The 10 Best Dog Anxiety Wraps of 2023 (Reviewed)

Our experts choose the best dog anxiety wraps after extensive research to find the perfect product to help soothe your dog when they’re feeling anxious or stressed.

Our dogs might look happy all the time, ready to play, cuddle or just sit with you even after you have had a bad day. We have always asked our dog’s “who’s the good boy?” but we have never asked, “how’s the good boy?”. Your dog might seem happy all the time but there are times your dog isn’t feeling good and needs you badly.

Your pet might experience anxiety due to various factors and there are several ways you can calm your dog down reduce his anxiety. One of the most popular ways is to use anxiety calming wrap on your dogs.


The 10 Best Dog Anxiety Wraps of 2023 (Reviews)

Best Dog Anxiety Wraps

Editors’ Pick:

  • Best for all dogs
  • Ease your pets anxiety
  • Available in fourteen sizes and six colors
  • VETERINARY approved


Our experts have done a lot of research and analyzing before selecting the 10 best dog anxiety wraps that reduce your canine’s anxiety, we have selected only those products that actually bring a difference in your dog’s mood and health.

1. Mellow Shirt Anxiety Calming Wrap for Dogs

The mellow shirt is designed to calm down your dog. There is no special training required to use this product. It usually starts working within minutes for most of the dogs.

Mellow Shirt Anxiety Calming Wrap for Dogs


It is very easy to put on and take off this anxiety calming wrap, hook and loop fasteners make adjusting gentle pressure a snap for most of the dogs.

Features and Specifications:

  • Brand: Mellow Shirt
  • Sizes: Available in 6 sizes, from Small to X Large
  • Colors: Aluminium, Cypress, Lime, Navy, Radiant Orchid, Sangria
  • Our Ranking: 4.8 out of 5

The Anxiety calming wrap is made from a breathable material that dogs will find cozy and comfortable. It is also very easy to clean the anxiety calming wrap, the material is machine wash friendly, therefore you don’t have to worry about cleaning it by hand.

Also, you don’t have to worry about using the anxiety calming wrap in summers because the material isn’t very heavy that prevents your dog’s body to get overheated.

  • Made from Breathable and machine-friendly, Lightweight fabric
  • Available for all sizes of dogs
  • Drug-Free and requires no training
  • Hook and loop fasteners might create some trouble for dog’s with extra long hair

2.  Surgi Snuggly Anxiety Reducing Wrap for Dog

Surgi Snuggly believes that your pet can only heal in comfort, therefore they have come up an anxiety calming wrap that is made from a breathable material, and very light in weight. Its sole purpose is to make your dog feel comfortable and reduce stress and anxiety.

Best Dog Anxiety Wraps


If your dog has undergone some major surgery, Surgi Snuggly’s anxiety-reducing wrap can help your dog. The anti-microbial material helps your dog recover from the surgery and also reduces anxiety due to post-surgery stress that your dog might experience.

Features and Specifications:

  • Brand: Surgi Snuggly
  • Sizes: Available in 12 sizes, from 2XL-S to 2XL
  • Colors: Double blue, Princess pink. Superhero, Radiant Red, and Perfect Plum
  • Our ranking: 4.9 out of 5

The anxiety calming wrap is invented by Dr. Williams A a veterinarian with over 40+ years of experience. The anxiety calming wrap is used worldwide by a lot of other veterinarians, dog trainers, and other pet professionals.

The anxiety-reducing wrap is drug-free, it is all about the comfort for Surgi Snuggly, they believe comfort and love is enough for your dogs to stay calm and happy.

  • Available in all 12 sizes
  • Drug-Free anxiety-reducing wrap
  • Recommend by our own experts
  • Premium Quality fabric is used
  • It might a little tricky when you are making your dog wear the wrap and your dog is very excited

3. Suitical Recovery Suit for Dogs

Suitical Recovery Suit is a full-body recovery suit for your dog. It is very flexible and natural. The suit does not stop your dog from doing any natural movements and it adjusts itself according to the movements of your dog making him feel very comfortable.

Suitical Recovery Suit for Dogs


It not only reduces the anxiety it also can be used as a first-aid wrap. It can be used to cover and protect hotspots, wounds, surgical sutures, and skin problems.

Features and Specifications:

  • Brand: Suitical Recovery
  • Sizes: Available from XXXS to XXL
  • Colors: Black, Pink Camo and Blue Camo
  • Our Ranking: 4 out of 5

The anxiety-reducing wrap is designed in a way that it provides extra softness around your dog’s neck along with protection. Also, it makes sure the suit does not rub or cuts into the tail or legs of your dogs.

Your dog cannot remove the wrap itself because the closure is on it’s back, though it is very easy for pet parents and vet to remove the anxiety-reducing wrap and adjust it easily according to your dog’s comfort level.

  • It is a full bodysuit
  • Can be used as a first-aid product too
  • The fabric makes your dog feel comfortable and free
  • If you don’t order the right size it might actually make your dog more uncomfortable

4. The Original Anxiety Wrap

The Original Anxiety Wrap is one of the most effective ways to calm down your dog’s anxiety. It uses acupressure and maintained pressure to lessen or completely end the anxiety and dog your dog might be facing.

The Original Anxiety Wrap


It is different from regular anxiety-reducing wraps, the entire wrap is a pressure maintained wrap. This assures that your dog’s entire body gets relaxation once he wears it.

Features and Specifications:

  • Brand: The Original Anxiety Wrap
  • Sizes: Available from 2X large to Toy plus size
  • Colors: Only Black
  • Our Ranking: 4 out of 5

It is invented by a trusted and professional dog trainer Susan Sharpe, she is a CPDT-KA which means she is a trusted dog trainer and therefore it is completely okay put your trust in this product.

The Original Anxiety Wrap not only calms down when your dog experiences anxiety it also calms down your dog when thunderstorms, fireworks etc give them stress. It is said that it is almost 89% effective for dogs who fear thunderstorms.

  • It is a full-body suit with maintained pressure everywhere
  • Budget-friendly
  • Premium quality fabric is used
  • Only shipped within USA

5. Kong Anxiety Reducing Wrap

Kong Anxiety Reducing Wrap is designed for dogs that easily get anxious and stressed. The breathable fabric makes it wearable by your dog for the entire year. It also is easily adjustable therefore it fits every kind of dog.

Kong Anxiety Reducing Wrap


It naturally calms down the dog by inbuilt lavender sachet. The wrap-around design makes the anxiety-reducing wrap very comfortable and cozy.

Features and Specifications:

  • Brand: Kong
  • Sizes: Available in sizes from XX-Small to X- Large
  • Colors: Black with red
  • Our Rankings: 4 out of 5

It also helps your dog to correct their wrong behavior. For e.g if your dog experiences anxiety they might start chewing excessively or licking. The wrap distracts them and corrects their behavior.

The anxiety-reducing wrap is tailored perfectly so that your dog can even wear the wrap during the night with full comfort.

  • Inbuilt with the calming lavender sachet
  • Helps your dog to correct their wrong behavior
  • Breathable and cozy fabric is used
  • May interfere with toileting for small dogs therefore fitting should be made perfect

6. American Kennel Anxiety Reducing Wrap

Millions of dogs suffer from anxiety every year in the USA, due to thunderstorms, Fireworks, Fear of separation and many more reasons. Pet parents get worried about their dog’s increasing anxiety.

American Kennel Anxiety Reducing Wrap


American Kennel Anxiety Reducing Wrap is like a gift to pet parents who are seeking help for their pets. You just have to wrap it around your dog’s body similar to swaddling a newborn.

Features and Specifications:

  • Brand: American Kennel
  • Sizes: Available in sizes from extra small to extra large
  • Colors: Grey, Black, and Pink
  • Our Rankings: 3.9 our of 5

The anxiety-reducing wrap is completely safe and drug-free. It provides relief to dogs who have a fear of thunderstorms, fireworks, separation from owners, etc.

When you wrap our anxiety-reducing wrap around your dog, he feels like a newborn baby is hugged. The fabric is so comfortable and provides warmth to your dog.

  • Good quality fabric is used
  • Budget-friendly
  • International Shipping is not allowed

7. Thundershirt Sport Dog Anxiety Wrap

The Thundershirt Sport Dog Anxiety Wrap applies gentle and constant pressure on your pet’s body to calm it down. This is also one of the popular vet recommended dog anxiety wraps.

Thundershirt Sport Dog Anxiety Wrap


It works effectively during fireworks, thunderstorms and even when traveling or visiting the vet. Your dog might get stressed or overexcited sometimes, therefore, it is very important to calm your pet down.

Features and Specifications:

  • Brand: Thunder shirt
  • Sizes: Available in sizes from Small to XX-large
  • Colors: Platinum and Fuchsia
  • Our Rankings: 3.8 out of 5

It is said to be already helping millions of dogs with a success rate of 80%. The Thundershirt Sport Dog Anxiety Wrap is recommended by many trusted and leading vets and professional dog trainers.

Dr. Temple Grandin with other leading scientists studied this anxiety-reducing wrap and found out that it actually reduces the anxiety and stress levels in your dog.

  • Makes your dogs feel cozy and comfortable
  • Suitable for a variety of situations where your dog might experience a lot of anxiety and stress
  • Not very budget-friendly
  • Might take few attempts to get the level of pressure right

8. ZenPet ZenDog Anxiety Wrap for Dog

The ZenPet ZenDog Anxiety Wrap for Dog activates these pressure points and the stretchable fabric applies the right kind of pressure on these pressure points to reduce stress and anxiety.

ZenPet ZenDog Anxiety Wrap for Dog


Similarly, like humans, even your little furry friend has pressure points. And if you apply proper pressure on these points it can actually help your dog calm down in situations where he might feel stressed.

Features and Specifications

  • Brand: ZenPet ZenDog
  • Sizes: Available in sizes from X-Small to XX-Large
  • Colors: Only Black
  • Our Rankings: 4 out of 5

The wrap also acts as a cooling agent in wet conditions. It also is highly adjustable, therefore, it adjusts according to your dog’s movements and doesn’t stop it from doing any natural movements.

  • Breathable, Stretchable and comfortable fabric is used
  • Activates the pressure points
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Only available in single color

9. The Company of Animals Anxiety Wrap

The Company of Animals Anxiety Wrap


The Company of Animals Anxiety Wrap is also known as The COA uses acupressure and gentle pressure on the important pressure points which help your dog to relieve stress and anxiety.

The Wrap applies pressure on the pressure points and makes them feel at ease. It is the same way we follow to put an infant at ease by cuddling him.

Features and Specifications:

  • Brand: The Company of Animals
  • Sizes: Available in sizes from X-Large to 200 mL
  • Colors: Only Black
  • Our Rankings: 3.5 out of 5

COA uses premium quality fabric which is breathable, adjustable and it is also non-restrictive, it allows your dog to swim, run with ease.

It also delivers sustained pressure on key acupuncture points which provides comfort and relaxation to your dogs and it also boosts up their confidence.

  • Drug-Free and requires no training
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor dogs
  • Premium quality fabric is used
  • It might be tricky at first for you to make your dog wear this anxiety-reducing wrap

10. ANWA Dog Anxiety Wrap

ANWA Dog Anxiety Wrap


Dogs can be often exposed to situations where they might feel a little stressed and worried. ANWA Dog Anxiety Wrap is one of the wraps that helps your dog reduce their anxiety and stress by applying gentle pressure on their torso. They find this feeling very soothing for themselves.

The wrap is medication free and easy to use. You can use this wrap in situations like thunderstorms, during fireworks, or any other situation that causes stress to your dog.

Features and Specifications:

  • Brand: Anwa
  • Sizes: Available in sizes from Small to X-Large
  • Colors: Rose Red, Navy, Grey, Blackish Green
  • Our Rankings: 3.8 out of 5

The wrap is made from soft weight, breathable, and adjustable material. Also, it is scratch proof that doesn’t allow your dog to damage the wrap.

The material is so comfy that your dog won’t even feel that he is wearing a wrap. It fits so perfectly that it just feels like a layer of skin to them.

  • Available for all sizes of dogs
  • Medication free and easy to use
  • Budget-friendly
  • Fastenings can be tricky for dogs with long hair

Buyer’s Guide

Anxiety and stress is a very sensitive topic and, therefore, it is important for you to take all the required measures to keep your dog stressfree and happy at times when he might feel stressed or anxious.

We had several options and it was very difficult for us to shortlist the 10 best dog anxiety wraps, we had considered some factors before choosing the products and we find it our responsibility to let you know about those factors so that you can also choose best for your dog.

How Does Dog Anxiety Wraps Work?

There might be several instances that might trigger anxiety and stress in your dogs. And anxiety-reducing wrap is one of the best ways to control the anxiety and stress that your dog is facing. The concept of anxiety wrap is really very simple, once you make your dog wear the anxiety-reducing wrap perfectly it starts to apply gentle and constant pressure on your dog’s body and makes your dog feel like that someone is hugging him.

This feeling releases a hormone called endorphins that activates the sense of well being in dogs and hence their anxiety and stress levels come down and it makes him feel happy and cheerful again.

Why Should You Buy Dog Anxiety Wraps?

How would you feel if no one cared about you being stressed and anxious all the time and did nothing about it, obviously bad right? Similarly, your dog feels when you don’t do anything about its problem, therefore, it is important that you do something about your dog’s anxiety. Your dogs might feel anxious in some situations and making him feel good by making him wear an anxiety-reducing wrap that makes your dog feel like someone is hugging them.

What to Consider Before Buying a Dog Anxiety Wraps

Before you buy an anxiety wrap for your dog there are a few points you should keep in mind, that’ll help you buy the best anxiety wrap for your dog.

  • Size of the wrap, it is very important for you to buy the right size for your dog. Anxiety wrap which is too tight for your dog will make him feel suffocative and will create problems for your dog to move naturally, and an anxiety wrap that is too large for your dog is of no use for your dog. It will not exert any pressure on your dog’s pressure points, Therefore, it is very important for you to always buy the right size. If you are confused about which size will fit perfectly to your dog you can call the customer helpline number and they shall guide you properly.
  • Material, some anxiety wraps might make your dog feel uncomfortable, because of their material. Some anxiety wraps are made up of very heavy materials which might make your dog feel uneasy especially if you live a place where it is hot and humid. Therefore always choose an anxiety wrap that is made of lightweight material and which is breathable so your dog feels light and easy.
  • Easy of fastenings, most of the anxiety wraps come with easy, quick and safe fastenings. They have hook and eye closure near the chest and torso regions so that if your dog becomes anxious and tries to remove the anxiety wrap he does not end up getting hurt. Therefore always choose an anxiety-reducing wrap that is easy of fastenings and which is safe for your dogs.

FAQs About Dog’s Anxiety Wraps

What causes canine anxiety?

There are a number of external factors disturbing your dog’s peace of mind. Thunderstorms or loud firecrackers are the most common reasons that make your dog anxious. Loud and sudden noises might scare your dog until the bone and make them very nervous. There are other reasons like sudden separation from their parents, a new place, etc which make your dog anxious. Therefore you should always be prepared for these kinds of situations and provide your dog with everything that will help him reduce their anxiety.

Do anxiety wraps for dogs really work?

A lot of pet parents have confirmed that they have noticed their dog’s anxiety go down after they started using the anxiety-reducing wraps. Although there are specific times when you should make your dog wear the anxiety-reducing wrap, you should make your dog wear the wrap during pleasant times too so that he does not associate the wrap only with the bad times.

Moreover, you should not make your dog wear the anxiety-reducing wrap continuously because then the wrap won’t stay very effective because your dog’s body would have been habituated to the pressure it applies. So yes anxiety-reducing wraps do work but there is a specific time you should make your dog the wrap for it to really work.

How long can a dog wear an anxiety wrap?

Your dog can wear the anxiety-reducing wrap for as long he feels comfortable with it. Anxiety reducing wraps are designed in a way to make your dog feel comfortable and put your dog’s mind at ease. It is always good to remove the wrap for some time so that your dog’s body does not get habituated to the pressure it applies to calm them down.

Which is the best dog anxiety wrap?

Surgi~Snuggly Anxiety Reducing Wrap for Dog is the best option for your dog. Our experts after doing a lot of research recommend this product to every pet parent who’s pet suffers from anxiety. It applies proper pressure on your dog’s pressure points which calm him down during stressful times. If you are really looking for The Best anxiety-reducing wrap this is the best option, a little costly but we are sure your dog’s peace of mind and mental health is more important to you.


Your pet’s mental health is as important as it’s physical health, therefore it is important to take care of your pet when he feels anxious or stressful. Anxiety reducing wraps help you to take care of your pet during tough times. It calms your pet down and reduces their anxiety levels.

Choose from our top products mentioned in the article to buy one of the best anxiety-reducing wraps. Also, keep in mind all the important factors we mentioned in the buyer’s guide so that you can get the right anxiety-reducing wrap for your dog.

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