The 10 Best Halloween Costumes for Dachshunds in 2023

We selected the best Halloween costumes for dachshunds that would be perfect for their unique body type and size.

A variety of dog costumes are available in the market for different sizes of dogs. But our dachshunds are special. They have short legs and a long body. Hence, the costumes made for other breeds always run long for our weiners. We have therefore brought to you a list of best costumes that would fit your Weiner well.


The 10 Best Halloween Costumes for Dachshunds of 2023

Best Halloween Costume For Dachshunds

Editors’ Pick:

  • Ideal dog costume


Our editor’s pick, the Rubie’s Red Riding Hood Costume, has all the goodness of an ideal dog costume. The Beautiful design, Colors, Soft fabric, and the Amazing looks are all that your dog can flaunt with this outfit. It would look super cool on your dachshund this Hallow.

The dachshunds also called the sausage dog or wiener, are absolutely cute and lovable. Because of their unique body structure, weiners need costumes that have short or no sleeves. Also in a few costumes, the back length has to be considered. Therefore, help you choose, we are presenting here a list of attires that would best fit a dachshund.

1. Casual Canine Hot Diggity Dog Costume

Turn your pup into a Hot Dog with the Casual Canine Hot Diggity Dog Musturd costume. It is adjustable with elastic velcro straps for good fit and comfort. Amazing outfit for Halloweens and other parties as well.

Casual Canine Hot Diggity Dog Costume


  • Brand: Casual Canine
  • Size: Small. Neck: 8″-11″, chest: 8″-12″, length: 10″ (available in larger sizes too)
  • Material: Polyester
  • What We Liked: Hot dog design
  • Our Ratings: 4/5

Guide: Measure your dog’s back length from base of the neck to the base of the tail.

2. Rubie’s Red Riding Hood Dachshund Costume

This charming two-piece dress highlights a Black-white sateen dress with red lace on the chest. It includes a red silk cape with ribbon ties. Your pup is sure to turn plenty of heads at the Halloween party with this Rubie’s Red Riding Hood Costume.

Best Halloween Costume For Dachshunds


  • Brand: Rubie
  • Size: X-SMALL size 7 inches Lenght, 15 inches chest, 4.5 inches sleeve, 10 inches Neck, 8.15 inches Hood grith, 5.75 inches Hood length, 9 inches Armhole, 3-5 lbs weight
  • Material: Silk and Sateen
  • What We Liked: Color, Fabric, and Design
  • Our Ratings: 4.2/5

Measure the dog and check the size chart before placing an order.

3. Zoo Snoods Giraffe Warmer Headband for Dogs

The Giraffe style headpiece from Zoo Snoods is a hand-knitted snood for your dog. It covers your dog’s ears and neck to protect it from chilling weather and dust. The snoods are made from soft yarns to give proper comfort and warmth to dogs. Very cute look for Hallow’s Eve.

Zoo Snoods Giraffe Warmer Headband for Dogs


  • Brand: Zoo Snoods
  • Size: Head circumference 18-26 inches.
  • Material: Soft yarn
  • What We Liked: Giraffe head design
  • Our Ratings: 4/5

What’s snood: Snood is a knitted material like a scarf or hood to cover the head and ears.

4. Midlee Skunk Costume for Dachshund Dogs

If you wanna turn your dog into a Li’l Stinker, you can give him the Midlee Skunk Costume to bring the look to life. The costume lets your dog dress up like a skunk. It has a telltale white stripe design. This dog skunk costume is perfect for dachshund breeds.

Midlee Skunk Costume for Small Dogs


  • Brand: Midlee
  • Size: SMALL size 10 inches Back Length, 13 inches Chest, 9 inches Neck
  • Material: Polyester
  • What We Liked: Fabric, Design, and ease of use
  • Our Ratings: 4/5

Recommended to handwash with cold water.

5. Cute Hot Dog Outfit for Dog Cat

This Hot Dog costume includes a pet tunic particularly made for small and medium dogs. Dress your dachshund dog in this Hot Dog Pet Costume that looks like a popular food item. Easy to put on and take off. Perfect for Halloweens, parties, events, and food fairs.

Cute Hot Dog Outfit for Dog


  • Size: Small, Medium
  • What We Liked: Hot dog design and colors
  • Our Ratings: 4/5

6. Rubie’s Elf Dog Costume

Make your dog look like an Elf with the Rubie’s Elf Dog Costume. Feel the supernatural beauty of an Elf on your dachshund. A very cute green costume with red pom-poms. Dog elf costume highlights a tunic, a hat, and four ankle cuffs. Soft comfortable polyester.

Rubie's Elf Pet Costume


  • Brand: Rubie
  • Material: Polyester
  • Size: Small fits up to 14 inches chest and 11 inches neck to tail
  • What We Liked: Elf design and color
  • Our Ratings: 4.2/5

Suggested to handwash with cold water and dry flat.

7. LOCOLO Bat Wings for Dogs

This costume from LOCOLO includes Bat Wings attached to a chest piece. The Wings give a funny appearance and look too cute on your lovely dogs. It is soft to touch and durable. You can adjust the size with the help of the velcro. Great outfit to dress up your dog for the Halloweens.

LOCOLO Bat Wings for Dogs


  • Brand: LOCOLO
  • Material: Polyester
  • Size: Medium fits up to Chest 14-17 inches, Neck 10.24 inches, Back Length 5.5 inches
  • What We Liked: Black Bat Wings
  • Our Ratings: 4/5

8. Rubie’s Turtle Shell Dog Backpack

The Rubie’s Turtle Shell is made of soft fabric with straps to fasten around the waist and chest. It features a zippered storage space inside the shell to store your dog’s favorite treats. Small to medium size is suggested for all small breeds including dachshunds. Amazing choice for parties, parades, and Halloweens.

Rubie's Turtle Shell Dog Backpack


  • Brand: Rubie
  • Size: Small-Medium
  • What We Liked: Turtle shell backpack with storage space.
  • Our Ratings: 4.1/5

9. Zack & Zoey Butterfly Glow Costume

One of the cutest costumes for your pup featuring a Butterfly design that Glows in the dark. A fun Halloween dress with wings that can be removed and used as a daily harness. It has a D-ring to attach the leash. Adjustable neck and chest straps with buckles to secure.

Zack & Zoey Butterfly Glow Costume for Dogs


  • Brand: Zack & Zoey
  • Material: Polyester
  • Size: Small fits Neck 10″–12″ and Adjusts to Chests 12″–17″
  • What We Liked: Beautiful butterfly design
  • Our Ratings: 4/5

Care: Supervise the dog while he is wearing the garment, don’t let him chew the wings.

10. Rubie’s Disney: Winnie The Pooh Dog Dress

The Rubie’s Disney collection brings this Winnie the Pooh dog dress for your cutie mate. The Piglet design costume includes a shirt and a headpiece. Beautiful pink color and comfortable fabric.

Rubie's Disney- Winnie The Pooh Dog Dress


  • Brand: Rubie
  • Size: X-small size fits up to 15″ Chest, 7″ Length, 10″ Neck girth
  • What We Liked: Cute piglet pattern and beautiful pink color
  • Our Ratings: 3.9/5

Check the size chart to order the right size.

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Some Tips to Consider

Do not leave your dog unattended after putting on the costume. If he mistakenly swallows a small part of the costume then it can choke him. Do check that the outfit is not too tight. Always keep the outfit a little loose to avoid suffocation. Remove the costume if the dog feels disturbed or agitated.

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