, or car, they are smaller in dimensions compared to blankets. They often cover most parts of the body but not the whole, of course, only if you have bought the right size of the throw.

On the other hand, dog blankets are bigger and sometimes even warmer. They are designed in such a way that your dog can be fully covered even if he is lying all stretched out.

Another significant difference can be in the price. As throws are smaller than dog blankets, they come cheaper, mostly.

While pet blankets are meant for sleeping purpose, dog throws can be used for cars, kennels, and other purposes while you are out on the road. In addition, blankets can be a headache to carry while traveling, right?

Now that you might be understanding the basic difference between a throw and a blanket, below are few of the types available for such products on the market.

Types of Dog Blankets

At first, all the pet blankets may seem similar. However, there are indeed some factors that distinguish these blankets from others.

Sherpa Dog Blanket

Sherpa blankets are made from a special type of polyester. Here, both sides of the material have a distinct texture. While one of the sides is silky smooth, the other side has a fluffy kind of feeling. Due to this, these blankets give a feeling of sheep’s skin, hence the name Sherpa blanket.

Sherpa blankets are warm, cozy, and fluffy.

Dog Blankets for Car or Sofa aka Dog Throws

Same as us humans, dogs also require a comforting blanky of their own when they are lying on the sofa or traveling in a car with you. Although they might not demand one, they will surely appreciate and soon get addicted to their very own fluffy blanky.

These blankets are smaller in size and can cover the body of the pet except for their head.

Waterproof Dog Blanket

Waterproof Blankets are made with a special design that prevents the water from passing through them. If you are dealing with a senior dog or young puppy, it is possible that they wet the bed. Therefore, having a waterproof fleece blanket will surely be beneficial in saving your mattress or sofa.

In fact, these blankets are great for adult dogs as well. If your dog also plays around the house and backyard a lot, there are chances that he also jumps onto the sofa with wet or dirty paws. Waterproof pet blanket is the solution.

Chew Proof Dog Blanket

If you own a teething puppy, you might be aware of the blazing issue of chewing. Puppies are like toddlers, they want to explore everything, unfortunately, with their mouth.

Therefore, you need to gift your puppy a blanky that is not only comfy, snug, and adorable but also chew proof. Manufacturers design these indestructible dog blankets with a combination of soft and tough materials so that the little notorious fellow cannot chew through another one.

Pet Hair Resistant Blanket

Let’s face it – dogs shed. And there is nothing you can do about it. Forbidding the dog from your couch is not a solution. The solution is – a hair resistant pet blanket. These blankets will catch the hair of your furry animal but won’t make them stick on it and will also prevent them from spreading on your couch.


So that’s it! With this, we conclude our list of 10 best dog blankets on the market. We started off with the basic difference between a dog blanket and a dog throw and moved on to types of doggie blankets on the market as of now, and then to the reviews.

Remember, a pet blanket is a multipurpose utility. It can work as a pet throw, a blanket, a sofa, couch, or bed saver, and much more. But most importantly, it will provide your dog with a sense of security even when you’re not around.

So what are you waiting for? Go get your dog a blanket, will you?

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