10 Best Cat Calming Spray of 2023 (Reviews)

Cats also suffer from the awkward behavioral backlashes especially when a guest visits your home. Although the guest does not have any unusual scent on him, for example, that of dog, other cats, etc. Still, your cat wouldn’t stay with the guest unless he uses the best cat calming spray on themselves.

Not to mention, you can’t attract cats just by using treats. That trick is only possible for dogs!


The 10 Best Cat Pheromone Sprays for Calming Cats (2023)

Best Cat Calming Spray

Editors’ Pick:

  • Best Pheromone Spray for Most Cats
  • VET recommended
  • Drug-free, unscented and safe on fabrics
  • Reduces urine marking


You can find the best calming aids for cats in this section, we have reviewed the reliable pheromone sprays. Additionally, you can learn the pros and cons of each of the cat calming aids we have reviewed.

1. Comfort Zone Scratch Cat Calming Spray

Comfort Zone is the premium and most effective cat pheromone spray which uses the standard formula. This product is useful for all the cats finding difficult to cope up with the surroundings. Since the spray can effectively control the aggressive behavior of the cats with its formula. In fact, the formula with 15% formula has longer-lasting effects.

Comfort Zone Scratch Cat Calming Spray


Additionally, calming spray for cats aims at controlling anxious behavior. The vibrant formula with its Diethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether does a great job adding a subtle fragrance. In this manner, the fragrance and pheromone will last for a certain time and require you to spray it after every couple of hours.

  • Volume: 60 ml
  • Fragrance: No

Moreover, the effects of the Comfort Zone will end after two to three hours after spraying. In this manner, the effects of the pheromone will keep fading after every couple of hours. Hence, if your cat frequently engages in scratching and marking then you shall go for the electric pheromone products than just sprays.

The best cat calming spray which lasts for a long time and spread to a wider range.

Nevertheless, having the best calming aids for cats while traveling can reduce the stress your cat experiences. Ultimately, you can drive without any hassle or continue with the journey even if you are not driving.

  • Versatile cat calming spray is perfect for traveling.
  • It even comes in the odor control variant.
  • The 60 ml bottle is neither too much nor too little a pack to keep going.
  • Comfort Zone spray will not be effective for more than 3 hours after you apply.

2. Nature’s Miracle Calming Spray for Cats

Nature’s Miracle scratching deterrent spray reviews for the second best cat calming spray product. It works perfectly for all the cats of different breeds or life stages. This formula is made of soothing formula which has mild scents and pheromone for cats necessary for an anxious cat.

nature's miracle calming spray


The cat calming spray reviews state that you can rely on this formula because of its inert ingredients. It will act effectively in calming the cat and not have excessive effects. Having said that, the formula is made to calm the cat down and not completely sedate him. Because some of the strong formulae will have these side effects. The strong formulae will calm the cat to the extent where the cat will tend to sleep which is not the case with calming spray for cats.

  • Volume: 60 ml
  • Fragrance: No

Moreover, you will have to take care of the spraying volume if you have read some of Nature’s Miracle scratching deterrent spray reviews. Because using a minimum amount of spray will not have sufficient effects on the cat. Nevertheless, Nature’s Miracle is popular for its soothing pheromone spray. Nature’s Miracle just for cats calming spray not only calms the cat down but also prevents dizziness to the surroundings.

A cat calming pheromone spray which comes with a subtle formula which calms the anxious cat without even sedating him.

In the end, Nature’s Miracle cat calming spray is effective for the mildly anxious cats. This calming spray for cats will take a few days to weeks to completely calm down an excessively stressed cat.

  • The formula with persistent calming action does not sedate your cat.
  • Nature’s Miracle is suitable to all cats of different breed and sensitivities.
  • You can easily get your cat under control spraying the Nature’s Miracle.
  • The spray will prevent the cat anxiety and ultimately eliminate marking, meowing of cats.
  • Nature’s Miracle cat pheromone has a narrow spray nozzle.

3. Sentry Stop That! for Cats – Cat Relaxing Spray

Coming to the best cat calming spray with fragrance which will do wonders when your cat doesn’t behave normally. Sentry calming spray for cats does most of the task that too when your cat is getting mad over everything he finds. This is a concentrated formula that lasts long unlike the Sentry calming diffuser for cats.

Sentry Stop That! Cat Relaxing Spray


Although, this calming spray for cats is beneficial when your cat is getting mad over the furniture of the new cat bed you brought. Additionally, the apparent spray is flammable like most of the sprays you have used. However, calming spray for cats is neither harmful to cats nor humans but it causes inflammation to the cats.

  • Volume: 60 ml
  • Fragrance: Yes

Furthermore, the Sentry cat calming spray is made of the unique and effective formula. In fact, the makers of the Sentry cat calming spray have applied for the patent of their unique formula. It makes this calming spray for cats the best calming aids for cats in terms of recognition and use of premium formula.

Sentry cat calming spray is a strong pheromone formula meant to calm down the silly and the rambunctious cats.

Lastly, the Sentry cat calmer is useful for making the new furniture arrangements cat-friendly. Since calming spray for cats has the longer lasting effects, your furniture and home interior will remain safe.

  • Cat calming spray is a strong concentration useful for rambunctious cats.
  • Easy to use and spray the subtly scented product.
  • Makers have applied for a patent of its unique formula for its effectiveness.
  • This formula has a strong fragrance which can be too much for some cats.

4. Feliway Pheromone Travel Calming Spray for Cats

Moving from the Feliway spray reviews of collar and Sentry spray pump, here we have the pump spray from Feliway spary for cats sold under Ceva label. This is another from Feliway – the versatile cat diffuser brand.

feliway spray reviews


In addition to that, this calming spray for cats works similar to the cat pheromone diffuser. The only difference between the two is that the diffuser is meant for a large area and has higher calming pheromones for cats proportion.

  • Volume: 20 ml
  • Fragrance: No

Generally, people use this product to help their cats adapt to new furniture. Since cats can profusely scratch the new objects even their beds.

Use this calming spray for cats on you and see how it calms your cat around you.

Lastly, this Feliway spray for cats is useful when you are inviting other people and cats to your house. You can even learn about this benefits of this product from different Feliway spray reviews. It will calm the other cats as well as your cat, ultimately prevents fighting.

  • Useful for saving new furniture from cat scratches.
  • Your cat will learn to socialize when.
  • Easy to carry anywhere you expect the presence of cats.
  • It has lower calming pheromones for cats.

5. Sentry Calming Pheromone Cat Ralxing Spray

Coming to the new type of diffuser calming pheromones for cats, this is a feline pheromone spray and not a regular cat calming plug in or calming diffuser for cats. This is the similar Sentry cat pheromone that we have seen earlier on the apparent best cat calming spray reviews.

Sentry calming spray for cats


In addition to that, this major use of the pheromones for cats is to invite him/her to a spot without freaking him/her. Along with that, you can pump this calming spray for cats on the new furniture or the cat bed you’ve got for your cat. Generally, cats will not adapt to the changes instantly unless you use this cat pheromone spray.

  • Volume: 29 ml
  • Fragrance: No

Furthermore, you can use the spay on yourself if you are trying to invade the safe spot of your cat. Not to mention, cats do get defensive, aggressive against their parents if they are experiencing stress, threat, unexpected change, etc.

Use this magical spray to welcome your cat to any spot or towards you if he gets uncomfortable doing so. 

In this manner, a calming spray for cats is as important as any cat diffuser. On the contrary, try using a single pump or two or spray on your upper torso as the cat pheromones affect humans is a hypothetical concept. Let it blend perfectly for a few minutes. Thereafter, you can enter the safe spot with/of your cat.

  • This pheromone pump will calm down your cat, prevent scratching, reduce anxiety, accept changes of furniture.
  • You can use this pump on yourself when your cat doesn’t naturally get near you.
  • It contains a low proportion of pheromones for cats. Hence, requiring a week to actually make the cat more of an acceptable behavior completely.

6. Richard’s Organics Pet Calm

Richard’s Organics is not a regular cat calming pheromone spray but a basic pet calming liquid. It consists of natural ingredients which ultimately leads to calming the pets. After using this liquid, your pet especially a cat will certainly settle down from anxiety and behave calmly.

Richard's Organics cat calming spray reviews


In addition to that, you will have to dose your cat with this liquid by mixing it with the food. Hence, it starts acting once the med passes through the digestive tract after a few minutes. Thereafter, your pet will eventually get calmer and act nicer.

  • Volume: 59 & 118 ml(2 Variants)
  • Fragrance: No

Adding to the fact, this formula is made of the natural ingredients to an extent that it does not harm the allergen cat. Hence, you shall go for this cat calmer if your cat is an allergen.

The cat calming liquid with its Valerian is most useful for calming the most rambunctious cat. 

In the end, the apparent cat calming spray is useful few of the most rambunctious cats. Because of its premium ingredients handling a cat gets a lot easier. The list of ingredients includes Valerian extracts, skullcap extracts, chamomile, passion flower extract, etc.

  • Effective for the extremely panicking/anxious cats.
  • Easy to feed the cat using the dropper.
  • Use of premium ingredients is a desirable factor of Richard’s Organics.
  • Not a typical phromone liquid but a cat relaxing spray.

7. Felisept Home Comfort Calming Spray

This pump works differently than the regular feline pheromone sprays on these cat calming spray reviews. Felisept is the cat calming spray that consists of nepetalactone as its active ingredient. This ingredient is responsible for calming the cats.

Felisept Home Comfort Calming Spray


On the contrary, nepetalactone used in this product is safely formulated to have its optimum effects without any side effects. Therefore, using calming spray for cats will effectively calm down your cat but it also makes your cat lethargic.

  • Volume: 100 ml
  • Fragrance: No

Nevertheless, this calming spray for cats works perfectly for the uncontrollable cats who tear apart your house scratching it. Because nepetalactone does the work efficiently for the aggressive cats perfectly. In the same manner, it can even get some of the moderately aggressive cats dizzy/lethargic.

The cat calming spray which not only calms the anxious cat down but also cures effects of the anxiety in the cat.

In the end, this product is highly advisable for the aggressive cats which tear apart your house scratching and marking it. Along with that, this product can even get your cat’s loss of appetite back on track. (a common phenomenon for stressed cats)

  • The perfect product for the cats who cannot behave normally.
  • Cat calming liquid which works for the moderately anxious as well as extremely anxious cats.
  • Nepetalactone will make the cats placid/lethargic.

8. ThunderEase Cat Calming Pheromone Spray

Coming to the effective cat calming spray reviews, ThunderEase is one of the most popular entries on our list. Moreover, people compare ThunderEase vs Feliway cat calming spray because of their similarities. Both of these sprays will affect the anxious cat equally and within a short span of time.

ThunderEase Cat Pheromone Spray


Additionally, using ThunderEase is the reliable cat relaxing spray which perfectly works for all the cat breeds. However, if we consider the ThunderEase vs Feliway then the apparent one would lag behind. Since Feliway comes with a fragrance note, it stands ahead of ThundrEase.

  • Volume: 60 ml
  • Fragrance: No

Furthermore, using this formula comes in handy with its highly pressurized bottle. It gets easier to spray the pheromone liquid to the places because of the wide spraying jet. On the other hand, this formula is suitable to use on furniture, a new cat bed, etc.

Cat calming pheromone spray with a wide spraying jet that covers a huge spot.

In the end, using the ThunderEase is advisable for the moderately panicking cats. Along with that, calming spray for cats is useful to correct the behavioral traits. Not to mention, this is one of the most popular cats calming spray for a reason i.e. its effectively soothing formula.

  • Easy to use cat pheromone spray with wide spraying nozzle.
  • This calming spray for cats with mild pheromone proportion does a great job.
  • ThunderEase pheromone spray might take a few days for extremely panicking cats.

9. Pet Organics No-Stress Spray for Cats

Pet Organics is the cat calmer meant for controlling the madly behaving cat as well as allowing the cat to accept the changes in his environment easily. Generally, cats start scratching the objects – mostly furniture, bed, carpet, etc.

Pet Organics No-Stress Spray


In addition to that, Pet Organics as the name suggests, it is an organic cat product useful for comforting the cats. Hence, this formula with its organic ingredients is safe for all the cats including the sensitive/allergen cats.

  • Volume: 473 ml
  • Fragrance: Yes

Having said that, the Pet Organics is easy to spray all over your house with its heavy discharge cat calmer. In this manner, the Pet Organics will work for the large houses and even the villa.

Considering the wild behavior of the cat, Pet Organics is the best cat calming spray for that problem.

Lastly, Pet Organic is the cat calming spray which gets to the most important part is its structure. You can easily get to learn about the product after you start using it once. Because Pet Organic is effective to correct a stubborn cat. Since this formula has a mild fragrance and substantial pheromone to control an anxious cat.

  • Cat calming pheromone spray easily relaxes extremely aggressive cats.
  • Calming spray for cats is suitable for all breeds.
  • You can easily take the spray bottle and make a spot cat-friendly in your house.
  • This calming spray for cats will not affect the extremely aggressive cat within a day, you will have to patiently spray for 2 to 3 days.

10. HomePet Feline Anxiety Relief

Lastly, we have the cat calming liquid which you can feed with the cat food. All you have to do is mix the liquid in the cat food either dry or wet cat food will do good. It will directly get into the digestive tract of your cat and thereafter it contributes to calming the cat.

HomePet Feline Anxiety Relief spray


This formula depends upon many variables and the ingestion process of your cat. This formula does not comprise of pheromone. It means this formula does not affect the cat directly to calm his anxiety but it will make the cat less energetic. Hence, this method is useful when your cat does not respond to regular pheromone sprays.

  • Volume: 450 drops
  • Fragrance: No

Continuing the previous paragraph, this method is more useful than the feline pheromone spray when a cat gets uncontrollable. In fact, cat parents have experienced this problem when their cat does calm down after they had applied the pheromone spray for cats.

Single cat calming dose will help your cat relax after you feed it with the cat food.

In the end, the cat calming dose always works faster and more efficiently than the pheromone spray. Because cat calming formula after ingestion controls the impulses a cat can feel during anxiety.

  • The cat calming dose works efficiently in calming a cat.
  • You can easily feed this formula to your cat with the regular cat food.
  • This is not a standard or regular cat pheromone.

Buyer’s Guide

Selecting the best cat calming spray can get difficult when you are buying the pheromone spray for cats for the first time. In fact, buying the best calming aids for cats are not as important as getting the perfect one for your cat.

What Is a Cat Calming Spray?

Cat calming sprays contain a laboratory prepared feline calming spray pheromone, the ectohormone cats naturally secrete. Other cats can easily smell the pheromone and instill a calm behavior. However, there are different types of pheromones which trigger different behavioral outcomes in other cats. It includes mating, hunting, calming, territorial, etc. behaviors that pheromones trigger.

Nevertheless, the makers of the cat calmer use the calming behavioral formula to ease your cat’s moments. It cannot trigger other behaviors but only calmness.

Generally, mother cats secrete this pheromone to calm down her kittens who cannot open their eyes. Yes, any movements around the kittens can startle them even if their mother causes those movements.

Having said that, this pheromone can even calm down down the adult cats. In short, when a cat smells the pheromone it makes them feel the other creature is of their kind and safe. In this manner, when you spray the cat calming spray on yourself then the cats get calmer and playful around you.

How Does Cat Calmer Spray Work?

As we mentioned the basic functioning of the cat pheromones, the cat calming sprays contains feline pheromones along with the inert elements. Hence, when you spray the cat calming spray pheromone on yourself then it won’t have any allergic reaction.

Coming to the working of the cat calming spray, the spray is nothing but the pheromone formula filled with inert ingredients. All you have to do is apply the cat calming spray on yourself and let it settle for 5 minutes. Thereafter you can go closer to the cat who regularly do not like you but in this case, will suddenly accept your presence.

Pheromone for cats will make them feel comfortable even if they recognize that it is you who smells like a pheromone.

Furthermore, you can even apply calming spray for cats to correct the ill-behavior of your cat when he is tensed. Ill-behavior includes spraying(urinating), scratching, meowing, hiding, etc. Hence, you can easily spray the pheromone on the spots where your cat keeps scratching and urinating.

Since both scratching and urinating are the indications that your cat is marking his territory. Similarly, when you spray the pheromone for cats on that spot then your cat will stop scratching and marking. Moreover, cats cat get uncertainly aggressive when they realize the changes you’ve made. New furniture, rearranging the room, new cat bed, etc. Ultimately that can lead to ill-behavior.

To stop the uncertain aggression, cat pheromone is one reliable solution. In fact, the only solution for controlling the panicking cat is the cat calming spray.

How to Use Pheromone Spray?

Using a pheromone spray is a child’s play once you know where and when it is appropriate to use it. Without further ado, lets us discuss the when and where you need to use the cat calming spray.

You need to sprinkle the liquid at the spots where you find your kitty scratching unnecessarily. Along with that, you can spray the liquid on yourself to make the cat feel comfortable around you. This is a useful trick when you are visiting a friend who has an impulsive cat.

Generally, cats experience anxiety and discomfort which is impossible for us to predict. In fact, you cannot completely control the weirdly behaving cat. And the only option you are left with is using the best cat calming spray.

How to Choose the Best Calming Aids for Cats?

These are the features of the cat calming spray which make it an ideal product. Not to mention, these features will vary from brand to brand and from product to product. Hence, you shall thoroughly verify the details of the product.

Aggression Level

Starting with the most important factor i.e. knowing your cat prior to buying the best cat calming spray. There are a few pheromone sprays which work efficiently for the aggressive cats. Whereas, some of the pheromones spray work for the mildly and moderately misbehaved cats.

Hence, you can go for the mild or strong pheromone sprays for cats after looking at your cat’s aggression. If your cat aggressively scratches and marks everywhere for a major part of the day. Then getting the strong spray is advisable. Whereas, if your cat engages in scratching, marking, meowing activities less often then getting the mild pheromone formula will do good.

In the end, cat calming spray higher pheromone concentration will be helpful for controlling extremely panicking cat. Therefore, getting the appropriate cat calming pheromone will help you correct the madly behaving cat of yours.


You can optimize the effects of the cat calming pheromone spray by using the perfect spray. Having said that, using the spray with the wide nozzle is advisable if you have a huge place to cover.

On the other hand, if you want to spray the feline pheromone spray on the furniture and other objects of your house then getting a mild spray can work.

Lastly, there are a few types of cat calming spray/liquid which are meant to be fed to the cat. These liquid cat calming aids are useful for the extremely boisterous cats since they cannot cope up with the regular cat pheromone spray.

In the same manner, if you use the stronger cat calming liquid on your cat then he might get little calmer than needed. It is not advisable to overdo the calming treatment to the extent that your cat feels dizzy more than feeling calm.

Environmental Changes

Coming to the environmental changes, cats can show signs of aggression as well as start to mark, urinate. Moreover, the environmental changes or the changes in the surroundings can lead to unpredictable cat behavior.

In this case, you can just go for the cat calming spray to control your cat during an environmental change.


All the cat calming product comprise of many ingredients along with the cat’s pheromone. However, there are other cat calming aids which will have different ingredients other than pheromone. It will include the nepetalactone, inert elements, etc.

On the contrary, there are cat calming sprays which comprise the active ingredients other than feline calming spray pheromone. You will have to feed those cat calming aids to your cat for the results you seek.

Method of Application

There are different modes of applying cat calming liquids. Moreover, the liquids with pheromones will have the spray method. Because the pheromone works perfectly when you put it where the cats can sniff or smell it while getting to its proximity.

In the same manner, if you go for the ingestible cat calming liquids then you will have to mix it with the cat meal.


Now, you know about the cat pheromone sprays that can keep your cat calm. You shall keenly look for the pheromone spray for cats which will suit your cat considering his aggression, preference, etc. Also, make sure you go through the buyers’ guide to know which product will suit your cat the most.

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