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Last month, We spent 10 days and 105+ hours to find out best cat cages based on designs, prices, durability, quality, and sizes. To know the editor’s pick and reviews, you can read the first section.

Are you scared that your kitties are at danger from predators? In that case, a cat cage or playpen is just the solution for you to keep the cat safe and contained at certain times. We would hereby like to stress that playpens cannot be a permanent home for your kitty and should be used only when there is a reason good enough to do so.

Cats like to enjoy the outdoors but owners are afraid that they may be targeted by predators. Cages are an important accessory that will fulfill both purposes of keeping the cat entertained and safe at the same time.


10 Best Cat Cages of 2023

Best Cat Cage

Editors’ Pick:

  • Includes three tiers to accommodate multiple cats
  • It is scratch and rust-resistant
  • It has a leak-proof plastic tray


In the following section, we have ranked and reviewed 10 products individually so that our readers can be spared the trouble of having to research a vast number of products that are available on the market on their own.

1. Midwest Cat Cage with Perching Shelves

Midwest Cat Cage Includes 3 Adjustable Perching Shelves

This is a cat cage for household use without spending a fortune for 1-3 cats or kittens then this is the model to consider. The Midwest Cat Cage features a stainless steel frame with 3mm, 5 mm and 12 mm hollow steel tubes coated with a durable, satin-black, electro-coat finish. The coating makes the tubes scratchproof and rust-resistant.


All the materials used are non-toxic and environment-friendly. The cage is fully collapsible to 5-inch height so that it can be put under the bed or stored in the basement when not in use.

On both the top and the bottom of the cage, are two wide front access doors. These doors have metallic locking latches for keeping your cat safe. The doors can even be kept open or uninstalled without impacting the balance of the cage. The cage body has approximately 1.25 inches of space between wire tubes with rounded corners to reduce the number of sharp points.

The cage is 36″ x 23.5″ x 50.5″ and weighs 40 lbs. Four locking caster wheels are also included for ease of movement within the house. It is also possible to remove the wheels and rest the crate on the base for better stability.

There are three plastic platforms  21” x 10.5”, one at each tier. The perches or platforms are completely adjustable and can be installed at any level as per your preference. The platforms are also removable for cleaning. To make the deal sweeter, the manufacturer has also included a fleece cat bed.

The Midwest Cat Cage also features a plastic cage tray that fixes to the base. This tray is leak-proof and can prevent the floor from getting soiled and is itself easy to clean. The Midwest is available in a single satin-black color finish. The manufacturer also offers all accessories and spare-parts and the product itself is offered with a 1-year warranty.

  • High-quality 3-tier cat cage made from stainless steel wire frame with e coating for scratch and rust resistance.
  • Comes with three sturdy plastic perches that can be adjusted at desired levels. A fleece cat bed is also included as a bonus.
  • Collapsible to 5-inch height for convenient storage
  • Has a leak-proof, removable plastic cage pan for easy cleaning
  • Competitively priced with 1-year warranty
  • Assembly requires additional effort as compared to other cat cages.

2. ProSelect Foldable Cat Cage

This spacious indoor cage will accommodate multiple pets at once. The elegant white finish will look great in any modern living room or patio. It features 1 and 12 gauge white wire with powder coating.

ProSelect Foldable Cat Cage


It is also possible to select purple and black colors, to suit the design of your interior decor.

The plastic perches of this cage are adjustable. You can adjust it at different altitudes for the maximum comfort of your pets.

This cage has double doors for easy access and the casters are removable. You can attach it to the cage and remove it anytime you want for a robust design. This cage will give your cats an enclosed and safe place to play if you are too busy to keep a close watch on them. The size of this cage is 35.5Lx24Wx48H.

  • Graceful design that will suit any room
  • Easy to set up
  • Removable tray for ease of cleaning up
  • Instructions are difficult to follow
  • Some perches cannot be attached
  • Shelf design is flawed

3. Yaheetech 4 Tier Cat CageYaheetech 4 Tier Cat Cage


This is a large cage designed to house 1-3 cats with great ease. The cage is also ideal for small pets such as ferrets, guinea pigs, etc. It is a four-tier cat cage that has heavy-duty and high-quality construction and finished with a metal mesh structure.

This cage is easily foldable into a small unit for ease of storage and portability. The whole unit comes with 3 metal ladders and 3 adjustable pet resting platforms. It has four locking casters for ease of navigation and can be locked to be positioned easily in your home. This cage is 31.5 x 21.7 x 48’’(L x B x H).

  • Can be fully folded for convenient storage
  • Suitable for small pets
  • 4-tier cat home
  • No instructions included on how to assemble

4. Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Cage for Cats

Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Kennel

We like this cat cage because it comes for a great price for the size, reliability, and ease of construction. It is constructed from welded steel bars, which are covered with a rust-resistant coating. The panels and doors are pre-assembled and they can be quickly connected without the help of any tools.


You just have to tighten the hand-clamps and your kitty is ready to enjoy his/her new enclosure. The cage also has a waterproof top to protect the pet from the elements. Also, the cover has a layer of UV protection to ensure that it doesn’t crack. The roof also has a pitched design to ensure that the snow, rainwater, and the leaves will run off and will not settle on the roof.

This feline cage is easy to clean because it is tall enough for you to walk into it. The Lucky Dog cat cage is available in three sizes and other pet parents have a very high opinion for it due too its reliability and durability.

  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Easy to clean
  • No tools needed to assemble
  • Pitched roof with a waterproof cover to protect your pet
  • Rust-resistant
  • May need to be anchored to the ground in certain outdoor conditions
  • This cage does not have perches for cats to climb atop

5. Prevue Pet Products Premium Cat Cage

Prevue Pet Products Premium Cat Cage

Bring home this deluxe cage for your cats. Because of the paw-friendly design, there are no gaps or pinch points to hurt your cat even if they played without care.


The door, designed for rough use, is rust-resistant. This model can last a long time if you care properly and maintain it. The aluminium channel construction will ensure that your kitties remain safe inside.

It will only take you a few minutes to assemble this cage. It can be washed with soap and warm water. The cage has four perches to allow your felines ample opportunity for play and relaxation.

There is a two-finger locking mechanism that makes it easier for you to access the cage at any time. The cage has a modern, matte-black finish that will match the decor of any contemporary living room.

  • Suited for multiple cats
  • Nicely designed and sturdy
  • Casters for easy transportation
  • Removable shelf liners for easy maintenance
  • Large doors for easy access
  • The components will wither under sunlight
  • Problems with collapsing the cage
  • Hammock can accommodate only lighter cats
  • Expensive

6. IRIS Wire Pet Cage For Cats | 3-tier

IRIS Wire Pet Cage For Cats | 3-tier


This is a large cat cage which is ideal for shelters, apartments or homes where space is a constraint.

This sturdy cat enclosure comes with a heavy-duty powder-coated wire and durable molded base.

This kitten crate is easy to move around because of six-wheel casters that have been included. Two wheel-stoppers have also been provided to lock the playpen in place.

This product measures 24.8″ x 36.6″ x 70.1″ inches and weighs 52 pounds.

  • Large cat cage for homes with space constraint
  • Easy to move around because of wheel casters
  • Sturdy construction
  • No ramps for animals to go from one level to next

7. AmazonBasics Large 3-Tier Cat Cage

AmazonBasics Large 3-Tier Cat Cage


This is a 3-tier cat cage that provides kittens/cats with a great place for fun and frolic.

It is made from durable metal wire with a black rust-resistant e-coat finish and has 4 wheels at the bottom for easy maneuverability.

This cage has three shelves that offer cats vertical space for resting or playing, two swing-open doors for easy access to the inside, and securely-locking door latches.

There is an easily removable plastic floor pan at the bottom and the cage is collapsible for easy transport and storage.

This cage measures 35.8″ x 22.4″x 50.6″ inches (LxWxH) and weighs 37.4 pounds.

  • Sturdy 3-tier cat cage that is resistant to rust
  • Two swing open doors for easy access to the inside and securely-locking door latches
  •  Collapsible cage
  • The shelves are plastic that sits atop metal frames and there is a concern that they can be tipped over easily

8. Neocraft My Pet Companion Outdoor Cat Cage

Neocraft My Pet Companion Outdoor Cat Cage


This cat cage comes in a unique tent-shaped design, which is just perfect for your cat. It has durable and sturdy steel rods for rough use.

The steel panels are attached to each other for hustle-free assembly. This product does not require any tools for assembly.

Moreover, you will get a tote bag to carry it along with you. The cat cage has double door facility for extra protection of your pet. It allows your cats to have their own space and privacy.

  • Cage suitable for kitties of all sizes
  • Unique-tent shaped design to protect your pets for the elements
  • Tote bag provided to carry it around with you
  • Users have reported issues with the durability of this cat cage

9. SONGMICS Multi-Tier Cage for Cats

SONGMICS Multi-Tier Cat Cage


This multi-tier cat cage has two hammocks for your feline pals to relax. The construction of this cat cage will allow the cats to explore the different areas inside this cage or staring at birds while lounging on the balcony of this playpen for cats.

Whether you have two large kitties or four small ones, this playpen is large enough for them to run around, have fun and ponder over the meaning of life. The playpen comes with multiple levels, ramps, and a personal balcony as well.

This playpen is 42.5″L x 28.8″W x 48.8″H and weighs 34 lbs.

  • This is a great option for cats to have fun, play and relax
  • Hammocks included for cats to lounge
  • Ramps, personal balcony also included in cat cage
  • Does not have casters to be maneuvered easily around the house

10. Homey Pet Black Wire Cat Cage

Homey Pet Black Wire Cat Cage


The overall size of this cage is 36″x 23″ x 51″ (L x B x H) and the bar space is 1.12.

Two extra-thick shelves increase the durability and stability of the cage.

The thick ABS tray and lockable casters add to the convenience of cleaning or moving the cage. It is foldable and its assembly does not require any tools that make it very easy to set up and use.

The order includes 1 cage, 1 hammock, 2 shelves, 2 wire ladders, 4 casters and 1 ABS plastic tray.

  • Cage with perches and hamock
  • Suited for multiple cats
  • Ramps for cats to climb between multiple tiers
  • Casters at bottom help to move the cage from one place to another
  • Cage is foldable
  • Users complain that the spacing between the bars and the ladders is too big

Buyer’s Guide

It is important to know the different types of cat cages available in the market, and the factors that should be used to evaluate a cat cage to understand a product better. We are padding up this information in the buyer’s guide with answers to a few FAQs to remove any confusion whatsoever that still persists in the minds of our readers.

Why do I Need a Cat Cage?

Feline cages serve various different purposes. Some of the important reasons why you would need a cat cage are as follows:

Litterbox Training

Cat cages should be large enough for everything they would need from food, water, and a place to sleep to their litter box. This would force the young cats and kittens to use a litter box and will become a good habit for them. By the age of six to eight weeks, they can be released into your home without fearing that they will take a bathroom break anywhere in your home.

Taming Ferals

Feral cats are cats that usually live on the street. The idea behind caging ferals is to give them an opportunity to socialize with human beings. If you straightaway wanted to interact with a feral, the chances are that they would scratch or bite you for they are scared. But caging them and socializing with them during this period will help to drive away their fear of human beings and give them an opportunity to get domesticated.

Quarantining Pets

Quarantining pets is a very beneficial practice to pet owners with multiple pets of the same species. This practice is done to prevent contagious diseases from spreading to your other cats. If any of your cats are showing symptoms of sickness or disease, it is important to quarantine the feline inside a cage. This will give you an opportunity to check on their condition regularly and observe them carefully. Quarantining the cat should be for two weeks minimum and if no fresh symptoms are shown, for 4-6 weeks at a maximum.

Besides these, cat cages could also be handy when you are either introducing a new cat to the household. It is also useful when you want the cat to travel with you at least for a vet visit. At such times, you cannot keep the cat free to move in the car because it can distract you while driving. The cat will need to be crated inside a cat carrier while being taken to the vet in your car.

Types of Cat Cages

We have discussed the two types of cat cages that constitute the broad category of cat cages. There are two types of cat cages; indoor and outdoor. We have explained each segment in this section:

Indoor Cat Cages

An indoor cat cage is a wonderful idea if you want to keep the pet locked for any reason. The size ensures that there is enough space for playing, sleeping and scratching its claws.

Outdoor Cat Cages

Cats by their very nature want to be outside breathing fresh air and experiencing the visuals, sounds, and stimulation of the external world. A catio, or outdoor cat cage, or cat patio is the perfect solution to solve the outdoor/indoor quandary and to keep your cat happy, healthy and safe.

What to look for in a cat cage?

It is very confusing to determine the factors that you need to keep in mind to choose a cat cage for your feline. We have covered the parameters that are used to evaluate a cat cage to rid our readers of that confusion.

1. Cage Material

Cats can destroy cheaper material but one made from metal should be sturdy enough. A solid roof is a must if the cat is going to be outdoors and protective coatings are a plus to prevent rusting. Metal cages will last longer than any other material.

2. Ease of Access

In the event you want to quickly get a hold of your animal, there should be a number of doors that are sufficiently large to allow you to reach any part of the cage when you need to.

3. Size

Based on your purpose, the cage can be smaller or larger in size. If your cat has a trait of going into hiding a night before the vet visit, then you may prefer something that will hold her in place for the vet visit and choose a cage that is easily transportable. To eliminate the risks associated with outdoor playtime, something larger is better.

4. Easy to Clean

A clean cage is a pleasant place to be in no matter who the occupant is. That means you’ll want something that will require easy access to the floor or floors in order to clean up messes. In fact, the mess should not be allowed to build in the first place.

5. Different Levels

Cats have an innate desire to climb and by providing multiple levels, you’ll be keeping them happy. Some high-end cages will even have hammocks in addition to regular platforms. This feature is very essential especially when the cage is going to house more than one cat.

6. Versatility

Look for a cage that can be easily folded for convenience of storage. Such cat cages are great alternatives for cat owners who like to travel with their pets or for those who only need the cage occasionally.

A good cage should be fitted with casters at the bottom. It should be possible to roll and lock these casters for ease of cleaning and to ensure the cage doesn’t move with your cat’s movements.

7. Budget

Pet products can be expensive. You may not want to waste too much money if you are looking to confine a cat recovering from a medical condition. But it’d be great to find something worthy and fitting for a feline royal if you need to confine them more often.

FAQs About Cat Cages

Can I use a dog’s cage for a cat?

If the size is appropriate, then you can surely use a dog’s cage for a cat. Usually, cages for small dogs can be used to confine cats too.

How much does a cat cage cost?

Pet products can be quite expensive at times. You should look for something very basic if you are looking to confine a cat recovering from a medical condition. However, opt for something comfortable and fit for a feline if you want to confine the cat very regularly.

How is an indoor cat cage different from an outdoor cat cage?

An indoor cat cage may or may not be covered at the top. An outdoor cat cage, on the other hand, is necessarily covered at the top.

Is there any alternative to cat cages?

If you’re reluctant about putting your cat in a cage or don’t have large enough space for a cat enclosure in your home, there are alternate ways of ensuring that your noisy cat doesn’t disturb your sleep.

The most popular cat cage alternative is a cat-proofed bathroom or the laundry room. Simply close the toilet lid, remove any potentially dangerous items and shut the door to go to sleep.

However, this is potentially very depressing for the pet to be confined to a closed space with no contact with the outdoors. Cats by nature want to be outdoors to breathe in the fresh air and receive stimulation from the sights and sounds of the surroundings. It is not wise to insulate cats from the surroundings for a prolonged period.

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Besides litter-box training and taming feral cats, cat cages are also used to allow the cat to enjoy the surrounding environment while keeping her safe at the same time. Cat cages and playpens discussed in this article will keep your cats safe and entertained while also being used for other purposes mentioned in the article.

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