Are Ferrets Good Pets?

If they are cared for properly, ferrets can make good pets. They are loyal and build a strong bond with owners. There are no other pets that I can think of that are as playful as ferrets. They really don’t deserve to be perceived the way they are at present. We are listing down the reasons why should somebody ever consider rearing a ferret.



Ferret as pet

With naughty eyes and cute faces, ferrets are certainly very lovable creatures. Though ferrets are known to have a lifespan of 6 years, a few are even able to live for 12 years if cared for properly as a pet. They are thus an excellent choice as a pet for the long term.

The species is really small in size. Females are 13-14 inches long and weigh between 3/4- 2 1/2 pounds. Males can be a bit larger. They are 15-16 inches long and weigh between 2-  3 1/2 pounds if they are spayed. Unspayed male ferrets can grow bigger and could weigh more than 4 pounds.


Ferrets can entertain you by their antics and you will be amused to watch them play with ferret toys. It is difficult to find an instance of a greater pleasure than to see a ferret playing. Plus, you can always expect the usual health benefits that accrue from keeping any pet because of the joy they are able to spread and the stimulation you derive from their artless ways.

Amiable, Affable and Craving Companionship

It is advisable to own more than one ferret as pets. There is a great thrill in watching two or more ferrets interact and play with each other. And if you fear that having other ferrets to socialize with would make them stay away from you, then you are making a mistake. They would still crave for their owner’s attention as much as they would from their peer/s.


You will be surprised to find how deft ferrets can be at overcoming complex problems. They can be persevering enough to work in a determined manner until they find a solution to their problem.

Some owners are surprised at how deft ferrets become at solving problems. Ferrets are a determined lot and can work towards finding a solution to a problem they face with persistence. Puzzles and games can motivate them and I would advise you to buy puzzle-based toys for them.


Though ferrets can be vocal, silence is their hallmark. They will not break their silence unless they are scared or have met with an accident. Most of their day is spent sleeping.


You may keep your ferrets in small cages although having a bigger one is more ideal. A ferret cage does not occupy too much floor space because it is built vertically with several levels. But ferrets should be allowed to spend more time outside their cage to play and stay active.

Easy to Feed

This is true especially of late because high-quality ferret foods have become more commonly available. Pre-made ferret food is now available at most pet stores or online. Though you can feed them a wide variety of foods, it always helps to use a good quality pet food to ensure proper nourishment.


Though not as easily as cats, ferrets can learn to use a litterbox after making a few mistakes initially. You can trust ferrets to use the litterbox regardless of whether they are inside or outside their cages. This becomes immensely important because you are going to bring them out of their cage for a few hours every day to help them stay fit and active.

Can be Involved in Activities

Ferrets can stay fit and active by moving around in your home. They can also be taught how to walk on a harness and taken for walks outdoors. Seeing you walking a ferret can provide a good reason for a stranger to approach and start a conversation with you.

Varied Personalities

Each ferret is different. While some like to be independent, many others like to be cuddled and pampered. Those of you who are thinking about rearing a ferret of your own should first study how a few other pet-ferrets behave. You would get to know first-hand how varied ferrets can be in terms of their personality so that you become aware of how your life can be expected to change with a pet-ferret.

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